AYPO Real Estate Reviews And Course Walk-Through – At Your Pace Online

AYPO Real Estate Reviews And Course Walk-Through – At Your Pace Online

If you’re looking to get more information on the AYPO Real Estate course and school, this in-depth AYPO Real Estate review will take you inside. I do a live walk-through of the AYPO Real Estate course to show you what you will get when you sign up plus I reveal what other students say in their AYPO Real Estate reviews .

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Overview Of AYPO Real Estate

AYPO Real Estate is an online real estate school that offers everything from real estate continuing education, exam prep, real estate pre-licensing courses, as well as mortgage loan originator continuing education.

They are part of a larger educational group called At Your Pace Online that provides educational material for real estate as well as for insurance agents, tradesmen, contractors, water operators, tax preparers, auto dealers, and even driver training!

AYPO was started by Mike Melvin in 2011. He created an online learning system for contractors and when he saw success with that, he expanded into other industries.

In this AYPO Real Estate review I will only be focusing on their real estate pre-licensing coursework. I will show you what you get when you sign up for the AYPO Real Estate pre-licensing course so you can make an informed decision on whether it will work for you.

Inside AYPO Real Estate

To be clear, I actually signed up for and went through the AYPO Real Estate pre-licensing course. Although I went through the Florida pre-licensing course, the layout and structure of the courses are all the same no matter what state you’re in.

See the video below to see a complete video walk-throiugh of what’s inside the AYPO Real Estate pre-licensing course.

Sign Up

AYPO Real Estate sign up

The sign up process for AYPO Real Estate is very easy. Just choose your state and then choose from one of the pre-licensing course packages. You will have the choice to pay by credit card or by PayPal which makes ordering convenient.

Upon signing up for the AYPO Real Estate pre-licensing course, you will have access for 365 days. After this 365 day period you may contact them to have your enrollment renewed. This is nice as there really is no expiration period as you find with other online real estate schools.

Course Dashboard

course dashboard

Once you have completed payment, you will gain immediate access to the AYPO Real Estate course dashboard. Here you can see all of the courses you are signed up for. This makes it nice in case you order extra exam prep or continuing education courses since they can all be accessed right from this area.

The AYPO Real Estate Course Layout

AYPO Real Estate course layout

When you access the actual course, you will see the complete structure and contents of the pre-licensing course for your state. You will also be able to download the entire course contents in a downloadable pdf. This pdf contains everything you will learn in the actual course but is in pdf format so you can study offline.

There is also a course syllabus with the complete list of the course lessons. The syllabus also shows you how much time you will need in each section to meet state requirements.

The course is broken down into sections and these sections are broken down into individual lessons.

You will notice that each section is locked and so you must complete each section and lesson in the order listed. Once you complete a lesson it will unlock the next lesson.

AYPO Real Estate Course Introduction

course intro

Your first step to completing your pre-licensing course will be to access the course introduction. This intro video and optional transcript will let you know what to expect from the course. Be sure to watch this and pay close attention because there is a short quiz afterwards.

Each lesson will begin and end with a video like you see in the course introduction. This will be used to help you identify the focus as you begin, and then provide a quick review and wrap-up at the end. By the time you have completed the course, you will be ready for your official state real estate license exam.

Sections And Lessons

sections and lessons

As stated above, the AYPO Real Estate pre-licensing course is divided into sections and lessons.

As you enter each lesson, you will notice that there is a timer that counts down. You cannot proceed to the next lesson until that timer has reached 0. This is done because you must spend a certain amount of time in each lesson to meet the state required hours.

Each section has lessons that are basically text based. They are small bite sized chunks of information that you read and the timer will tell you when you can advance.

At the end of each lesson is a short quiz. You must answer the question correctly to move to the next lesson.

Exam And Final Tasks

Exam And Final Tasks

Once you have completed the entire course, you will then need to take and pass the AYPO Real Estate course final exam and complete all of the final tasks.

Final Exam Quiz

Your first step in the final tasks is to take and pass the course final exam. Once you have done that you will then be ready to complete your final steps. You must get a score of 70% or higher to pass the course final exam.

If you fail the final exam, you must wait at least 30 days from the date of the original examination to take the test again. Within one year of the original examination, you may retest a maximum of one time. If you do not pass the final exam on the second attempt, you will need to repeat the course before you can take the exam again.

Student Affidavit

Once you complete the course final exam and pass with a passing score of 70% or more, you will need to complete the student affidavit. This is a statement that says that you are the one who completed the course.

Mandatory Questionnaire

Part of the final tasks is completing the AYPO Real Estate mandatory questionnaire. This is basically feedback which gives them the necessary information to report completion to the state.

Certificate Of Completion

Upon completion of the final exam, the student affidavit and the mandatory questionnaire, you will be able to access your certificate of completion which you can then keep for your records.

Options Offered

options offered

AYPO Real Estate offers pre-licensing courses in five states only at the time of this writing.

These states include:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Texas

They also offer real estate continuing education for just about every state.

Pre-Licensing Packages

AYPO Real Estate’s real estate pre-licensing courses all have two package options. They have their standard package and their Deluxe package. The difference between these packages is that the Deluxe option has extra practice exams and a downloadable pdf of the entire course.

Cost Of AYPO Real Estate

Cost Of AYPO Real Estate

Compared to most other online real estate schools, AYPO Real Estate overall has pretty good pricing.

The cost of using this school for getting pre-licensing education ranges from $80 for the Florida Standard course option up to $449 for Oregon Deluxe pre-license course.

Although this pricing is good, if you’re on a tight budget and want the most budget based course on the market, you may want to check Real Estate U. (see my Real Estate U review for more)

The Good

Here I want to share with you what I feel are the positive aspects of AYPO Real Estate.

Decent Pricing

AYPO Real Estate has good pricing. They have just a bit lower pricing compared to most comparable online real estate schools. However, if you want the best pricing for pre-licensing education, the lowest price online real estate school is Real Estate U.

Easy To Use Platform

Overall, the learning platform is easy to use and has simple navigation. Finding your way around the course will not be a problem since the whole interface is so simple.

Offers Continuing Education

Although AYPO does not service many states with pre-licensing courses as you can see in the “Not So Good” section of my AYPO Real Estate review below, once you become a real estate agent, AYPO Real Estate does offer continuing education for almost every state.

Exam Prep

It’s always good to get extra exam prep on top of the actual real estate pre-licensing course you’re taking. The good thing is AYPO does offer this when you choose one of their Deluxe package options. Unfortunately, it does not come with the Standard package options.

Good Passing Rates

You may think since AYPO Real Estate is such a simple course that they would have low passing rates but that is not true. In Texas for example, they have pass rates over 74% which is quite good.

The Not So Good

If I share the positive, I need to share with you what I feel are the weaknesses of the AYPO Real Estate online real estate school.

Limited States Served

Some online real estate schools have a national presence meaning they have pre-licensing courses available for most of the country. AYPO Real Estate only has pre-licensing courses for five states at this time. They may add more later, but that is what they currently offer.

Barebones Interface

If you want a flashy learning interface then AYPO Real Estate would not be for you. It’s anything but flashy and is what I call “barebones” meaning they provide a very simple platform with no thrills and frills. This is not necessarily a negative unless you really want an interactive fun platform. If you like that then I would choose AceableAgent.

Annoying Timer

While all real estate courses keep track of time, the timer used with AYPO is a bit different. See my verdict below for the complete rundown.

No Passing Guarantee

As with some online real estate schools such as Real Estate Express (read my Real Estate Express review) they will refund the purchase price of the course if you do not pass the state licensing exam. AYPO Real Estate has no passing guarantee.

AYPO Real Estate Reviews And Ratings

In this part of my review I want to dive into what former AYPO Real Estate students have to say in online AYPO Real Estate reviews.


First, let’s take a look at a summary of the positive things former student have to say about AYPO Real Estate:

  • Good Customer Service
  • Easy To Use
  • Very Thorough
  • Good Navigation


Next, let’s look at a summary of what former students feel are the weaknesses of this real estate school:

  • Question Poorly Written
  • Course Needs Updating
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Boring Content
  • Too much reading needs more video content
  • Redundant information
  • Time lock/countdown feature annoying

My Verdict

As I wrap up this AYPO Real Estate review, I want to give you my final verdict on what I think about this online real estate school.

Timer Is Quite Annoying

All online real estate schools have a timer or a clock that keeps track of the time you spend in the course. This is necessary because the state requires you to have a certain number of hours in the course.

That being said, one of the things that I find truly annoying about the AYPO Real Estate course is that if for some reason you’re in the middle of a lesson and have to stop, when you come back to start again you do not pick up where you left off, you must restart the lesson again and go through each timed section. You need to complete a lesson fully before you can go back without the timer being on. This is quite annoying.

This happened to me in a few lessons but not all lessons so, the timer is not all that bad when it worked properly and let me pick up where I left off.


Overall, I think that AYPO Real Estate provides good content if you can get through the very sparse and less than interactive learning platform. Don’t forget you will also need to deal with the annoying timer.

But even with this very sparse interface and timer, they do provide all of the content you will need to help you to pass the real estate license exam for your state. This is evidenced by the fact that they do have decent state exam passing rates for their students. If the course was not good, students would not be passing at such high rates.

I still prefer AceableAgent (read AceableAgent review) because I love their interactive and fun platform. I also prefer Real Estate Express for a variety of reasons. The fact is, AYPO Real Estate offers pre-licensing courses for so few states that you may need to use AceableAgent or Real Estate Express. However, if they do offer pre-licensing courses for your state, I would recommend them as long as you go in knowing the things I have said here.

AYPO Real Estate FAQ

Is AYPO Real Estate Legit?

Yes, AYPO Real Estate is a legitimate online real estate school that has been teaching students since 2011. They have helped hundreds of students pass the state real estate licensing exam.

Is AYPO Real Estate Accredited?

AYPO Real Estate is approved by each state to offer real estate pre-licensing courses as well as continuing education. They are also NMLS approved.