360Training Reviews And My Personal Look Inside The Course For 2021

360Training Reviews And My Personal Look Inside The Course For 2021

Get a live look inside the 360Training real estate school so you can determine if this course will work for you. Unlike many other 360Training reviews, I have actually used the course so you will get a true perspective on the inside of Agent Campus. Don’t believe a 360Training review that has never truly taken the course for themselves.

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As I stated above, I have actually been inside the 360Training real estate training program to help you understand everything you need to know and make an informed decision before joining. If you have not read about me, my husband and I have been researching and using the top online real estate schools in the US since March of 2020. We truly know which ones work and which ones simply are not worth the time of day.

Overview Of 360Training

360Training has been providing online education since 1997. During this time, they have expanded to provide education in several different industries besides real estate. My focus here though is to show you information on the real estate education arm of their company called Agent Campus. Below you will find everything you could possibly need to know about Agent Campus and 360Training’s real estate program.

Inside The 360Training Course

Let’s take a deep look inside the 360Training real estate course. I will be showing you information from their California pre-license real estate course however, it really doesn’t matter because their course is laid out the same no matter which state you’re taking a course for.

You can also view the video below which was put together by my husband which will give you a live look at what the course looks like, how it functions and more.

Sign Up

Signing up for 360Training is very easy. They have a very straightforward and easy to use website. Just choose your state and then, choose your course option, and with just a few clicks, you will gain access to the course material. Although this is not related to the course contents, I really did like their sign up process. Some real estate schools make the sign up process a bit cumbersome but 360Training has really streamlined the whole flow.

States Available

The 360Training Agent Campus real estate training program does not offer that many states for pre-licensing education. This is one of their limitations. While other real estate schools such as Real Estate Express offer pre-licensing courses for 36 and more states 360Training only offers pre-license courses for 9 states which are listed below:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

They do offer continuing education and/or exam prep in these states but no pre-licensing courses:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Utah

The Dashboard

360Training reviews dashboard

Once you sign up and access your course dashboard, you will see that all of the courses that make up the required curriculum for your state will be shown. You will also be able to manage and view your entire account, see your transcripts and certificates, and view your reports which will show where you are in the course. The course reporting is actually pdf that you can download that will show you how you have progressed in the course to the present date.

Before You Start The Course

enter your license

When you first try to start a course and enter the course viewer, you will be prompted to enter your driver’s license number so it can be submitted to your state’s real estate regulating body. Be sure that you enter the correct information here.

The Course Itself

From your course dashboard, click on the course launch icon to open up the course viewer. As stated above, you will be required to enter your driver’s license number one time before you can gain access to the contents.



Once inside the course material, you will need to go through an orientation. This will help you to get familiar with the contents of the course. You will also learn course objectives as well as important instructions to help you use the material properly.



The course itself is broken into lessons. The number of lessons and the amount of time needed to spend in each lesson will vary depending on your state and the requirements of your state’s licensing board.

The content is laid out in an easy to navigate flow. Just click PREVIOUS OR NEXT to navigate through each lesson. You will click the lesson to download it in pdf format so that you can view the entire lesson contents on your computer or device. You can even have the pdf read to you by the READ ALOUD option on the pdf.

lesson assessment

After you have studied each lesson, you will then need to take a lesson assessment. This is basically a quiz that you need to pass before you can move on to the next lesson. You must get a score of at least 70% to pass the assessment. If you do not pass the assessment, you will need to go through the lesson again and retake the assessment. Once you have passed, you can then move on to the next lesson.

You will need to take the course in the order in which it’s laid out. You cannot jump around or skip ahead like you can in some other real estate courses.

The Course Final Exam

At the end of a course, you will need to pass the final exam. Every real estate school has a final exam and you must pass the final exam to get your completion certificate.

The course final exam consists of 100 questions. You will be allowed two attempts to pass the final exam and must pass with a score of 70% or higher.

If for some reason you do not pass the course final exam after two attempts, you will need to repurchase and start the course over.

Help And Support

360Training offers help and support by  email, live chat, or by phone. You should have no issue getting support if you ever need it. I tried the live chat option and was connected within about 10 seconds. Of course, it took a bit longer to get my answer but, overall, support was pretty fast.

Exam Prep

If you purchase 360Training’s premium package which usually runs $30 or more, you can get exam prep which may not be included with their basic packages.

Options Offered

When I first started researching 360Training and looking into all of their course options for the states they have available, I noticed they have very few options compared to more robust real estate schools such as Real Estate Express. Typically, for the states they have pre-licensing courses available, they will have two options, a basic and premium package.

What Does 360Training Cost?

As with any real estate school, the cost will vary depending on the state. 360Training is what I call a budget based real estate school because their prices are lower than other real estate schools. Their pricing ranges from $6o for New York to $315 for the Texas pre-licensing course. The range though for most of their pre-licensing real estate courses are under $150 which is very affordable. From time to time they even have specials to reduce their pricing even more. I purchased my course for $62 which is dirt cheap for real estate education.

The Good

To make this 360Training review as thorough as possible, I want to share with you what I believe are the positives of the 360Training Agent Campus real estate training.

Budget Based

360Training truly has some great pricing options. This is really the only reason I even talk about 360Training real estate training. I like to give you the option of a budget based real estate course if you simply cannot afford another school. If you can afford to spend just a bit more, then don’t even think about 360Training. You are far better off using AceableAgent or Real Estate Express. Read my Real Estate Express review and AceableAgent review to learn why they are the best online real estate schools.

24/7 Online Access

As is the case with most online real estate schools, you can access 360Training’s real estate course at any time. If it’s the middle of the night you can access the course and take it on your own schedule.

Course Tracking

As you take the 360Training course, their learning platform does track your progress. This allows you to know exactly where you are in relation to your state’s requirements and how much more content you need to go through before you can complete the course.

The Not So Good

Here I want to share with you what I believe are the negatives of the 360Training real estate training program.

Few States Available

If you happen to live in a state that 360Training does not serve, then you’re out of luck. At the present time they only offer pre-license real estate education in 9 states. They do offer continuing education classes in more states but to become a real estate agent and get your license, they may not have what you need. Look elsewhere and go with a school that has many more state options.

No Interactive Content

As I went through this course I did not see any interactive content such as videos. The content was all pdf and text based and then the lesson assessments have some type of interaction but not enough that I would call the content interactive. If you study the material, the content is good and should help you pass your state licensing exam. However, the course is not fun to take and it’s hard to keep your interest.

Platform Just Ok

While the 360Training learning platform does deliver the material, it’s not set up or laid out in a user-friendly fashion. The whole interface is what I would call “clunky”. It does work, but it’s just not a good course flow like you see in the platforms of AceableAgent or Real Estate Express.

Low Passing Rates

While 360Training does not publish their passing rates, we can see that according to the Texas Real Estate Commission that they have a very low passing rate for that state compared to other schools. Now I don’t know the passing rate for other states, but I can assume that if they’re low in Texas, it’s probably the same in other states as well.

No Passing Guarantee

Unlike Real Estate Express, 360Training does not offer any type of passing guarantee. Since the cost of the course is quite low, this may not be quite as important as a more expensive course option.

360Training Reviews And Ratings

So far I have given you my opinion on this real estate school. I wanted to make this a more complete review to share and summarize what is found from other 360Training reviews. Below you will find a summary of what other 360Training users felt about this program.

What They Liked

  • Great value
  • Support staff very prompt
  • Easy to follow and understand

What They Didn’t Like

  • Site crashes often
  • Many glitches on site
  • No refunds
  • Many typos
  • Limited quiz attempts

My Verdict

If you’re going to use 360Training to get your real estate education, be sure that you take a lot of extra exam prep. I say this because they seem to have such low passing rates. This tells me you may need a little bit more prep before you take your state exam. You can use PrepAgent or Compucram to get more exam prep.

You may be wondering why I would even take the time to cover a real estate school that I really don’t prefer. Well, it’s considered one of the major online real estate schools so I wanted to be sure to cover it to help those wondering if it’s good.

The other reason is that I like to share a more budget friendly option to those who are looking for the cheapest real estate education possible.

Overall though, I do recommend this real estate school but only as an option for those whose only concern is cost. As stated previously, if you can afford a bit more, then you will definitely want to go with one of my top two picks.

360 Training FAQ

Is 360Training Accredited?

Yes, 360Training is accredited and approved for any state that they offer courses in. For their real estate training, they’re approved and accredited in each of the states that they have course options.

Is 360Training Legit?

Yes, 360Training is a legitimate online training provider and is definitely not a scam. They are 100% legit even if their course material isn’t the best.