AceableAgent Reviews And Ratings (Inside The Course For 2021)

AceableAgent Reviews And Ratings (Inside The Course For 2021)

In this AceableAgent review, you will get to see inside the course and also read what former students say in their AceableAgent reviews and ratings. You will also see how this course helped me to pass my state’s real estate license exam the first time I took it.

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As you have been researching online real estate schools, no doubt you have come across the AceableAgent online real estate course. Since March 2020, my husband and I have looked into every  major online real estate school. AceableAgent is one of the programs that we actually used. In fact, I used AceableAgent to get my pre-licensing education and it helped me to pass my real estate exam on the very first try!

Overview Of AceableAgent

AceableAgent is part of a company called Aceable. The Aceable company started as an online learning platform to teach driver’s education. Then in 2017, they launched the AceableAgent real estate course. So they are the new kid on the block when it comes to online real estate education.

The AceableAgent program started with the company providing real estate pre-license education for the state of Texas only. Since 2017, they have helped over 4,100 students pass the Texas real estate license exam with an incredible passing rate in Texas of 78%.

Over the last few years they have added several more states to their course offerings which include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia

Inside The AceableAgent Course

Since I actually used AceableAgent to study for my pre-license education, I know what’s inside the course because I have first hand experience. Many AceableAgent reviews give you some information on the real estate school without really ever using the course. So below, you can get a walk-through of what you will find when you sign up.

Also, I have added a video below which was created by my husband to give you a real look of what you will see when you sign up.

Sign Up

The first thing you will notice when you come to the AceableAgent website is that it’s very easy to navigate and find what you need. Just choose your state and you’re on your way to becoming a real estate agent.

States Available

Unlike Real Estate Express (read my Real Estate Express review) which has been around for over 20 years and has most of the states in the US covered, AceableAgent is a newer company and only offers online real estate classes in 11 states.

Do they offer courses in your state? You can use the handy drop down below to see if your state is part of their available courses being offered.

Just choose your state below to see if they have a course for your state:


The Dashboard

AceableAgent dashboard

The AceableAgent course dashboard is easy to use and navigate. Once you login you will see all of the levels for your course with easy to use navigation on the left side of the screen.

Many of the online real estate schools have a similar layout and structure to their dashboard. But the Aceable platform is really so straight forward and easy to use, finding your way around is effortless.

Some online platforms confuse students with too much information and content that is laid out wrong. That’s NOT the case with Aceable. The designers behind this course and platform really understood that simplicity matters. I think you will find the whole learning environment quite a positive experience.

Welcome And Agreement


To start the course you will need to sign the agreement and download the course syllabus. Once you do this you will gain access to every part of the course so you can begin to start with level 1.

The Course Itself

aceableagent reviews inside the course

As you begin to take the course the first thing you will notice is that the learning platform is quite modern. In fact, the AceableAgent course is the most modern learning platform of all the real estate schools we have had the chance to use.

The AceableAgent course is laid out in levels. Michigan has 19 levels and you will have a varying number of levels based on your state. Each level is then broken down into chapters.

As you get into each chapter, you will love the bite-sized learning segments. This type of learning makes retaining the information much easier. Each of these segments are filled with beautiful graphics. You will also have segments that use video which again, makes learning much easier.

Throughout the course you will have practice quizzes. This helps to make sure you’re learning the information. Don’t worry, if you don’t pass a quiz, you can always go back and review the material as their mastery tracking will keep track of the areas you need to improve upon. You can see more on their mastery tracking below.


AceableAgent uses Mastery Tracking to track your progress. If you need additional studying on a particular topic, the Mastery Tracking will show a lighting bolt next to this area so you will know you need to go back and review this information. Once you have reviewed the material and feel confident you have mastered it, just click the lightning bolt and it will disappear.

mastery tracking

You will also gain access to a downloadable study guide which will help you as you prepare for the state exam.

Below is a short video that will give you an overview on how the course functions:

Help And Support

Should you run into any issues while you are taking the AceableAgent course, you can get help at any time. Simply click the HELP link from your account or call the phone number listed on the website.

The Course Final Exam

As is the case with any real estate course you take, you will need to pass the course final exam. The course final exam will be different for each state. Some states require the exam to be proctored. This simply means a third party will monitor your exam. No need to worry, if you’re in a state that requires the course final exam to be proctored, Aceable has free proctored final exams.

Options Offered

When you are first looking to sign up with AceableAgent, a big difference you will notice is that they only have one course option. Most online real estate schools give you several package options to choose from but not with AceableAgent. They have one package.

The benefit of only having one package choice is that it makes signing up super easy. There is no need to think about what package you may need. Plus, with one package option, it means everything you will need is included and never any need to upgrade.

AceableAgent Pricing

The cost to sign up with AceableAgent varies depending on your state. Their prices range from $119 to $489.

Remember, that this is the course pricing range at the time I wrote this AceableAgent review. It can change at any time so you will need to check here for your states pricing.

The Good

In this area, I want to share with you the things I think are good about the AceableAgent real estate school.

Most Interactive Of Online All Real Estate Schools

Since we have used all of the major online real estate schools in the United States, I can say with confidence that the AceableAgent course is by far the interactive course by far.

The way they use bit sized-segments to teach really does help to make the whole learning process so much easier.

Their video content and graphics also make the whole process actually fun which is quite different than straight text based learning.

Amazing Learning Platform

The platform that the Aceable curriculum is delivered on is the most intuitive and modern interface of all online real estate schools. The fact that AceableAgent is the most recent addition to the world of online real estate education means they have fresh new ideas and took those ideas and implemented them into the whole learning experience.

You will love how easy it is to take the course. From beginning to end, the practice quizzes, videos, and the mastery tracking, everything is there to make the experience enjoyable rather than drudgery.

Great Curriculum

I know I am raving about AceableAgent’s platform and how interactive the course is, but this does not take away from the fact that the course curriculum is also very well done. They deliver everything you will need to help you pass your state’s license exam. I know this because I myself went through their entire program and can tell you that it really works.

High Passing Rates

The fact that AceableAgent has such high passing rates is a testimony to the fact that they do have a great curriculum and to the fact that the way they deliver the content works very well.

In Texas for example, they have passing rates of around 78% which is one of the highest passing rates of all real estate schools.

Very Good Pricing

If cost is a factor, you will love AceableAgent’s pricing. With one package option for each state, their prices are some of the best of all real estate schools.

Works Great On Any Device

Some online real estate schools may not work as well on mobile devices. This is not the case with AceableAgent. Their platform works well on any device. If you’re on a mobile phone, it will work the same there as when you’re on your laptop. Their modern design means that you can take the course anywhere. This is a great plus especially if you’re  busy and you need to be able to study away from home.

The Not So Good

Of course there is no such thing as a perfect online real estate school. There will always be some negative to think about. Below I list a few of the negatives I see with this school.

Not As Many States Available

This is really the only negative I can find with AceableAgent. While they did have my state which allowed me to take their course, unfortunately, they only have courses for 11 states right now. This will probably change in the future and I hope it does. I would love to see them have courses for every state one day but for now, this is limited.

If they do not happen to have your state available, then I would choose Real Estate Express. Both AceableAgent and Real Estate Express are amazing real estate schools and I recommend either one. AceableAgent just happens to edge at Real Estate Express as my favorite choice but if I was not able to use them, I would use Real Estate Express.

One Package Option

While this can be looked at as a negative or a positive, I list it here because some people like to have package options. As I stated above, I think the fact that they have only one package option can also be a positive. It makes signing up much easier and you will get everything in one package with no need to upgrade ever.

AceableAgent Reviews And Ratings

So far I have given you my feedback into AceableAgent. Here I want to share with you what former students are saying in their AceableAgent reviews and ratings left across the internet.

The vast majority of AceableAgent reviews are very positive. In fact, with over 3,500 reviews on TrustPilot, they have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

Below you will find an overview and summary of what former students liked and didn’t like.

What Former Students Liked

  • Amazing content
  • Great at keeping users engaged
  • Very interactive
  • Great practice quizzes
  • Videos help a lot
  • Good course structure
  • Simple, easy learning method
  • User friendly
  • Works perfectly on mobile, tablet, laptop
  • Excellent instruction

What Former Students Didn’t Like

  • Typos in some parts of course
  • Some foreign proctors
  • Need better test prep

My Verdict

Remember, as stated above, I used this course to help me pass my state’s real estate exam. I know that this course works because it worked perfectly for me. I passed my state’s real estate license exam on my first attempt after taking the AceableAgent course.

Will it work for you? Well I cannot say that for sure. It will depend on whether you study hard and use the course effectively. What I can say is that AceableAgent is truly the best online real estate school you will find. None are perfect, but they are as close as it comes.

Yes, they are one of the most recent real estate schools to come on the market but I believe this has only helped them to be on the cutting edge of what is happening in real estate education.

Their easy to understand packages, great pricing, modern interface, interactive course materials, and high passing rates make them an easy choice if you’re looking to learn how to pass the real estate license exam and start your career as an agent.

As I stated above, I think you will find that taking your pre-license real estate education with Aceable will be a positive and enjoyable learning experience.

If you’re looking for the best real estate school and course to help you pass the state license exam and become a real estate agent, then this is a perfect choice for you if your state is available.

Since you have so many choices in real estate education, I hope this review has helped you to understand a bit more about AceableAgent. What have you got to lose?

AceableAgent FAQ

Is AceableAgent Legit?

Yes, AceableAgent is a legitimate real estate school. They have been providing online real estate education since 2017 and are accredited in over 11 states. You can feel confident this real estate school is legal and a perfect choice to get your real estate education.

How Long Does It Take To Finish AceableAgent?

It all depends on your state. Each state has different hourly requirements for real estate education,  so it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months to finish the AceableAgent course. Now to finish the pre-licensing course and to pass the state exam can take between 2 to 6 months depending on the state. I took the AceableAgent course and passed my state exam within 2 months.

Is AceableAgent Accredited In Florida?

Yes, the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) has accredited AceableAgent to teach the 63-hours of required pre-license education. They are able to help you learn what you need to know to become a real estate agent in Florida.

Is AceableAgent Accredited In California?

Yes, the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) has accredited the Aceable’s California real estate curriculum and the complete 45-hours of required pre-license course material. Getting your California real estate education with them is a great choice.