3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Louisiana Compared

3 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Louisiana Compared

Louisiana boasts a robust real estate market and thus, real estate schools have continued emerging on the market, making it difficult to decide which is right. To help you narrow down which is best for your needs, I’ve rounded up my top three best online real estate schools in Louisiana!

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Best Real Estate Schools in Louisiana


best online real estate schools in LouisianaReal Estate Express5


The CE ShopThe CE Shop4

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Louisiana

Topping my list of best online real estate schools in Louisiana is Real Estate Express. This real estate school often scores high on my list because it is reliable, thorough, and engaging from start to finish. Though available in many states, I find that their Louisiana curriculum is specifically curated to help students pass and go on to become great agents.


High Rating from Louisiana Alumni

Of 463 reviews posted at the time of writing this guide, Real Estate Express earned a 4.52 rating out of 5 stars for their program. With these reviews, it’s easy to see what a positive impact this school has made, which is why it ranks high on my list of best online Louisiana real estate schools. (Read other Real Estate Express reviews.)

Full Louisiana Coursework Available

You won’t have to stress about meeting state requirements here, all of the heavy work has been done. Instead, you can study well knowing that your course is state-approved and Real Estate Express is giving an education that will prepare you for the licensing exam according to Louisiana guidelines.

Live Louisiana Instructor Interaction

Though the course is primarily self-paced, Real Estate Express offers a unique benefit – dedicated time to interact with a highly-qualified Louisiana instructor each month. During this time, you will be able to ask any questions and go over factors that you’re unsure of before it comes time for exams.

A Louisiana Pass Guarantee

It doesn’t get much better than a pass guarantee for all of the time invested in the coursework. In the case of Real Estate Express’ pass guarantee, students will be reimbursed if they do not pass their exam on the first attempt.


Little to No Interaction with Louisiana Peers or Instructors

Aside from a monthly Q & A session, Real Estate Express Students are expected to navigate most of the coursework alone. This means that they cannot constantly lean on others for support or gain feedback immediately. For some students, this can be very difficult to navigate when studying so much information in a short amount of time.

2. The CE Shop


Second Best Online Louisiana Real Estate Schools

This online Louisiana real estate school ranks second on my list with plenty of positives and few areas of concern. The CE Shop is another institution that offers classes across the country but focuses on bringing Louisiana students well-rounded coursework that prepares them for passing the state examination.


Great Louisiana Pass Rates

The CE Shop boasts high pass rates across the country, even so in Louisiana. When it comes to students studying the pre-licensing coursework, 91% will pass on their first attempt at the state licensing exam. Compared to other averages with slightly over 50% pass rates, this number is major!

A Free Trial and Course Demo

Prospective students can view the free trial and course demo before committing to The CE Shop for their real estate school needs. This is helpful for those who are hesitant or require certain learning environments to learn effectively.

Multiple Louisiana Package Offerings

The Louisiana CE Shop offers multiple packages that can cater to anyone’s personal goals. Whether you just need the materials so that you can study them and fill the state requirement, or you require extensive interaction and additional help, this online Louisiana real estate school has you covered. See their course offering in my The CE Shop review.


No Louisiana Pass or Money-Back Guarantee

Both a pass and money-back guarantee are great for students who may need extra assistance or who like the safety net. Without it, students do not receive any sort of guarantee with their purchase. If you do not pass on their first attempt or if you’re dissatisfied with the course, you’re oftentimes out of luck.

3. Bob Brooks School of Real Estate

Third Best Online Louisiana Real Estate Schools

When it comes to real estate schools in Louisiana, it’s hard to beat a local option that offers students unique insight into Louisiana policies from the ground up. There’s a reason this school makes my list of best online real estate schools in Louisiana… With its unique, intimate offerings, Bob Brooks School of Real Estate & Insurance may be the perfect place to be!


Free Introduction

This school allows prospective students to take the first few courses free of charge. The ability to test drive the course before committing is a major benefit, one that many competitors don’t offer. This way, you are able to be sure that the format, style, and tone of the course all work well with what you need to thrive.

Affordable Pricing

The pricing is considered affordable and slightly below the Louisiana market average. The singular course that this school offers is listed at $299 which includes 90-day access, reading materials, video presentations, and quizzes. The package also includes the school’s unique exam preparation.

One Week to Cancel

Cancellation policies are always a bonus as they prevent students from being stuck with a course that does not work for them. If, for whatever reason, you find that Bob Brooks materials are not for you, you will have one week from the time of purchase to ask for a refund.


Only One Course Package

Unfortunately, the courses offered at Bob Brooks are extremely limited. So much so, that there is currently only one offering for pre-licensing coursework on the website. This makes it hard for the course to be adaptable for all students, though it tries its best to be all encompassing.

Only 90 Day Access

The school only allows for accessing the coursework for 90 days. After that point, you will need to purchase extensions so that you can continue to work through your coursework. Should something come up and you are unable to work through the materials within a three-month period from the time of purchase, you will be charged $25 for each additional month.

Louisiana Real Estate School FAQ

Louisiana Real Estate Commission

Louisiana Real Estate Commission
Contact the Louisiana Real Estate Commission


How Do I Get My Real Estate License In Louisiana?

Becoming a real estate agent in Louisiana is one of the most straightforward processes in the country. Below are the few steps you will need to take in order to become a licensed Louisiana real estate agent.

1. Meet Requirements

The first step to become an agent in Louisiana is to make sure you meet the requirements outlined by the state. The first requirement is that you are 18 years or older and the second requirement is that you have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. These requirements are as defined by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission and cannot be waived.

2. Take Care of the Pre-Licensing Requirements

The second step to becoming a real estate agent is to complete the required 90 hours of coursework from an accredited institution. This can be an online or in-person course, but it must be one with lessons approved by the state. This step will also consist of passing your course’s final exam which is intended to prepare you for the state exam.

3. Background Check

After you’ve completed your licensing work, it’s time to submit for a background check with the state. This includes verifying your identity and submitting fingerprints. The state will verify that you are able to represent parties in the state effectively and ethically before notifying you that you passed the check.

4. Pass the State Exam

To pass the state exam, you will need a score of 75% or more. This score is cumulative and is required before you can practice in Louisiana.

5. Shop Around for a Broker

This step can be done at any point. In fact, it’s a great idea to research brokers that you would like to work with prior to the application process. The real estate market is growing rapidly and there seems to be more brokers than ever. Spend some quality time narrowing down prospects before getting to the point of selecting one.

6. E & O Insurance

After passing the licensing exam and before obtaining your Louisiana license, you will need to obtain errors and omissions insurance. This is mandatory for all agents in Louisiana, and you must be able to show proof of possession when submitting your Louisiana license application.

7. Apply for a Louisiana Real Estate License

It’s time! Now that you’ve completed all of the coursework and obtained all necessary materials, it’s time to submit your application to the state for approval. So long as you meet all requirements, you can expect approval within a few weeks. Though, in some cases, it can take longer.

8. Post-Licensing and Settling into a Brokerage

Even after completing the pre-licensing course and becoming licensed, you will still need to complete more education. The state of Louisiana requires 45 post-licensing credit hours be taken and completed upon obtaining license.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Louisiana?

The amount of time it takes to become a real estate agent will depend on a few factors. The biggest factor that will affect your timeline is how long it takes to complete your coursework. Other factors that can significantly affect the timeline include your background check and locating a sponsoring broker.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent In The State Of Louisiana?

The major cost when becoming a real estate agent is the pre-licensing coursework. This can run anywhere from $200 to $600 in Louisiana, which means it is a hefty investment to make. Aside from that, nearly every other step toward becoming an agent will cost money too.

The Louisiana state background check. insurance, and your official application can all raise the price of obtaining your license by hundreds of dollars. In total, you may want to budget between $300 and $700 for the pre-licensing coursework and the remaining steps.

What Is The Best Louisiana Real Estate Exam Prep?

There are many exam prep options out there, but I typically recommend PrepAgent above all others. This service is comprehensive exam preparation that covers everything you will need to know on the state and national level. You may also find that the school that you choose for your pre-licensing education also offers exam preparation as well. If so, consider whether it is adequate before purchasing exam prep from a third party.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Louisiana?

The salary, like any profession, will depend on how much effort is put into your work. A real estate agent is only as good as they want to be, which is the beauty of being a self-employed worker – the outcomes are limitless.

In Louisiana, you will find that the average real estate agent makes $70,000 per year. This is a great baseline, though the best agents will make well over $100,000 and part time, or inexperienced agents may only make a fraction of that wage.

Does Louisiana Have Licensing Reciprocity With Other States?

Yes! Louisiana does have a real estate license reciprocity agreement with multiple states. Those states include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

If you hold a license in one of these states and are a resident, you may be eligible for a reciprocal agreement in Louisiana. You will need to reach out to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission directly for more information as these agreements are made on a case-by-case basis and require a unique process.

How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There In Louisiana?

There are an estimated 10,000 active real estate agents in the state of Louisiana. The number fluctuates constantly as new agents come on the market and older ones retire, though the career path continues on an upward trend in the state.

Can I Become A Real Estate Agent In Louisiana With A Criminal Record?

In most cases, felons will be able to become a real estate agent after a certain amount of years from the time the sentence was completed, or the verdict was determined. Each case will need to be taken to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission because they look at each felony charge and person holistically.

In general, the state is most concerned with crimes that prohibit the agent from acting in the best interest of all parties they represent. These crimes can include fraud, theft, tax evasion, and similar criminal offenses.

How Many Times Can I Take The Louisiana Real Estate License Exam?

You may take the Louisiana real estate exam as many times as you like, though, there are downsides to repeated testing. Not only will you need to pay for each attempt, but you may also run into time constraints with your licensing school. After a certain period of time, many schools no longer allow access to the coursework, which means your materials for studying are taken away. Louisiana also imposes its own time limit with only a 90-day window for retakes before you need to resubmit your application and begin the process anew.

What Areas Are Covered Under The Louisiana Real Estate License Exam?

The real estate licensing exam, also known as the salesperson exam, consists of two parts, a national and state-specific portion. The national portion contains 80 questions while the state portion contains 55 questions.

More specifically, you can expect topics like contracts, transfers of title, subdivisions, financing, valuation and market analysis, and property ownership to all be covered on the national part of the exam. The state-specific portion will feature questions about Louisiana Law of Agency, the Louisiana civil law system, licensing requirements, and more!

It’s a hefty exam, but one that allows for 180 minutes to work through. This boils down to 75 minutes for state questions and 105 minutes for national questions.

How Many People Fail The Louisiana Real Estate Examination?

Louisiana, like most states only has an average a little over the halfway mark that pass their real estate exams on the first attempt.

What Score Do I Need To Pass The Louisiana Real Estate Exam?

You will need a 75% to pass the real estate examination. This is equal to getting 56 national questions right and 40 state questions right to receive a cumulative passing grade of 75%.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Louisiana Real Estate Licensing Exam?

You will want to check with your examination location to see what is permitted in the exam room. Typically, you will need two pieces of identification and a calculator. Identification can include a passport, green card, social security card, and more. Be sure to check with your testing company and location prior to exam day.

What Happens If I Fail The Louisiana Real Estate Licensing Exam?

Failing the Louisiana real estate exam is not the end of the world. While everyone hopes to pass on the first attempt, the reality is that it is a difficult test. If you fail, take a deep breath, reschedule your test, and look over your course materials again. Focus on any grey areas and try to use your first-hand knowledge of the exam day, layout, and process to your advantage.