The 6 Top Online Kentucky Real Estate Schools In 2021

The 6 Top Online Kentucky Real Estate Schools In 2021

There has never been a better time to become an agent in Kentucky than now! With so many people looking to move and settle down into quieter lifestyles, quality agents are in high demand. Luckily, there are numerous real estate schools in Kentucky that offer the education you need to become licensed and practice in Kentucky. With 96 required hours of pre-licensing coursework, you’ll want to be sure you choose the best option. I’ve rounded up the best online real estate schools in Kentucky here for you to cut down on some of that research time and to help you make a well-informed choice.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Kentucky


best online real estate schools in KentuckyReal Estate Express5


top real estate schools in KentuckyThe CE Shop4


Kaplan RE3

1. Real Estate Express

number one real estate schools in Kentucky

Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Kentucky

Top of my recommendations for online real estate schools in Kentucky is Real Estate Express. Real Estate Express is one of my favorite real estate schools across the board. Because it is a national brand, there is a high standard for quality and that is present in Kentucky’s Real Estate Express division as well. You’ll find a few reasons for my admiration below, but overall, you can expect quality education here. Check out my in-depth review of this school and see other Real Estate Express reviews.


Multiple Kentucky-Specific Packages

Kentucky’s Real Estate Express gives students options for the package or tier that works best for them. Ranging in cost, features, and involvement, students are encouraged to choose the right option. No one will be completing the coursework for you, so it’s important to make sure that you love every bit of it, and that begins with choosing the package best for your unique situation.

Money Back Guarantee

Lastly, I enjoy the money back guarantee that The CE Shop offers. If upon studying a bit you realize the course, whether the interface or materials themselves are not working for you, you may be able to get your money back. The requirement to be eligible for this is to be within a month of beginning and having not completed more than 50% of the coursework.

An Accredited Kentucky School

Both ARELLO and the IDECC have approved Real Estate Express’ Kentucky virtual experience. As two groups that determine quality online services and learning, this accreditation is a major draw for potential students knowing their learning source is well acclaimed.

Positive Reviews from Kentucky Students

Of nearly one thousand online reviews, the average rating for the Kentucky Real Estate Express is 4.38 out of 5. Praise is attributed to easy navigation, helpful customer service, and a go-at-your-own pace layout.

Kentucky Real Estate Exam Pass Guarantee

I love schools that offer a package, or multiple packages with an exam pass guarantee. Sometimes, even when you try your hardest, things happen, and you might fail that first failed date. Having the retake fee waived or some sort of initiative for the real estate school to help you pass the next time is a major benefit for students.

Chatting with a Kentucky Instructor

If you ever have additional questions or need a little support from an instructor stand point, some of the package tiers offer a Q & A session where you will be able to speak with the professor and ask any pressing questions or simply gain insider advice on how to navigate the world as a new agent.


No Peer Support From Fellow Kentucky Students

Most complaints of this online Kentucky real estate school state that the course lacked involvement. Now, depending on the chosen course, this is understandable. Students may be navigating endlessly through written materials rather than engaging with peers and that can be a major detriment to the professional development of students.

2. The CE Shop


Second Best Online Kentucky Real Estate Schools

Second on my list of best online real estate schools in Kentucky is the one and only, The CE Shop. This real estate school is one that I am very familiar with as it offers coursework across the country. Though its pros and cons are very similar to the Real Estate Express, I rank The CE Shop second for a couple of reasons. Want to know more about this real estate school? See The CE Shop review.


Affordable Kentucky Education

At the time of writing this round up, The CE Shop has multiple packages ranging in cost and subsequent affordability. The ‘Basics’ package sits at $227.50 while the highest package, which includes live question and answers with the instructor and printed textbook is nearly $368.

Access to Full Kentucky Curriculum

I appreciate schools that act as a one-stop shop. Though this guide focuses on pre-licensing work, you may like to know that your exam prep, post-licensing, and anything else can be found right here on The Kentucky CE Shop.

Multi-Tiered Packages

While it may seem like the norm for online real estate schools in Kentucky to offer multiple leveled packages, there is a surprisingly often amount of time they don’t. Thankfully, The Kentucky CE Shop offers multiple package levels so students can find what works for them within budget and of course based upon needs. For example, if you’re someone who requires one-on-one tutoring, you should opt for a more advanced package type. However, if you hate speaking with people and simply want to read, the “course only” package exists.

Pass Guarantee

Most of The CE Shop packages include a pass guarantee. This means that this online real estate school will reimburse the cost of your first test so that the money can be put toward your new or second test.

All Included Course Work

You won’t have to worry about chasing down different requirements here, The Kentucky CE Shop luckily has everything you will need during studying for the real estate exam and long after when you’re keeping up with post-licensing requirements.

Excellent Support for Kentucky Students

I absolutely love all of the ways you can contact The Kentucky CE Shop. From the time when you’re shopping and have questions about the best option, or if you’re in the middle of a late-night study session, you’ve got a way to reach out.


Lack of Interaction for Kentucky Students

Cited time and time again, even by students who successfully completed their courses is that they would have liked some more support from peers. I completely understand that wanting to feed off of other people is a major benefit to any class, a sort of comradery. However, in the case of The CE Shop, there is not an easy way to do so.

3. Kaplan


Number Four of the Best Online Kentucky Real Estate Schools

The fourth choice on my list of real estate schools in Kentucky, I’ve chosen, is Kaplan. This school has proven time and time again that it is affordable and welcomes all backgrounds to study for their licensing test. Preparing to arm the world with a new wave of well-qualified agents, specifically Kentucky. Though it has its pitfalls, Kaplan can be a great choice for a real estate school. You can also check out my Kaplan real estate review to see more info about this school.


Affordable Kentucky Real Estate Package

The prices for this real estate school begin at $399 and they go up from there. Depending on what you need and how stripped down of a package you’re looking for, the cost at Kaplan’s Kentucky branch can be quite affordable.

Real Estate Commission Approval

We love certifications over here! Getting a pass from some of the biggest real estate or online learning organizations in the country is a major plus. The Kentucky Kaplan managed to get approved by the Real Estate Commission Approval, a great accomplishment!

Flexible Online Kentucky Coursework

When choosing an online course for learning, it’s usually because you require some flexibility in your schedule. If not, it can always be an added bonus. With this Kentucky school, you’re receiving unlimited access to the coursework all day and night long. You can wake up and study or spend late nights doing the same. Whatever works best for you is perfectly fine.


Shorter Kentucky Completion Window

This may not be an issue if you’re planning to complete your pre-licensing coursework immediately, but for those requiring any sort of flexibility or who want a cushion in case something goes wrong, may not appreciate the six-month time frame for completing coursework.

4. Hondros

Third Best Online Kentucky Real Estate Schools

Hondros is an option you may not have heard of, but one that deserves a shout out nonetheless. With course offerings across the board from pre-licensing to continuing education, it’s clear this Kentucky school tries to be a haven for all real estate professionals to visit and learn more.


Physical and Online Kentucky Course Offerings

A major plus for this school is the fact that it does both in-person classes and remote instruction. Talk about flexibility! And, with multiple locations, the school is sure to provide easy access for nearly everyone interested.

Kentucky Exam Prep

An affordable add-on, Hondros offers a thorough exam prep. With that purchase of $90, you receive the exam preparation itself as well as a pass guarantee. The program is through CompuCram which is one used by a few real estate institutions across the country.

Speak with a Kentucky Enrollment Specialist

Afraid that you’ll opt for the wrong school or have more questions on why this one might be the right fit? Well, this real estate school offers a one-on-one chat option with enrollment specialists to make sure you’re getting the best possible choice for you.

Quality Kentucky Student Reviews

Across the verified reviews on the Hondros website is direct praise for the school’s program, including the exam prep. Most say they were able to pass their exam with flying colors and that the exam prep itself was revolutionary. Not to mention, the average rating of nearly 400 stars is five stars.


Difficult Contact Methods

Though this online Kentucky real estate school does offer contact forms on their website a number to call during business days, it’s a bit difficult to sort through which option is best for you. Especially for emergencies, I prefer programs with a live chat button, but in this case there isn’t one. Instead you will need to cipher through a page of contact information to decide which method is best.

5. Kentucky Real Estate College


Fifth of the Best Online Real Estate Schools In Kentucky

Kentucky Real Estate College offers pre-licensing coursework among other programs for residents of Kentucky. With a small team, core values, and a passion for real estate, this school is committed to providing students with the best education they can. However, this does not mean the school is without its faults.


Unlimited Access to the Kentucky Course load

Great for online classes, Kentucky Real Estate College offers support seven days a week and access to the course work every hour, every day. Additionally, the school provides open access to practice exams, quizzes, and other studying materials.

A Strong Kentucky-Grown Team

The core team at Kentucky Real Estate College is less than five people who all play critical roles in the operations of the licensing program. Because of this, the environment is a bit more intimate and you’re able to gain first-hand knowledge from those that have experienced the real-world scenarios you’re reading about. It’s an exciting prospect and one to keep in mind if opting for this school so that you can take full advantage of their knowledge and roots in the area.


One Single Kentucky Course Option

You’ve probably gathered by now that I am a fan of schools that offer multiple options for students. This is because I want every person to feel welcome and the process to be without stress as much as possible. Unfortunately, Kentucky Real Estate College only offers one package and it is referred to as being “all inclusive.” While it certainly does cover the basics and will help students learn the required information, most like to have more of a say in what they’re paying for and what they don’t want to.

Affordability Concerns

While at face value the price does not seem too far above others we’ve discussed, we have to keep in mind that it’s just for one course and that is the starting price. Other courses with similar offerings, such as Real Estate Express offer more and less for this quoted amount.

Contingent Refund Policy

Any refund policy is a plus, however, this one is much different than competitor’s policies. For the Kentucky Real Estate College, you may only be eligible for a refund if it has not been more than two weeks and if you have not started it. Most alternatives allow for a refund purpose with the thought that someone would begin the course only to realize they didn’t like it, but with this school, you must know ahead.

6. Kentucky REALTOR Institute

Number Six Best Online Real Estate Schools In Kentucky

We’ve arrived at my sixth and final choice, the Kentucky REALTOR Institute. This school has a ton going for it, but unfortunately there were some things that landed it at the bottom of the list rather than the top of it. Regardless, it’s important that you make the important decision for yourself and there is a reason why this school has made the list – read below to find out!


One Year Access to the Coursework

From the date you enrolled in the program to one year afterward, you will have access to the coursework from your pre-licensing program. This is extremely beneficial, say if something happened and you needed to step away. With one year access you won’t have to worry about losing access so soon. Additionally, if you’re having trouble passing the test, you’ll be able to re-reference the information for up to a year for studying.

Online Kentucky Course Flexibility

Online courses are a unique mode of learning that allow students to learn at the rate they desire, as well as at the time they desire. Available all day, every day, you can’t be the ease for Kentucky students that comes with being able to telecommute, especially those living in rural areas.


A Scenario-based Project

If I’m being honest, I’m not quite sure where to place this item, in the pros or cons section. Ultimately I chose con because I can see many people being dissatisfied with extra work, though some may welcome the challenge. As part of the pre-licensing course at Kentucky REALTOR Institute, the school requires students to complete a scenario-based project toward the end of the course just before the final exam. Essentially, the project will be taking a look at case studies from a buyer and seller perspective and you, as an agent, need to decide which forms go to which party. Not too difficult, just an extra step!

Kentucky Real Estate School FAQ

Kansas Real Estate Commission

Kentucky Real Estate Commission Information
Contact the Kentucky Real Estate Commission


How Do I Get My Real Estate License In Kentucky?

To obtain your real estate license in Kentucky, you will need to do the following:

1. Meet Requirements. The only requirements for obtaining your real estate license in Kentucky are to be 18 years or older and to have a high school diploma or GED.

2. Pre-Licensing Coursework. Once you’ve determined you meet the minimum qualifications, you will begin the pre-licensing coursework at the institution of your choice. In the state of Kentucky you must sit in for 96 hours to meet the required threshold. From there, you must subsequently pass the final school exam before moving forward with the process. The grade for passing is a 75%.

3. Background Check. Just like any other state, you will need to submit your fingerprints and information for background check once you’re done with the pre-licensing. To do so, you’ll compile and submit the information to Kentucky’s Bureau of Investigation to be processed. Both state and federal databases will be checked before approving or denying your eligibility to practice real estate in the state of Kentucky.

4. Take and Pass the State Exam. The state exam is relatively straightforward with 130 total questions on the test covering Kentucky-specific and national portions.

5. E & O Insurance Upon successfully passing the licensing exam, you must purchase Errors and Omissions insurance prior to practicing real estate. This policy covers your bases as a new agent to ensure harm is minimal if or when you make a mistake.

6. Submit Licensing. The last step to becoming an agent is of course to submit your licensing application to the state of Kentucky. Once approved by the Kentucky Department of Professional Licensing, congratulations – you’re a licensed real estate agent ready to serve Kentucky!

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Kentucky?

The amount of time it takes to become a real estate agent in Kentucky will depend on a few variables. Perhaps the biggest chunk of time is necessary for completing your pre-licensing coursework. From there, the background and fingerprint verification, time to obtain insurance, and to get your licensing application all play a role in how long it takes.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent In The State Of Kentucky ?

The cost for becoming a licensed Kentucky real estate agent will also vary depending on a few things. Most significant is the cost of your coursework which can range by hundreds. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in costs for the background check and fingerprint collection as well as the cost for the state licensing exam and the license application itself. All in all, this can be an investment teetering near four-hundred or so dollars.

What Is The Average Income Of Kentucky Real Estate Agents?

The average Kentucky real estate agent’s income is roughly $70,000, however, poorly functioning agents can make much, much less, down to nearly half the amount, or double if great agents, well into the six digits.

Does Kentucky Have Licensing Reciprocity With Other States?

Yes, Kentucky does have a reciprocity agreement with the state of Ohio, however that is it. Licensed Ohioans may complete a streamlined version of education including a reciprocal class and a continuing education course.

How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There In Kentucky?

The exact number of real estate agents in Kentucky is unknown, however we can reasonably assume there are thousands across the state.

Is A College Degree Necessary To Become A Real Estate Agent In Kentucky?

Nope! The only education requirement for real estate hopefuls is a high school degree or equivalent.

What Identification Do I Need To Become A Real Estate Agent In Kentucky?

You will typically need two or more modes of identification to become a real estate agent in Kentucky, particularly when going through the background check process. Acceptable documents include Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports, state IDs and similar primary proofs.

If I Have A Criminal Record Can I Become A Real Estate Agent In Kentucky?

If you have a criminal record and are looking to become a real estate agent in Kentucky, whether or not that is possible will depend. The best way to receive a definitive answer is to have your criminal record be reviewed by Kentucky’s government. Generally, this is the job of the Kentucky Real Estate Commission.

How Many Times Can I Take the Kentucky Real Estate License Exam?

There is no rule that limits the amount of times you may take the Kentucky real estate exam, however, you will need to pay for each attempt. Additionally, you will generally only have a certain amount of time from the moment you register for the pre-licensing coursework to continue accessing the materials.

What Is The Kentucky Real Estate License Exam Like?

The exam is fairly straightforward and on par with the rest of the nation. With one part national rules and regulations and the other Kentucky-specific, expect 120 questions, most of which will be federal. Additionally, you can expect a proctor to be present and observing the test-takers.

What Percentage Of People Fail The Kentucky Real Estate Licensing Exam?

An estimated 74% pass the national part of the Kentucky real estate exam, leaving 26% to fail. On the other hand, only 58% pass the state-specific questions on the exam, meaning 42% fail. Though straightforward in requirements and coursework, the Kentucky test itself is not an easy one to pass.

Can I Sell Real Estate In Kentucky Without A Real Estate License?

No. Selling real estate without a license is both illegal and immoral, posing grave risk for all parties involved.

Do I Need To Have A Certain Type Of Education Or Experience To Take The Real Estate Licensing Exam In Kentucky?

The only educational requirements are a high school diploma or equivalent and the pre-licensing coursework provided by a number of real estate schools. While certain experiences and level of education may help in your ability to understand real estate concepts, the lack of will never harm your chances of success.

What Is The Passing Score For The Kentucky Real Estate Exam?

The passing score for the Kentucky real estate exam is 75% on both the state and federal questions.

Do Real Estate Agents In Kentucky Have Continuing Education Requirements?

Yes, there are post-licensing requirements for Kentucky real estate agents. Expect to complete forty-eight hours of continuing education before the date of two years from the time your license was obtained. However, after this, you will only need to participate in six hours of post-licensing work from there.

What Should I Bring To The Kentucky Real Estate Licensing Exam?

You will want to check with your specific licensing place to ensure you have everything you need. However, generally you will only need identification.

If I Fail The Kentucky Real Estate Licensing Exam, What Happens?

We know it can be a frustrating process to fail your first attempt at the Kentucky real estate licensing exam, but it is completely normal. You will want to secure a new test date, revisit your old materials, and mentally prepare yourself for another go at the test. Also, don’t forget to give yourself grace, it happens far too commonly to beat yourself up.