Top 3 Online Real Estate Schools In Alaska (Each Reviewed)

Top 3 Online Real Estate Schools In Alaska (Each Reviewed)

While sparse in population, Alaska still has quite a few options for qualified online real estate schools. Paired with the abundance of coursework options, the short amount of coursework requirements makes obtaining your license in Alaska seamless. To help narrow down your choices, I’ve rounded up the best options for you to consider for your pre-licensing coursework. It’s important to find what works best for you and what will help you obtain your ultimate goal of becoming a licensed agent in Alaska. Whether you’re in one of the few metropolitan areas or claim the title of Alaskan Bush Persons, there’s a real estate licensing option for you!

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Best Real Estate Schools Alaska


real estate express - top real estate schools in AlaskaReal Estate Express


Royse and Associates - number two best real estate schools in AlaskaRoyse and Associates3


Alaska Real Estate EducationAlaska Real Estate Education3

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Alaska

Real Estate Express tops my list of best online real estate schools in Alaska. A national brand known for reliability and proven success, it’s hard to beat Real Estate Express’ reputation. Committed to helping you pass your licensing exam, the curriculum is also focused on giving you the best beginnings in your real estate career. Though there are many pros to this online Alaska real estate school, there are numerous drawbacks that might make this option a less suitable one for some prospective agents. (See my review of Real Estate Express for more.)


Learn Best Policies

Not only will you analyze national laws and guidelines, but you will also take an in-depth look at the Alaskan real estate space. When working with Real Estate Express, you can expect first to take a look at real estate career paths, ethical and legal practices, and major topics like fair housing laws. Then you will move into Alaska’s real estate policies and about state-specific living incentives, grants and loans, and more.

Alaskan Policies Chapter Overview

Speaking of in-depth Alaskan policies, a unique benefit of the Real Estate Express is that they post their course overview online for potential agents to look over before committing. For state specifics, chapters to be covered include Real Property Ownership in Alaska, Restrictions on Land Use, Transferring Ownership in Alaska, and Alaska Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

Comprehensive Alaska Preparation Testing

The Real Estate Express offers practice and final examinations to help students better gauge their progress. Both of these will be used to help prepare you for the real Alaska real estate licensing exam.

Multiple Alaska Package Offerings

As one of the best online real estate schools in Alaska, Real Estate Express offers flexible course levels for all budgets and learning styles. Ranging from $262 for the Basic Package to $349 for an Ultimate Learning course level, there are different benefits for each level.

Live Support

Perfect for the online learning model, the Real Estate Express school offers live support to its students. If you run into any technical difficulties or have questions for instructors, there is someone available to help guide you through your issues.

High Alaska Student Reviews

Little speaks louder than reviews supplied by past students, and in the case of the Alaska Real Estate pre-licensing courses, fellow students speak highly of the coursework! Rated a 4.32 out of 5 stars and based on 25 reviews, most Alaskans find their experience with the Real Express to be a positive and informative one.


Alaska Pass Guarantee Contingency

If you would like the added benefit of a pass guarantee, you must purchase the Exam Preparation Plus add-on. Also known as the ‘Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee,’ this package comes with a guarantee, but only if you complete your course in a certain manner. For example, you must take each practice exam and final exam in the exam prep and receive 80% on each.

Primarily Self-Reliant

While you will have access to qualified instructors with questions and issues, all of the coursework will be individual. You can expect pre-recorded lectures, a lot of reading, and quizzes. This may be the perfect option for those who require flexibility and would like to study on their own time. However, for those who need more one-on-one attention, this may be a detriment.

2. Royse and Associates

Second Best Online Alaska Real Estate Schools

My second recommendation on the list of best online Alaska real estate schools is none other than the local Royse and Associates school. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, this real estate training program offers students both live and online class options. In addition to pre-licensing coursework, Royse and Associates also provide other education options for the real estate field, including post-licensing, broker pre- and post-licensing, state law courses, continuing education, and more. Though we’re focused on pre-licensing and helping you achieve your goal of becoming an agent, it’s an added benefit that this can act as a one-stop-shop.


Live and Online Courses

A rare commodity in the real estate schooling world, Royse and Associates, offers live in-person courses. If your learning style is best suited for in-person courses, you will be happy to know that you can learn in person or online. You will find direct access to the instructor and other students for peer support and learning in person.

Small Community Feel

As a uniquely local real estate option, Royse and Associates is instructed by Jerry Royse, a certified Alaska Real Estate Commission instructor who has been teaching courses since 1989. Additionally, the school is also Alaska Real Estate Commission approved. With one instructor providing the foundation, there are core values that contribute to a small community feel, great for fostering learning and student relationships.

Free Alaska Exam Prep Bonus

When it comes to real estate schools in Alaska, a fantastic benefit of this specific course is the included exam prep provided free of cost to students. This package includes over 45 practice tests, flashcards, math review, safety reports, glossary, 20 hours of videos, and more major benefits! All in all, it’s estimated at a $350 value, provided for free to students.

Full Course Overview Available Online

While it’s not exactly a free trial, this online Alaska real estate school has its coursework overview published online. You can find all eight modules published on Royse and Associates with segments and learning objectives clearly displayed. For example, in the first module, you will find the following principles included: real and personal property characteristics, concepts of real estate, legal descriptions and definitions of real estate terms, real estate economic principles, and more.


One Alaska Package Option

Having multiple packages to choose from is a significant benefit when shopping around for pre-licensing courses. However, Royse and Associates only offer one base package deal. Of course, the aforementioned exam prep bonus is included. However, there is no additional or optional value to add to your package.

One Instructor

While having one instructor fosters a close knit-community and personal relationship with a well-qualified professional, it can also be harmful if the teaching style does not work for you. Sometimes an instructor’s teaching style is not a good fit for your learning style, and in the case of this school, you would be stuck with that instructor.

3. Alaska Real Estate Education

Third Best Online Alaska Real Estate Schools

My third and last recommendation for your pre-licensing coursework and on this list of best online Alaska real estate schools is Alaska Real Estate Education. This is another smaller-scale, local option for obtaining your real estate license. The school is committed to helping students engage in a real estate career that allows them to succeed while helping and protecting customers and clients. The school is led by Traci J Barickman, a broker, and educator with 27 years of real estate experience.



The Alaska Real Estate Education offers a cheap course at only $375. This is one of the more affordable options across the country. Especially so in Alaska, as most other courses begin in the $400 range and rise from there depending on the package level and offerings.

Experienced Instructor

As mentioned above, the primary instructor for Alaska Real Estate Education, Traci J. Barickman, is an exceptionally well-qualified instructor who can offer first-hand anecdotes and quality guidance for soon-to-be agents. Traci is also a native Alaskan resident with extensive experience in Alaska’s real estate market. Compared to other schools that offer instructors without experience unique to Alaska, this is a great option from a local’s perspective.

Online Courses

Great for flexibility and working on your terms, Alaska Real Estate Education is one of the best online real estate schools in Alaska. You will be able to access the course whenever necessary so that you can learn at your own pace while going about your normal day-to-day life.


Should you decide down the line that you would like to go back to school for your broker’s license or you need to complete post-education, Alaska Real Estate Education offers both courses. You will be able to build upon the initial foundation to further your knowledge without conflicting information from other institutions. I cannot attest to their benefits as I only have experience with the school’s pre-licensing course. However, it may be a positive nonetheless.


One Alaskan Course Option

Unlike competitors, Alaska Real Estate Education only offers a one-course option for each licensing program they offer. This isn’t ideal should you have different needs or require more or less guidance than the school generally provides. Instead, the course is offered as a one-size-fits-all, which may negatively impact some students.

Included Materials

The brand includes all necessary materials in the price of the course. However, there is no indication of what those materials are. Since there are no package upgrades or add-ons, it may just be the reading materials and video instruction, but no flashcards or glossaries for your consideration. This is another disadvantage of one package level as the course may not be a one-stop-shop.

No Money Back or Pass Guarantee

Alaska Real Estate Education does not appear to offer any money-back or pass guarantee. This means that regardless of your satisfaction and whether you pass the test on your first try or not, you will not receive a credit or refund toward another test or credit toward a new course.

Alaska Real Estate School FAQ

alaska real estate commission

Alaska Real Estate Commission Information
Contact The Alaska Real Estate Commission

How Do I Get My Real Estate License in Alaska?

To become a real estate agent in Alaska, you must be 19 years old and not be under indictment for felonies or misdemeanors related to forgery, theft, extortion, conspiracy to fraud creditors, or fraud. You will also need to complete forty hours of pre-licensing coursework at an accredited institution, pass the licensing exam, and submit a license by examination application to be licensed under a qualified brokerage.

Do I Need a College Degree to Become a Real Estate Agent In Alaska?

No, you do not need to have a college degree to become a real estate agent in Alaska. In fact, most states do not require a college degree for licensure.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Alaska Real Estate License?

In addition to the forty hours of coursework, you will also need to factor in testing time and finding a qualified brokerage to sponsor you. Don’t forget to factor in wait time between stages as well. However, the most amount of time will be dedicated to your licensing work. It could take as little as two weeks or multiple months.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Real Estate Agent in The State of Alaska?

The exact cost to become an agent in Alaska will vary depending on the cost of your coursework. However, you can expect the base amount to be roughly $630. This includes the $100 licensing exam, a $175 licensure application, a #325 License fee, and a $30 recovery fund.

What Is the Average Salary of Real Estate Agents In Alaska?

An average Alaskan first-time real estate agent makes roughly $70,000, with the bottom 20% earning $50,000 and the top earners bringing in close to $100,000.

What Is the Number of Real Estate Agents in Alaska?

Wondering how many real estate agents are currently active in Alaska? The answer varies. Across the state, there are hundreds of active agents.

What Identification Do I Need to Become A Real Estate Agent In Alaska?

To become a real estate agent in Alaska, you will need to provide proof of your identity. Acceptable proof can include a driver’s license, a social security card, birth certificate, and other similar documents.

If I Have a Criminal Record, Can I Become a Real Estate Agent in Alaska?

Yes, you may still become a real estate agent despite a past criminal record. In the state of Alaska, it must have been seven years since the sentence was completed before the state can consider you to receive your license. It’s important to note this requirement is only applicable for convicted crimes that impact your ability to represent parties truthfully and fully in real estate transactions. To name a few of the ones that cause concern: felony, theft, extortion, conspiracy to defraud creditors, or other fraud crimes.

How Many Questions Are on the Alaska Real Estate License Exam?

The Alaska real estate exam consists of 80 questions. These questions are split between state-specific questions (50), and the remaining amount is the national real estate guidelines.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the Alaska Real Estate Exam?

You will need to score a minimum of 75% on the exam to pass. Anything less than that will mean you need to retake the test.

How Many People Fail the Alaska Real Estate Examination?

The fail rate for the Alaska real estate exam is roughly 25%.

What Is the Pass Rate of The Alaska Real Estate Exam?

The pass rate for the Alaska real estate exam is roughly 75%.

Can I Practice Real Estate Without a License in Alaska?

No, in order to protect all parties, you will need a license to act on behalf of other parties during a real estate transaction in the state of Alaska.