Top 4 Online Real Estate Schools In Massachusetts

Top 4 Online Real Estate Schools In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a great place to become a licensed agent with high salaries, rich history, and beautiful real estate across the state. Great for both retirement and young couples to build their families, Massachusetts has a lucrative housing market. As such, the amount of prospective agents continues to grow. Thankfully, the state offers many real estate schools to help prepare agents to meet this demand. To help you find the school that works best for you and your needs, whether learning style or price is the most important factor, I’ve rounded up the best online real estate schools in Massachusetts for you here.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Massachusetts


best online real estate schools in MassachusettsReal Estate Express5


top real estate schools in MassachusettsThe CE Shop4

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Massachusetts

Real Estate Express is a great institution serving students across the country. And when it comes to the best real estate schools in Massachusetts, Real Estate Express also tops my list as well. This Massachusetts school does not disappoint with a unique curriculum designed to prepare agents for passing the licensing exam and going on to become excellent real estate agents.


ARELLO and IDECC Certification

You can study easily here, knowing that your Massachusetts education is certified by both the International Distance Education Certification Center and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials. Only courses of a certain quality receive verification from those organizations and Real Estate Express receives both.

Multiple Massachusetts Package Options

Schools that offer varying tiers and package levels are a major plus. In the case of Real Estate Express, there is a basic package, exam preparation package, exam preparation plus package, and the ultimate learning package. Each of these levels varies in price and benefits with the first simply offering the required pre-licensing course while the top choice, includes exam prep, instructor assistance, a printed textbook, and more. (See more about their package options in my Real Estate Express review.)

Affordable Massachusetts Real Estate Institution

When beginning any new career path, the amount of energy, time, and of course, money invested is very important. Luckily, the Real Estate Express offers fairly affordable prices ranging from $330 to $430 at the moment of writing this review. Students are able to select a package based on their budget.

Massachusetts Approved Instructor Assistance

Should a question arise, or you need clarification on a specific lesson, you will have limited access to instructor support during your time at Real Estate Express. As the packages scale upwards, the support becomes more frequent and easier to access. For example, the highest tiers are structured in Q&A segments with instructors. Regardless, it is a great bonus to know that you’ll have access to well-qualified support throughout your studies.

90-Day Massachusetts Bootcamp Add On

Included in the top tier package and available as an add-on for other packages is the 90-day boot camp. This program includes guidance for the first 90 days after becoming a licensed real estate agent. The boot camp promises to help you earn an income within your first three months of becoming a licensed agent through Real Estate Express and helps new agents navigate the field.


Online Massachusetts Model

The primary downfall for this online Massachusetts real estate school is the fact that it is very self-reliant. Instead of offering live sessions and constant interaction with instructors and peers, most of the coursework is independent. As a result, those who rely on communication and feedback may not thrive at Real Estate Express.

2. The CE Shop


Second Best Online Massachusetts Real Estate Schools

Second, on my list of best online Massachusetts real estate schools is The CE Shop. The CE Shop is another institution that I highly recommend across the country. Though not my top choice for prospective agents in Massachusetts, it is still a great option.


High Massachusetts Passing Rate

The CE Shop offers a high passing rate across the country, especially so in Massachusetts. Over 91% of the students pass on their first attempt, an impressively high percentage given the state’s average is much lower.

Great Satisfaction Rates by Massachusetts Students

Even higher than the real estate licensing exam pass rate is the satisfaction rates of students who study at The CE Shop. 96% of students approve of their coursework and recommend the program to other students for their goals of becoming a licensed Massachusetts real estate agent.

Moving at Your Own Pace

This online real estate school is great for allowing students to complete the coursework at their own pace. Because Massachusetts only requires forty hours of coursework at an accredited institution, students can complete their education in as little as one week!

Organized According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts requires a specific amount of time to be dedicated to particular portions of education. Therefore, the CE Shop has designed their coursework to reflect these guidelines, effectively ridding students of that burden.

Live Interaction with an Instructor per Massachusetts Law

Massachusetts requires that 21 out of the 40 hours of pre-licensing coursework is completed with live instructor interaction. While it may be a disadvantage for some students to plan their education around the times an instructor is available, many may find the interaction a great bonus for their education. Once again, The CE Shop has built this requirement into the course structure so students will not need to worry about scheduling it.

A Massachusetts Student Pass Guarantee

The real estate exam licensing exam is a big deal, so much so that you have four hours to complete it! To help alleviate the stress, The CE Shop has included a pass guarantee in three of the four package options. Thus, if, for any reason, you do not pass your licensing exam on the first attempt, The CE Shop will provide Massachusetts enrollees with credit for the next exam attempt. (See more about this in my review of The CE Shop.)

Massachusetts Real Estate School Affordability

Of the many choices for an online real estate school in Massachusetts, The CE Shop offers some of the best prices I have seen. At the time of writing this review, prices began at $186 for the basic option and scale upward to $306 for the premium package which includes the most benefits.


Little Massachusetts Course Assistance

Unfortunately, many students complain about the lack of interaction when it comes to the coursework outside of Massachusetts’ state-required live instruction. If you’re looking for support and interaction throughout the entire process, I don’t recommend The CE Shop as it is only readily available where required by law.

3. All ONLINE Real Estate Academy

Third Best Online Massachusetts Real Estate Schools

This Massachusetts online real estate school is a locally based school with deep roots in the area. Jack Gately is the owner, head instructor, and broker who leads the institution through the pre-licensing coursework. As a small-scale and more intimate experience, this school offers unique advantages and a few detriments for hopeful Massachusetts agents. Below you’ll find a breakdown of why it sits in the middle of my list for best online real estate schools in Massachusetts.


Locally Owned and Operated Massachusetts Real Estate School

As mentioned above, Jack Gately owns and operates this online real estate school as well as a few other Massachusetts-based schools. Because of this, students at the All Online Real Estate Academy can expect unique insight into what it means to be an agent in Massachusetts.

Direct Chat with a Massachusetts Professional

There is a direct chat window on the All Online Real Estate Academy’s website that allows for first-hand access to the real estate professional. Should you have any questions, concerns, or need guidance, it is reassuring to know that there is an easy and efficient way to do so.

Massachusetts On-Demand Learning

While many schools offer unlimited access to written materials and lesson plans, this online real estate school also offers on-demand streaming lessons. With 24/7 access and as many visits as necessary, students are able to learn via videos that offer instructor guidance. If you’re unable to attend a school with in-person learning, live streaming or on-demand learning are the next best thing.

Access to Massachusetts Alumni Network

Unlike most other multi-state schools, this smaller Massachusetts real estate school offers graduated students access to the alumni network. This support is immeasurable with potential for scouting, a place to ask questions, express concerns, and stay up to date on all things real estate.

Extensive Massachusetts Licensing Exam Practice Questions

This school has put together over 700 online practice questions for students to help prepare them for the final real estate exam and state licensing exam. However, the exam prep does not stop there as there is also a 104-exam prep study guide to navigate as well.


Only One Online Package Deal

As with many smaller-scale real estate schools, the All Online Real Estate Academy only offers Massachusetts residents one package offer. This means that students with different needs or who require extra assistance have few options at this school. Alternatively, the coursework is a one-stop-shop, providing for all students rather than catering and offering multiple packages.

4. Keep Me Certified Real Estate School

Number Four of the Best Online Massachusetts Real Estate Schools

Rounding out my list of the best real estate schools in Massachusetts, is Keep Me Certified. This online real estate school in Massachusetts is an excellent option for students in multiple cities. Though a chain offering services in few other locations, it is focused on fostering a close-knit learning environment to help students learn and become the best agents possible.


Extensive Massachusetts Licensing Exam Prep

Included in both packages at Keep Me Certified Real Estate School is great exam preparation and materials. Students can expect over two hundred practice questions, a PSI-compliant exam topic outline final review, and a candidate handbook.

Extended Course Access for Massachusetts Residents

Most online real estate schools only offer six months of access to the coursework upon registration. Alternatively, Keep Me Certified allows students to access their coursework for twelve months, an entire year! This is a great safety net for students who live busy lives and ensures that if anything unexpected pops up in the future, students can come back and finish their education.

A Recently Licensed Bonus Course

Keep Me Certified currently credits all students who have completed their education and became licensed in the state of Massachusetts with a worthwhile bonus. The “Bridging the Gap Course” provides students with three and a half hours of education by attorneys on how to use online tools to help every new agent become successful. The name is derived from transitioning new students to excellent, practicing professionals.

A Massachusetts Money-back Guarantee

I deeply appreciate schools that offer students some sort of guarantee for their time and energy invested into the coursework. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the course and have not completed it, you may be eligible for a refund. Keep Me Certified is committed to returning your money and closing the account you’ve opened with them if there is an issue.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Important for any school, especially on the list of best online real estate schools in Massachusetts is the quality of technology. Thankfully, there is no need to stress about being away from your desktop or laptop while studying. With Keep Me Certified, you can access your coursework across multiple devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.


Few Massachusetts Package Offerings

Though better than a single package option, I am noting Keep Me Certified Real Estate School’s two package offerings as a con as they are extremely limited. When so many other Massachusetts schools offer three or more options for package tiers, two isn’t quite sufficient to provide the best option for all Massachusetts students.

Massachusetts Real Estate School FAQ

Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
Contact the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons


What Are The Steps To Get A Real Estate License In Massachusetts?

Becoming a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts is a straightforward process consisting of a few steps.

1. The first step is to be sure you’re eligible as the state requires real estate agents to be at least eighteen years old, and they must be legal residents. Unlike many other states, Massachusetts does not have an education requirement.

2. After you’ve verified you are eligible to become an agent, you will need to locate an accredited real estate school in Massachusetts to complete the state-required forty hours of pre-licensing coursework. Upon completing the coursework, hopeful agents will also need to pass the school’s final exam. This is necessary before scheduling a state licensing exam and a passing score is 75%.

3. Upon passing the chosen real estate institution’s final exam, you must submit an application to the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons for approval. This step must be done prior to the state licensing exam. Additionally, when applying, you must find three people to endorse your application, whether in the state or not. However, the individuals cannot be family members or have any relation to you. During the application process, the state verifies that you are eligible to work as a licensed agent in Massachusetts and that you can represent the client’s best interest.

4. Once the Massachusetts Board has approved you, you may schedule your real estate licensing exam. This exam will be similar to the final exam taken at your real estate institution consisting of 120 questions and 240 minutes to complete in total.

5. Once you’ve passed the exam you’re close to being done with this process. The next and final step is to locate a brokerage willing to sponsor and mentor you as a new agent. Narrowing down your list of potential brokerages does not have to wait until after passing the state licensing exam. You can research and interview brokers prior to help you be prepared early on!

How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License In Massachusetts?

The amount of time it takes to become a real estate agent in Massachusetts varies. The bulk of the time will be spent on your licensing work. Depending on your lifestyle, the forty hours may be able to be completed in as little as a week. However, it could take much longer, spanning multiple months. Aside from the required education, the substantial wait time may be dedicated to application approval by the state, locating a sponsoring broker, and how many attempts it takes to pass the exam.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Massachusetts Real Estate Agent?

The highest cost to become a real estate agent in Massachusetts is attending an accredited real estate institution to satisfy educational requirements. The price can vary from $200 for a stripped-down version, scaling upwards to $400 for coursework, including instructor assistance and exam prep. Additional costs include the exam fee, $85, and the licensing fee, which ranges from $100-$150.

What Is The Best Massachusetts Real Estate Exam Prep?

The Massachusetts school that you choose to earn your credits from may offer exam preparation in your package. However, if it does not, or if you would like an extra layer of exam prep, a great option is PrepAgent. Offering multiple packages, PrepAgent ranges in benefits but generally consists of live webinars, flashcards, additional lessons in audio and video form, and more!

How Much Does The Average Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Make?

Like any profession, the amount Massachusetts real estate agents can make varies based on experience and dedication. However, the average is roughly $80,000, top agents can earn well into the mid $100,000s, and newer or less experienced agents can expect to make $30-40,000 annually.

Does Massachusetts Have Licensing Reciprocity With Other States?

Massachusetts has reciprocity with quite a few states. Included in the list are nearby Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, as well as New Mexico, Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee, Mississippi, Colorado, and Georgia.

What Is The Difference Between A Real Estate Agent And A Realtor In Massachusetts?

The difference between a real estate agent and a realtor in Massachusetts is simple. A real estate agent is a licensed salesperson who deals with home purchasing and selling transactions. On the other hand, a REALTOR is a trademarked real estate agent that has registered to be a part of the National Association of Realtors, or NAR.

How Long Is The Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam?

The Massachusetts real estate licensing exam is a total of 240 minutes or four hours. More specifically, examinees will have 150 minutes for the national questions and 90 minutes for the state-specific portion.

How Many Questions Are On The Massachusetts Real Estate Licensing Exam?

In total, the Massachusetts real estate exam is 120 questions. Broken down, this equates to 80 national questions and 40 Massachusetts-specific questions.