2 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Kansas (My Results Shared)

2 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Kansas (My Results Shared)

Obtaining your real estate license in Kansas is a straightforward process from the coursework to the licensing application. Once you’ve met the initial Kansas state requirements for obtaining your license, you may begin the 60 hours of coursework. To do the coursework, you will need a well-qualified school that caters to your need for success. Given how many real estate schools there are across the state, you have quite a few options. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up the best online real estate schools in Kansas for you to take a look at. Happy learning!

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Best Real Estate Schools in Kansas


best online real estate schools in KansasReal Estate Express5


top real estate schools in KansasThe CE Shop4

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Kansas

Topping the list of best online real estate schools in Kansas is the ever-popular Real Estate Express. This school generally ranks high on my lists because of its reliability and ease-of-use. Because of this, I think it’s a great option for real estate agent hopefuls looking to break onto the market. Given the Kansas-centered curriculum and many positives, I recommend this school first and foremost. If you read my review of Real Estate Express you can take a closer look inside.


Varying Kansas Packages

Kansas’ Real Estate Express gives students the option between multiple package levels. Students are able to then analyze each option and select the one that provides them with the best education. At the end of the day, you’re shelling out a large chunk of money to become a real estate agent, it’s important that your coursework fits your unique needs. Whether you need lots of support or a little, you can count on the different Kansas Real Estate Express packages to get you there.

Nationally Accredited Kansas School

Endorsed and approved by online learning institutions, Kansas Real Estate Express has earned accreditation from both ARELLO and the IDECC. This means that you have access to the utmost quality education.

Positive Reviews from Kansas Students

The Kansas Real Estate Express currently rates a 4.28 out of 5 stars per reviews provided by over 1,000 students. Among the praise you can find students raving about an easy-to-navigate system, an intuitive interface, and clean and clear copy.

Kansas Real Estate Exam Pass Guarantee

Pass guarantee is not a necessity when choosing a real estate school to study at, but it is always a major plus. Most of the Kansas Real Estate Express programs have a built-in pass guarantee so you will earn a credit for the exam or a refund on the course, provided that you study properly.


No Peer Support From Fellow Kansas Students

Unfortunately, when these online real estate schools in Kansas offer flexibility and the power to make your own schedule, they neglect a large portion of students who require that structure. Additionally, it strips students from being able to interact in real-time with other students and instructors while learning. Be sure you’re not part of this group that thrives on interaction before committing to this Kansas school – you’ll save yourself many headaches.

2. The CE Shop


Second Best Online Kansas Real Estate Schools

The next school I would like to recommend for any Kansas real estate hopeful is The CE Shop. This online real estate school offers students a similar experience to the Real Estate Express listed above. With its nationwide presence and long-standing history in Kansas, I can’t help but recommend it as a valuable option for students. Learn more about this school and see in-depth The CE Shop reviews.


Affordable Kansas education

At the time of writing this, The CE Shop is offering all of the package deals, from the course-only to the premium package for extremely affordable prices. Ranging from $97.50 for the courses to $177.50 for the courses plus all the extras like study materials, exam prep, and more – it’s unbelievable how affordable these Kansas packages are!

Access to Full Kansas Curriculum

The CE Shop offers everything you will need to cover your Kansas curriculum. Expect to find all 60 hours of the required Kansas pre-licensing work available for students and options for exam preparation, and even continuing education. Rest assured the basic Kansas requirements are covered here.

Varying Kansas Packages

With this real estate school, you will get to choose from four unique course packages. Tailor your education to meet your needs by choosing their courses-only Kansas package up to their premium package. Whether you’re autonomous and just need the materials because they’re required, or you need extra assistance along the way, you’ve got options here!

Money Back Guarantee

If you decide for some reason that the Kansas CE Shop is not the best option for you, there is potential to receive a refund. Typically, it is dependent on how long it has been and how much of the course you have completed, but you may reach out for questions regarding any specifics.

Excellent Support for Kansas Students

If you’re studying and need any technical or course-related help, you may access The CE Shop via multiple avenues. Perhaps easiest is the live chat, but you might also choose email, phone, or a robust FAQs page for general questions.


Lack of Interaction for Kansas Students

A common issue amongst online real estate schools in Kansas, but still one worth mentioning is the issue of the coursework being limited in interaction. This goes both for the interface, but also for working with fellow students and instructors to foster a quality learning environment. Regardless of whether this is something you are worried about before beginning, it is important to note as you navigate the course.

Kansas Real Estate School FAQ

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How Do I Become A Real Estate Agent In Kansas?

The process to become a real estate agent in Kansas is luckily, pretty straight forward! Below you will find a quick rundown.

1. Meet Requirements. Currently, the only requirement for obtaining your real estate license in Kansas is to be 18 years or older and to have a high school diploma or GED.

2. Pre-Licensing Coursework. After meeting the basic requirements, you will begin the coursework process. This consists of 60-hours as mandated by the state of Kansas. The 60 hours consists of 30 hours of principles of real estate and 30 hours of Kansas practice courses. You will need to pass your coursework and ultimately pass the final real estate school exam with a 90% before continuing on to the next step.

3. Background Check. Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing work, you will need to submit your information, including fingerprints to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation for processing. It goes without saying, but you will need to pass this background check in order to become a licensed real estate agent in Kansas. This process can take up to a month as federal and state databases are referenced.

4. Complete State Exam. The last step before practicing real estate is to complete the Kansas real estate licensing exam.

5. Finding a Brokerage. Once you’ve taken all required coursework and passed the state exam, you will want to select a brokerage to sponsor you and oversee the beginning stages of your real estate career. It’s important to do quality research before deciding which school to go with, otherwise you may find yourself switching early on.

6. Submit Licensing Exam. The only thing left to do on your quest to become a Kansas real estate agent is to submit your license application to the state of Kansas for approval. After that, congratulations – you’re ready for clients!

To Become A Real Estate Agent In Kansas, How Long Does It Take?

The length of time for becoming a licensed real estate agent in Kansas can vary greatly depending on the amount of time it takes for you to find a sponsoring brokerage, obtain a testing date and complete your coursework. At minimum, expect 60 hours for the coursework, a month at most for the background checks and from there, an additional month or so for obtaining a brokerage and having your licensing application approved.

What’s The Cost To Get A Real Estate License In Kansas?

The primary cost for getting your real estate license in Kansas is the coursework itself. With courses ranging from $200 up into the $400s, or more, the cost varies. However, the definitive costs that you can factor in include the real estate exam cost, $82 for first timers and $75 for retakes, as well as background cost which can be done for $35 through the KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigation) at the time of this writing.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Kansas?

The amount a real estate agent can make in Kansas varies like any other profession. While the median is in the ballpark of $70,000, poor agents can earn much less, and excellent agents or those who have been in the business for a long time can make six figures.

Does Kansas Have Licensing Reciprocity With Other States?

No, Kansas does not have direct reciprocity with any other states. However, if you are a licensed agent in another state, the Kansas Real Estate Commission may waive the federal related coursework and licensing exam portion. This means you will only need to study and test for Kansas-specific content.

How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There In Kansas?

An exact number of real estate agents is difficult to find, though it is estimated to top 1,000.

How Difficult Is It To Become A Real Estate Agent In Kansas?

It is not difficult to become a real estate agent in Kansas at all. With a straightforward process and so many tools to get you there, Kansas is a great place for any beginner agent.

What Is The Real Estate Licensing Exam In Kansas Like?

You can expect the Kansas real estate licensing exam to consist of nearly 150 questions and two have two parts consisting of federal and state specific questions. From the moment the exam begins, you will have a total of four hours, with two and half allotted for the national and one and half for the state section.

What Score Do I Need To Pass The Kansas Real Estate Exam?

A passing score for the Kansas real estate exam is 70%. This figure translates to 56 of 80 questions for the national portion and 21 of the 30 for the Kansas portion must be answered correctly.

What Is The Pass Rate Of The Kansas Real Estate License Exam?

The Kansas real estate exam has a whopping 50% fail rate, meaning one in two will fail or pass on their first attempt of the test.

Are There Continuing Education Requirements For Real Estate Agents In Kansas?

Yes, Kansas requires continuing education for all Kansas agents. As of now, this requirement is 12 hours for every renewal, which is usually every two years.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Kansas Real Estate Licensing Exam?

Generally, the only thing you will need for your Kansas real estate exam is two forms of identification. Other than that, you may not be allowed to bring in any other materials.

What Happens If I Fail The Kansas Real Estate Licensing Exam?

Failing your first attempt at the Kansas real estate licensing exam is more common than you might think. With that being said, you will have the opportunity for a retake.