The 7 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Georgia In 2021

The 7 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Georgia In 2021

The Georgia real estate market is on an upward trend and many are seeing this as a time to make a career move and get into real estate by becoming a real estate agent. If that’s you and you want to become an agent, this guide will show you the 7 best online real estate schools in Georgia to help you get started on this career path.

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Best Rated Real Estate Schools In Georgia


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The CE ShopThe CE Shopce best real estate schools in Georgia

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Georgia

The first online Georgia real estate school on this list is Real Estate Express. Quite often they are my top choice because overall, they simply are the best online real estate school. Georgia is no exception. Let’s look at what makes them the best choice for Georgia. (See my Real Estate Express review to take a look inside)


  • Full 75-Hour Georgia Approved Curriculum: You need a real estate school that will give you a complete course with everything you need to pass the Georgia real estate license exam. Real Estate Express gives you just that. You will gain access to the entire 75 hours of course material required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. No need to look anywhere else.
  • Four Georgia Package Options: If you’re someone that wants to have many options and to be able to customize your education a bit more, then this Georgia real estate school has what you need. With four package options, you will be able to
  • Georgia Post License Courses: If you choose one of the higher priced options you will even get your first year of post license courses as an added benefit. This is nice because you will not have to worry about signing up for a post license course later.
  • Great Georgia Course Pricing: The cost of the Real Estate Express Georgia pre-licensing course is right in line with most other online real estate schools. With a range of $269 to $499 it’s in the mid range of pricing. They do however frequently run sales so most likely you will get the course for 30% to 40% less than this.
  • Access To Georgia Instructor Q & A: Get 40 hours per month of live Q & A from your Georgia course instructor. This is a great way to help and ask questions as you go through the course.
  • Georgia Exam Prep: On top of the Georgia pre-licensing course you will also get access to in-depth Georgia real estate exam prep. This includes progress exams, flashcards and practice final exams. This is a great benefit because it’s always good to get extra exam prep to help you prepare for the Georgia real estate licensing exam.
  • Georgia Distance Learning Certified: All of the Georgia courses offered by Real Estate Express are approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. On top of this, they are certified for distance learning in Georgia by Arello and IDECC which are governing bodies that oversee standards in distance learning.
  • High Georgia Student Ratings: One of the signs that shows that a real estate course is good is the ratings left by former students. The Real Estate Express Georgia pre-licensing course has very high ratings. With over 3,200 reviews left by students, they have a 4.56 out of 5 star rating. The overwhelming majority are quite positive of their experience with the school.
  • Georgia Course Guarantee: Having a guarantee as always a great bonus. This real estate school has a guarantee that says if you don’t pass the Georgia real estate license exam, they will refund the price of the course.


  • Georgia Course Less Interactive: I am listing this is a negative but in reality, it’s not a negative to many people. The Real Estate Express Georgia real estate course is not quite as interactive as AceableAgent listed below but the course content is still top notch. I just list this for those who need a course that has extensive interactive material.

2. AceableAgent


Second Best Online Real Estate Schools In Georgia

On top of Real Estate Express, I really love the AceableAgent course. I took this course and it helped me to pass my real estate exam on the first try as you can read in my AceableAgent review. For Georgia, I think Real Estate Express edges out this school but, overall, they are both extremely good and almost tied.


  • Georgia Course Has Great Interaction: AceableAgent has one of the most interactive courses of any online Georgia real estate school. Inside the Georgia course you will find open-ended questions, sorting games, and video content. All of this makes learning with Aceable a bit more fun than other Georgia real estate courses. If you need interactive content, this will help you to retain the information.
  • High Pass Rates For Georgia: Aceable has one of the highest passing rates at 93%. This means 93% of students who take the Georgia real estate licensing exam pass on their first try. That is very high.
  • Guarantee To Pass Georgia Exam: AceableAgent is very confident you will pass the Georgia real estate licensing exam which is why they offer a passing guarantee. If you do not pass the Georgia exam in three attempts, they will refund the price of the course.
  • Full Georgia Approved Curriculum: Georgia requires 75 course hours and when you take the AceableAgent Georgia course you get all of these required hours. Everything you will need is included.
  • Decent Pricing For Georgia: At right around $275, this Georgia real estate school is on the lower end of pricing compared to other schools. They are not the cheapest, but they do offer a lot for the price.
  • Georgia Course Works Everywhere: You will be able take this course anywhere you go because it works perfectly on any device whether it be a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This gives you amazing flexibility and is very convenient.


  • One Georgia Package Option: While this is on a negative for some, it may not be for you. If you’re someone who wants several package options so you can have more tailored choices and options that may cost a bit less, then AceableAgent may not work well for you. However, if you don’t mind that they offer one all inclusive package for Georgia and like the fact that it makes signing up so easy, then you will love this!

3. The CE Shop

best online real estate schools in Georgia

Number Three Best Online Real Estate Schools In Georgia

Next on my list of best online real estate schools in Georgia is The CE Shop. This is a very good Georgia real estate school and consistently ranks in the top three in all of my reviews. After using them, they’re just not my favorite pick. However, I like to include them because overall, they should be mentioned. Read more about this school and see all of The CE Shop reviews.


  • Complete Georgia Curriculum: Since Georgia requires 75 hours of pre-licensing education, The CE Shop has this covered. You will get the full 75 hours of needed course content that is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.
  • Georgia Exam Prep: As part of the curriculum, you will get specific Georgia based exam prep that will help you to prepare for the state exam. Access their Exam Prep Edge which prepares you for both the state and national portion of the exam. You will also get to take advantage of the digital flashcards that come with your course.
  • Four Georgia Options: If you want options when you choose a real estate school in Georgia, then here you have four great package options. Get complete control over what you want out of the Georgia course by choosing the package that works best for you.
  • Georgia Instructor Webinars: Each week you will have the option to join a webinar that is led by your Georgia instructor. Here you will get to ask questions and go over topics related to taking the national and state portions of the Georgia real estate license exam.
  • Georgia Career Resources: Use the Georgia career resources to help you learn how to find a Georgia sponsoring broker plus tips and tricks to help you find a niche and much more.
  • Custom Study Schedule: Staying disciplined so that you complete your Georgia pre-licensing course is critical. You can use the custom study schedule feature to set up a study plan that will help you get through the course.


  • No Full Georgia Passing Guarantee: The CE Shop will pay the cost of your Georgia real estate licensing exam if you fail it on your first try and need to retake it. While this is good it’s not the extensive passing guarantee for reimbursement of the whole course as is offered by Real Estate Express.
  • Georgia Material Somewhat Interactive: The Georgia material offered in The CE Shop course is quite good, but it’s not quite as interactive as the material you will find in the AceableAgent Georgia real estate course.

4. Kaplan Georgia


This next Georgia real estate school on my list has been around for a long time. Kaplan is well-known for exam prep and is a solid real estate school as well. Not my first choice, they do have some positive aspects which you see below. If you would like to see what’s inside the Kaplan program see my Kaplan real estate review.


  • Georgia Exam Prep: If you choose Kaplan’s two more expensive Georgia course options, you will get access to very good exam prep. This exam prep will allow you to go through hundreds of questions to prepare you for the state licensing exam. They call this the practice QBank.
  • Full Georgia Course: Nothing is left out of the Kaplan course. The full 75 hours required by the GREC is included and will allow you to prepare yourself for the state exam.
  • Three Georgia Packages: If you need a choice, then you will be able to choose from three Georgia course package options. This is great if you want to tailor your learning experience and not pay for things you don’t need.
  • Live Georgia Study Groups: You can access live study groups with other Georgia students and with the instructor of the course. These groups will cover the national licensing content with live webinars.


  • Georgia Pricing Higher: Starting at $299 and going up to $538, Kaplan’s course is on the higher end of pricing compared to other online Georgia real estate schools. Since other schools such as Real Estate Express and Aceable are much better priced, I would rather use them than this school. They simply do not offer anything that would make me choose them over my top two choices.
  • No Georgia Passing Guarantee: Kaplan normally has decent passing rates, however, they do not offer a passing guarantee like you will find with my top two real estate schools listed above. I would choose a real estate school that offers a full course passing guarantee and Kaplan does not. This may not matter to you but I thought that I should point it out.

5. 360Training

best online real estate schools in Georgia

I included the 360Training Georgia real estate pre-licensing training because it is such a great price. It is not my favorite course by any means but they do have really good pricing if you are only concerned with the cost of the training.


  • Great Pricing: The 360Training Georgia pre-license real estate training course has some of the best prices versus other schools. Their lower price package is around $210 with a frequent sales price of $154. This is better than other courses on the market. Their more expensive package is $255 and frequently has a sale price of $219.
  • Two Package Choices: It is nice that they offer two package options to choose from allowing you to choose which package works better. This is not nearly as good as the four package options offered by Real Estate Express but still, you have choices.
  • Full Georgia Curriculum: They do offer the full 75 hour Georgia course curriculum required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.


  • Not The Best Platform: This is a problem with 360Training. I do not like their learning platform. While it does the job, it’s simply not as easy and fun to use as others.
  • Very Little Interaction: The content of 360Training has very little interactive content. You will access the Georgia based curriculum via a pdf document, read that, and then take a quiz. Very little if any video based or interactive content.
  • Lower Student Ratings: Ratings from students of this Georgia online real estate school are just not quite as high as other providers at the time of this writing. While not horrible, they’re just not as consistently high as others.
  • No Georgia Course Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered with this course. While it is lower priced so may not be an issue for some, why not go with a school that offers a guarantee?

6. Mbition Georgia


Last on my list of the best online Georgia real estate schools is Mbition. I wanted to include them because they do offer a decent course. There are many things I do not prefer with Mbition, but overall, their course is good. You can see inside the Mbition course here.


  • The Full 75 Hour Curriculum: The main positive about their pre-licensing real estate training is that you will get the full 75 hours of required material. You will get everything in one package without needing to pay for something else.
  • Three Good Packages: You will get the choice of three decent package options with this Georgia education provider.
  • Pretty Good Pricing: The pricing for the Mbition course is in the mid-range for pricing compared to other schools. Overall though, they are comparable and not a bad price for what you get.


  • Complicated Sign Up: The sign up process with this real estate school is a bit more complicated than others. It just seems that you need to go through a few unnecessary steps before you can access the Georgia course. I believe they are working on improving this in the future.
  • No Full Georgia Course Guarantee: Unlike other Georgia real estate schools like Real Estate Express or AceableAgent shown above, you will not get a full course guarantee with Mbition’s Georgia pre-licensing real estate course.

7. Hondros Georgia3

Next on my list of top online real estate schools in Georgia is Hondros College. Hondros has been around since 1981 and has been helping students in many different industries get the education they need to start their careers. Real estate is one field they offer education in. I included their Georgia real estate pre-license training because overall, it’s a good course.


  • Good Georgia Track Record: As I stated above, Hondros has been around for a very long time so they have a good track record teaching Georgia real estate classes.
  • Full 75 Hour Georgia Curriculum: The Hondros Georgia real estate course has the complete 75 hours of curriculum required by the GREC. This means you get everything in one convenient package and will not need to take extra courses.
  • Decent Georgia Exam Prep: The two higher priced Georgia package options come with very good exam prep. Both come with their CompuCram exam prep which is one of the best exam prep options on the market.
  • Three Georgia Package Options: If you want to have a more tailored course option Hondors does offer three Georgia course packages. Just choose which one works best for you and this allows for a more customized choice.
  • Self-Paced Learning: As with most online real estate courses, you will gain access to a self-paced solution which allows you to take the course at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Georgia Post-Licensing: If you choose their more expensive option, you can even get access to 25 hours of Georgia post-licensing. It would be nice if all of their course offerings had this but it only comes with their more expensive package.


  • Slightly Higher Pricing: While the cost for the two lower priced Georgia packages is competitive with other schools, their full featured premium course is a bit higher than others at right around $449.
  • No Georgia Passing Guarantee: It would be nice if Hondros offered a passing guarantee like Real Estate Express but they do not. They do offer a 30 day refund but this is not the same as a passing guarantee.

Georgia Real Estate School FAQ

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Georgia?

Georgia requires 75 hours of pre-licensing real estate education before you can become a real estate agent in the state. With your background check, the average time to get your Georgia real estate license will be between 3 to 4 months.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia?

The cost to get a real estate license in Georgia will depend on which real estate school you use to get your education. If you add the $121.00 exam fee and the $170.00 license fee with the average cost to get your pre-license education of $350, your total cost should be around $641 to become a real estate agent in Georgia. Of course this is an estimate and will vary as fees change and which real estate school you choose.

How Much Are Real Estate Schools In Georgia?

Real estate school in Georgia on average will cost around $350 with some a bit lower and some just a bit higher.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Georgia?

Real estate agents in Georgia make between $40,000 to $63,000 per year with an annual median average of $41,614. (source

Do You Need A Degree To Become A Real Estate Agent In Georgia?

The thing that makes becoming a real estate agent in Georgia so appealing is that you do not need a degree to get your real estate license and become a licensed agent.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Real Estate License In Georgia?

Here are the five steps you must take in order to become a real estate agent in Georgia. (These requirements can change so be sure to check the GREC website to confirm.)

Step 1: You will need to be 18 years old or older.

You do need to be at least 18, but you also need to be a US citizen. You can also be a permanent resident alien. Besides this, you will need to have proof that you have graduated from high school or have a GED.

Step 2: Take and complete the 75 required hours of pre-licensing real estate education.

Step 3: Get a background check from the Georgia Crime Information Center. This report will show your criminal history if there is any. You will need to bring the background check report with you when you go to the PSI testing center before you can receive your license.

Step 4: Take and pass the Georgia real estate licensing exam through PSI. You will also need to pay the $115 fee for the exam. When you go to PSI to take your exam, you will need to bring the Notarized Affidavit (Lawful Presence). To get a copy of this, you will need to contact PSI at

Step 5: Make an application for your Georgia real estate license. You will need to do this within 12 months of taking and passing the Georgia real estate licensing exam.

Is It Hard To Become A Real Estate Agent In Georgia?

Of course this will depend on you and your study habits but compared to other careers, it’s not hard to become a real estate agent in Georgia. It’s actually very easy compared to other careers.

What Is The Best Georgia Real Estate Exam Prep?

There are many ways to get exam prep in Georgia but the two best options are to use CompuCram or PrepAgent.