Real Estate Express Reviews, Ratings, And My Personal Experience In 2021

Real Estate Express Reviews, Ratings, And My Personal Experience In 2021

In this Real Estate Express review you will see why this is my top choice over all other real estate schools. Even see other Real Estate Express reviews and ratings. Learn why I recommend Real Estate Express as the best real estate school.

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As I stated in other places on this site, since March of 2020 my husband and I have researched all of the major real estate schools in the United States. As part of this process, we joined Real Estate Express so we could actually know what was inside. This helped me to write this Real Estate Express review and to provide you with the latest information you will need to know to determine if this real estate school will work for you.

Overview Of Real Estate Express

If you have done any research at all you probably already know that Real Estate Express is the one of the oldest and most well known online real estate schools. They have been around since 1996 so they have a long track record.

Since their launch of their pre-license course programs in 2011, they have become the most reputable online real estate school in the country.

What I will do here is go through each aspect of what they offer. My goal is to help you understand what their programs offer, what’s inside, and let you know what’s good and bad.

Inside Real Estate Express

As I stated above, unlike many people who review Real Estate Express, my husband and I have actually gone inside the course. We know how it works and will give you a real walk-through of the interior of their online platform.

You can read everything about what’s inside the course below but you can also watch our video below (made by my husband) as well to get an actual look inside Real Estate Express.

Sign Up

The first thing you will notice about Real Estate Express is that they have an easy to navigate website where finding your course options is very easy. Just choose your state, your education requirements, and then you will see all of the package options available for your state.

States Available

Real Estate Express has pre-license courses for a wide variety of states. At the present time, they have pre-license real estate courses in 38 states and adding more in the future. This is great because they offer education to get a real estate license for most people meaning they probably are available for your state.

Just choose your state below to see if they have a course for your state:

rex drop image

The Dashboard

real estate express dashboardOnce you have signed up for Real Estate Express, login and you will gain access to your account’s dashboard. It’s here you can see all of the package options you signed up for. I am in Michigan so I took the Real Estate Express Michigan pre-license course. It doesn’t matter which state you’re in, the dashboard will look the same but with your state and package options that you chose at sign up.

Welcome And Orientation

OrientationOnce you enter the course, you will get a welcome orientation and the pre-course checklist. This is a video and a roadmap to show you what you will be doing in the course. You will then need to sign and agree that you have gone through this section to move on with the course materials.

The Course Itself

inside the course

Real Estate Express uses the textbook called “Principles of Real Estate Practice”. This will be the foundation of what you will learn and study as you go through the course.

Once you’re inside the actual course contents, you will see that the course is laid it in an easy to navigate format. The curriculum is broken down into chapters and chapter units. You will need to complete one chapter before you can move on to the next.

Each chapter has a reading assignment that you will need to read. Then after reading the chapter’s material, you will proceed to go through each unit and study the information.

As you go through the material, you will also have short quizzes to help you along the way. These quizzes are a great way to make sure that you have learned the material in that particular unit.

At the end of each chapter you will have an exam. You will need to pass the exam to move on to the next chapter.

Help And Support

Help And Support

It’s easy to get help when you need it with Real Estate Express. You can contact your instructor at anytime. You can also call the phone number provided by Real Estate Express. So getting help when you need it is not an issue.

This is one of the benefits of taking your real estate course online. It makes it easy to get help.

The Course Final Exam

Once you have completed the entire course curriculum, you will be required to pass the Real Estate Express course final exam. If for some reason you do not pass the final exam, you will have at least one more chance to try to see if you can pass the final exam.

If you do not pass the Real Estate Express final exam after two tries, you may get another chance but you may need to pay $50 for an exam reset.

There are some states that allow you to take the course final exam if for some reason you do not pass any of the course final exam attempts but some states restrict that number of attempts. Here is a list of states and the number of final exam attempts allowed per state:

  • If you live in Florida, Nevada, California, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, or Washington, you are allowed two final exam attempts.
  • For Michigan, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, and Virginia, you are allowed three final exam attempts.
  • If you live in Pennsylvania, you are allowed four final exam attempts.
  • For Indiana, you are allowed an unlimited number of final exam attempts.
  • If you reside in Missouri you will have two attempts to pass the pre- license course and three attempts to pass The Practices course.
  • If you’re in Colorado, you will have three attempts to pass the Law & practice course as well as the Closings course and two attempts to pass the remaining four courses.

Options Offered

real estate express reviews package

Real Estate Express has amazing package options for you to choose from. This will allow you to customize your learning experience for your needs.

For most states, Real Estate Express will have four package options for you to choose from. They offer “The Basics”, “Exam Preparation”, “Exam Preparation Plus”, and their “Ultimate Learning” package.

Of course, the more expensive packages offer much more than “The Basics” option. I feel for the small difference in price between their Basics package and their Ultimate Learning option, it’s better to go with their Ultimate Learning package since you get so much more for your money.

What’s Included

Every course no matter what state you live is going to give you access to the online learning platform where you can take your course 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This includes all of the support you need to help you as you go through the curriculum.

You will get your course textbooks and all of the required course materials for your state.

Every package offers free online proctoring.

The three higher priced packages will give you extra exam prep, the pass or don’t pay guarantee, plus the Prep For Success Membership.

The higher priced packages offer some extras you don’t get in the lower priced options such as Q and A with instructors, a real estate dictionary, and their 90-day Boot Camp. (The 90-day Boot Camp is a video-based program taught by Sherri Johnson, who is a Real estate coach which teaches you how to generate income in your first 90 days as a real estate agent.)

See all of their package options here.

Cost Of Real Estate Express

If you want to know about the cost to take the Real Estate Express course, it will all depend on what state you live in.

Their pricing can range from $100 to $600 but this is all determined by which state you are trying to get your license in.

What is important here is that you need to remember that this is an investment in your future. The cost to get your real estate education is a fraction of the cost to get a college degree or take many technical courses.

For less than $400 I was able to get my pre-license education and take my state’s real estate license exam. This is such a small amount to become a real estate agent and to start on a career with such amazing potential.

Check current pricing and specials here.

The Good

To make this Real Estate Express review even better and to help you understand what’s good about Real Estate Express, I wanted to list everything I believe makes this real estate school great.

Track Record

If you want a real estate school that has a long track record and is considered highly reputable, then Real Estate Express is the perfect choice. They have been helping people learn how to become real estate agents since 1996 and are one of the oldest real estate schools in the industry. You simply cannot find an online real estate school with this kind of history other than with Real Estate Express.

Many States Available

It’s always good if an online real estate school has courses available for a wide variety of states. Real Estate Express has 36 states available at this time and is always adding more. This means no matter where you live, you should be able to find a course available for your state.

Online Platform

Unless you’re someone that likes to sit in a classroom and be tied to a classroom based schedule, then it makes more sense to use an online real estate school.

With Real Estate Express you get an amazing online learning platform that is so easy to use. You can take the course whenever and wherever you want. Their proprietary learning platform keeps track of where you’re at in the course so you never lose your place!

On top of this, it makes more sense than ever to use an online real estate school to get your education. Why would you want to have to be on the schedule of a classroom based course when you can do everything online at your own pace?

World Class Curriculum

There are many online real estate schools and each has it’s own curriculum. The exception would be schools that use the Dearborn curriculum which is what Kaplan uses. All of those schools that use Deaborn based curriculum have the same content.

Real Estate Express uses curriculum and base their course content on the “Principles of Real Estate Practice”. This is a well known textbook and will help you learn everything you need to know to¬† pass your state’s real estate license exam.

Great Support

You never know when you might have a question or may need help as you take your pre-license course. When it comes to getting support when you need it, Real Estate Express has you covered¬† perfectly. You can contact you instructor at anytime and you even have phone support if that’s something you need.

Industry Accreditation

Real Estate Express is accredited by the two most important regulators in online education. Specifically, they have accreditation with ARELLO and IDECC. Both of these organizations make sure that education providers adhere to certain standards when creating their online course material.

Continuing Education

Another great aspect of Real Estate Express is that they offer continuing real estate education. This means as you become a real estate agent and need to take your continuing education classes, you can stay right with them. This is a great help to stay with the same provider.

Money Back Guarantee

One of the exciting things offered by Real Estate Express is their Pass Or Don’t Pay guarantee. This takes away the risk and allows you to study and take the course without worry of losing your money should you not pass the real estate exam for your state.

The Not So Good

As you can see I really love Real Estate Express and think it’s the best option for getting your real estate education. That being said, it’s not perfect. Here I will share the limitations of this real estate school.

Not As Interactive

The main drawback of Real Estate Express is that their content is not that interactive. While this is not crucial, there are some people who love video and want more interaction with the content. This to me is the only limitation of Real Estate Express. Again, their content is amazing and will give you want you need to pass your state exam but, if you need more video, then you may not like this program as much as AceableAgent. Read more about AceableAgent in my review here.

Real Estate Express Reviews And Ratings

I wanted to be as thorough as possible in my Real Estate Express review. So far I have given you my opinion on this course but I thought it would be good to look over other Real Estate Express reviews by other users.

I looked at several other Real Estate Express reviews sites to see what others had to say about this real estate school.

From my research, this is what I found to be what former students liked the most about Real Estate Express.

What They Liked

  • Good system
  • Easy to understand
  • Modules very well organized
  • Flexible class hours
  • Very well priced
  • Great for career prep
  • Good practice quizzes
  • Positive learning environment
  • Good instructors

Here is what I found to be the overall negatives from other students who posted their Real Estate Express reviews.

What They Didn’t Like

  • Limited video
  • Need more photos
  • Need more exam prep

My Verdict

It’s quite apparent that I do like this real estate school which is why Real Estate Express is my top choice over all real estate schools. While they are not perfect and have some things they can improve upon, overall though, Real Estate Express offers an amazing learning experience if you need to get your pre-license education for your state.

They give you everything you need to pass your state’s real estate license exam. You will need to apply yourself and study the material, but if you do that, you should have no issue passing the real estate license exam on the first try.

Real Estate Express FAQ

Is Real Estate Express approved?

Yes, Real Estate Express is approved by most real estate commissions and approved in most states. This is one of the great benefits of using Real Estate Express to get your pre-license education. They have amazing curriculum which is why they get approval by the real estate commissions in the vast majority of states.

How long does Real Estate Express take?

The Real Estate Express course can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete the course. It all depends on your state and their requirements. They give you 6 months to complete the course but the average time to complete the Real Estate Express course materials is 3 to 4 months.