The CE Shop Reviews Plus My Personal Experience Inside The Course In 2021

The CE Shop Reviews Plus My Personal Experience Inside The Course In 2021

In this review, I will help you to see what’s inside The CE Shop course, if it’s worth the money, and what former students are saying in their The CE Shop reviews. You will want to read this very carefully as I cover everything you need to know to see if this real estate school is the best choice for real estate education.

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I’m sure as you have been looking into online real estate schools that you have come across The CE Shop and are now considering this school to get your pre-license education. You’re in the right place because since March of 2020 my husband and I have literally used all of the major online real estate schools. When you’re done with this The CE Shop review, you should know whether this course will meet your needs to become a real estate agent.

Overview Of The CE Shop

The CE Shop was started in 2005 by Michael McAllister. Since his family was part of the real estate industry, he had a desire to innovate and improve upon real estate education from a textbook based curriculum to a modern interactive online experience. So, The CE Shop was born and has grown to become a leader in the online real estate education industry.

Inside The Course

Since we have actually used The CE Shop course, I can lay out for you here exactly what you will find if you decide to sign up. I will go through each section of what you will find inside your course administration area to show you what you can expect.

I have also added a video made by my husband below that will show you a walk-through of what’s inside The CE Shop real estate school.

Sign Up

As you look into signing up with The CE Shop, you will see that their sign up process is quote easy. Just choose your state, license type, and education type and you will immediately see the package options for your state. After you choose your package option, you will gain immediate access to the course. It’s a very simple and straightforward sign up process.

States Available

One of the strengths of The CE Shop is that their pre-license real estate courses are available in a large number of states. At the present time, they are available in 38 states. They have a few more states than Real Estate Express (read my Real Estate Express review to learn more).

Just choose your state below to see if they have a course for your state:

The CE Shop reviewsThe Dashboard

the cehop reviews dashboard

Once you sign up and then get logged into your account, you will come to The CE Shop course dashboard. This is where you can see and access all of the course packages you have paid for.

The course dashboard is simple and easy to navigate. Just choose your course and click OPEN COURSE.

You can also manage your entire account including accessing your license and certificate information.

The key is, The CE Shop has made it very easy to access everything you will need to get your education. Their platform is truly a well designed user friendly environment.

Enter Your Phone Number


The first time you access the course, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Don’t let this surprise you. It’s important to keep all of your information current so make sure that you enter a number that is accessible.

The Course Itself

inside the ce shop course

Once inside the actual course, you will see that it’s made up of sections and each section is broken down into units. The number of sections and units will depend on which state you are in as each state has unique course content based on the number of required hours.

Unit Resources

Unit Resources

As you progress through each section and unit, you will see that there are unit resources on the right side of the screen. Be sure to go through each of these unit resources because this is the material you will need to learn to help you get through and pass each section. Some of the unit resources are reading material and some are video based content.

Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

You will also see your course progress on the right side of the screen so you will always know the percentage of the course you have completed as well as the number of hours you have spent in the course. This is important because your state will require a certain  number of hours that you must meet and you will never have to guess because it’s right there on the screen.


As you come to the end of a unit, you will have interactive unit exams. This exam will range from 4 to 12 questions and will cover the material you covered in that unit. You will need a passing score of 75% to pass these unit exams. You have unlimited attempts to pass unit exams.

There are also national and state practice exams. These exams will cover content you may see in the state licensing exam. To pass, you will need a passing score of 80% and you will have unlimited attempts to pass these exams.

The final course exam is 110 questions and covers what you have learned in the entire course. To pass this you will need a score of 75% or higher and you are allowed unlimited attempts to pass the course final exam.

Help And Support

Getting help when you need it is easy with The CE Shop. Just click the HELP link at the top of any section within the course and you can contact support. You can also chat with a representative at any time. The CE Shop also has a phone number you can contact so you should never have a problem getting help should you have an issue.

Options Offered

Another strength of The CE Shop is that they have very good course package options. The pre-licensing course for most states typically have four course packages. Each package will give you what you need to pass the state licensing exam. The main difference between their lowest priced package and their higher priced options is that the lower priced does not include their “Exam Prep Edge” and business building resources.

The great part is that even the lowest priced package includes career resources, downloadable resource material, a real estate glossary, access to instructor webinars, custom study schedule, digital flashcards, and business ebooks.

What Does The CE Shop Cost?

The CE Shop is actually one of the best priced real estate schools in the industry. They are very comparable in price to Real Estate Express and other major online real estate schools in the United States. Most of the pre-license courses offered by The CE Shop range from $80 to $400. The price will depend on your state. The one state that costs more than the others is Ohio but other than Ohio, most fall within this range.

The Good

In this section of my The CE Shop review, I want to share with you what I believe or the strengths of this real estate school. Since we have actually used this course, it’s quite easy to cover their most valuable qualities.

Available In Many States

When choosing a real estate school it’s nice to have one that has courses available for a wide variety of states. With 38 available states, The CE Shop actually is available in more states than any other provider. They have one more state than Real Estate Express but I am sure that both will be equal soon as each is continuing to add new states to their offerings.

There are real estate schools that cater to only one state. This is not necessarily bad. Some say it’s good to go with a real estate school that only serves one state and knows that state well. I truly think it doesn’t matter. Schools like The CE Shop hire instructors who know and understand the specific state they are teaching on so the material you get will be as good and many times better than a school that only is involved with one state.

I only focus on the main online real estate schools in the country because their content is as good as any one state provider. On top of that, their learning platforms are so much better than any of these one state provider real estate schools. And with so many more students, the main online real estate schools in country are perfecting online real estate education.

Good Pricing

The CE Shop is very competitive when it comes to their pricing. Their pricing is comparable to Real Estate Express and has a range of $80 to $400 for a pre-licensing course depending on your state.


Having good instructors is very important when creating a real estate curriculum that works. The CE Shop  has some of the best instructors in the industry each with extensive real estate experience. At the present time, they have 44 instructors with extensive experience in the real estate industry.

Good Pass Rates

One thing that makes The CE Shop shine is that they have very high passing rates for students who take their real estate licensing exam. In a survey of over 3,000 students, 75% passed on their  first attempt. This is very high and this shows that their content structure works well.

Somewhat Interactive

Some people love a lot of interaction in the form of videos and non-text based content when they take a real estate course. The CE Shop has some interactive content. In their unit resources you will find videos and they do have interactive quizzes. Their courses are not as interactive as AceableAgent,  but they are good. (read my AceableAgent review to learn more)

Great Learning Platform

The learning platform that is used by The CE Shop is quite good. It’s easy to use and navigate and works well on any device whether it be a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Their system tracks you progress so you never have to wonder where you left off.

Nice Package Options

If you like having choices and want to customize your course contents, The CE Shop’s courses typically have four course options for you to choose from. What makes their packages good is that even their most basic course has everything you will need to help you learn to pass your state licensing exam.

Unlimited Attempts To Pass Course Final Exam

You will need to pass the course final exam no matter which real estate school you happen to choose. One very nice option that is offered by The CE Shop is you will have unlimited attempts to pass the course final exam.

The Not So Good

Here I want to share the things I feel are more of a negative about The CE Shop. While other The CE Shop reviews may list other negatives, I feel after using the course that these are the main issues I see with this program. There are very few negatives because The CE Shop has a strong real estate program.

No Pass Guarantee

Unlike some other real estate schools like Real Estate Express, The CE Shop does not offer any type of passing guarantee. For a few states such as California, they do offer what they call a pass guarantee which says if you do not pass the state exam on the first try, they will reimburse the cost of the state exam. However, they do not offer a passing guarantee where they will reimburse the cost of the course.

No Textbook

There are no textbooks with these pre-licensing courses. They do have downloadable unit resources but no actual textbook. For many, this may be good but there are some people who like to have at least a downloadable textbook.

The CE Shop Reviews And Ratings

To make this review if more complete, I wanted to share with you The CE Shop reviews from former students.

On TrustPilot,there are over 6,200 The CE Shop reviews at this time. They have a 4.7 rating which is quite high.

Below you will find a summary of what other students liked and disliked about The CE Shop.

What They Liked

  • So easy and convenient to use
  • Course is laid out well
  • Nice interactive presentations
  • Keeps you engaged in content
  • Great support
  • Pricing is very good
  • Very comprehensive material

What They Didn’t Like

  • Bad protecting service
  • Horrible customer service
  • Intensive policies

My Verdict

All in all I like The CE Shop. They have a good curriculum, a great learning platform, decent pricing, not to mention the fact that they are available in so many states.

Of course they are not perfect as there is no perfect real estate school. As shown above, there are a few negatives associated with this school. However, overall, they are quite good and if you decide to use them, you should get all the information you need to pass the real estate license exam for your state.

The only reason I gave them 4 stars is that they are just not my favorite option in real estate education. Personally, I like Real Estate Express and AceableAgent better.

The CE Shop FAQ

Is The CE Shop Legit?

Yes, The CE Shop is a legitimate and reputable real estate school. You can feel confident that they offer good real estate courses that can help you pass the state exam.

Is The CE Shop Accredited In Florida?

Yes, The CE Shop is accredited and approved to offer courses In Florida. If you’re looking to become a real estate agent in Florida, you can use The CE Shop to get your pre-license education. They have everything you need to pass the Florida real estate license exam.

Is The CE Shop Accredited In Texas?

Yes, The CE Shop is an accredited and approved provider to offer real estate courses in Texas. They have an extremely high pass rate of over 72% in Texas. In fact, The CE Shop is approved to offer real estate education in 38 states at this time and adding more in the future.