Mbition Reviews (My Personal Look Inside With Student Ratings In 2021)

Mbition Reviews (My Personal Look Inside With Student Ratings In 2021)

This extensive Mbition review will give you a complete walk-through of the Mbition real estate course. If you’re wondering if this real estate school will work for you, then this should help you decide. I even show you Mbition reviews from former students to let you see the good and the bad of this real estate school.

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For the last several years, my husband and I have been getting access to all of the top real estate schools in the country and putting them to the test. If you see a real estate school shown on this site, we have actually used it! The same is true of Mbition. We went through the Mbition real estate course and journaled everything here to help you understand what this course looks like and how to functions. I hope this Mbition review will provide you with the information you have been looking for.

Overview Of Mbition

Mbition is an online education company that’s been around for many years. In 2020, Mbition changed their name from OnCourse Learning to Mbition. Their course offerings include real estate, home inspection and appraisal. In this review, I am only going to be taking you through their pre-license real estate course which is the course you would need to complete to become a real estate agent.

This real estate school is approved by ARELLO and IDECC which are governing bodies that oversee and regulate online education companies to make sure all standards are met.

Inside The Mbition Course

I will now take you on a journey inside of the Mbition real estate pre-license course. As I have mentioned, my husband and I have used all of the real estate courses we review here. My husband has gone inside the Mbition real estate course and will show you here what you can expect once you join. Below you will also find our video that will show you a real look inside. Most Mbition reviews may talk about the school, but we have actually gone inside and created this video and review to help you get a true view of the Mbition real estate course.

Sign Up

The sign up process for Mbition is pretty straightforward. You choose your state, your profession which in this case you would choose real estate, then you select your education and here you would select new license. From here you just choose the package you want to go with and then create an Mbition account and make payment. Once you have paid you will gain immediate access to the course.

States Available

One of the strengths of Mbition real estate is that their pre-license course is available in 23 states. This is not nearly as many states as Real Estate Express which has 38 states available and growing. (see all Real Estate Express reviews and states available) Even so, they still do offer a decent amount of state availability.

Just choose your state below to see if they have a course for your state:

mbition reviews

The Course Dashboard

Mbition course dashboard

When you login to your Mbition account, you will come to the course dashboard. This is the part of the course administration area where you can view the course due date, overall score, your time spent in the course, and your certificate once you get it.

Before You Access The Course

When you first try to access the Mbition course, you will be prompted to enter the last four digits of your social security number and address. You will also have to read an agreement which goes over all the course policies and terms. You will need to enter your name, address and date to show that you agree to these terms before you can proceed.

The Mbition Course Contents

course contents

The Mbition real estate course is broken down into modules and each module has lessons. The number of modules you have in your course will depend on the state you’re taking the course for.

The module lessons are easy to read small bite-sized chunks of information. This is a strength of the Mbition course. It’s very easy to navigate and the information is presented in an easy to read and understand format.


Mbition quizzes

Lessons will have interactive quizzes throughout the course. These quizzes will help to make sure that you understand the information. At the end of each module you will have an end of module quiz. You can retake these quizzes as many times as needed to pass.

The Course Final Exam

As with any real estate course done for pre-licensing, you must pass the course final exam to earn your certificate of passing. To pass the Mbition real estate course, you must have a passing score of 70% or higher. You will only be allowed two attempts to pass the course final exam. This is one of the weaknesses of the Mbition course. Other real estate schools give you more or even unlimited attempts to pass the final exam.

Help And Support

Another weakness of the Mbition real estate course is the lack of any clear way to access support. You can get support, but there is no real way to see this as you’re taking the course.

Steps To Pass Mbition’s Course

To get to the end of the Mbition real estate course, these are the steps you must take. You will need to complete them in the order shown below:

  1. You will need to complete each module in order and take and pass all of the module quizzes.
  2. Pass the course final exam with a passing score of 70% or higher.
  3. You will need to complete the course evaluation. You will gain access to this after you take and pass the final exam.
  4. Complete the student affidavit. Access to this is given after you complete the course evaluation. You will need to enter your name to agree to the affidavit.
  5. The final step is that you will need to print your completion certificate. The completion certificate can only be accessed after you have completed all of the other steps.

Options Offered

course options

The course options offered by Mbition or decent. Each state typically has three package options to choose from.


The Silver package option is the basic option. It’s the lowest priced course choice and has the pre-license textbooks in ebook format, instructor and technical support.


The Gold package comes with everything in the Silver plus exam prep both state and national, MathMaster, and their Pass the first time guarantee. This guarantee simply means that if you do not pass your real estate licensing exam on the first try, they will pay the fee for you to take the license exam again. Exactly how you access this guarantee is not clear. Even looking at their policies it’s not clear how to take advantage of this guarantee.


Their Platinum package is their best course option and the highest priced. It includes everything in the Silver and Gold packages plus actual textbooks and an exam prep toolkit. This toolkit is comprised of flashcards, exam tips, and course reviews.

What Does Mbition Cost?

I consider Mbition to be in the mid-range for pricing compared to other real estate schools. They’re not the lowest priced option on the market and they are not the highest price. I think overall their prices are good. The prices for courses range from $129 for the California Silver pre-license course to $599 for the Texas Platinum pre-license course. If you’re looking for the best priced real estate course, then you might want to consider AceableAgent or 360Training. You can read more about each in my AceableAgent review and 360Training review.

The Good

To make this Mbition review better, I wanted to share with you what I think is good about this real estate school because they do have some good points.

Nice Learning Platform

The Mbition learning platform is quite good. It’s easy to use and delivers the course material in easy to read bite-sized chunks. This makes reading easier and it’s not like reading a textbook. The platform tracks your progress so you never lose your place and keeps track of your time in the course.

Decent Pricing

As stated above, the pricing for this real estate school is mid-range. They are not the cheapest and not the highest priced courses on the market. Overall, their pricing is good and a decent value. They do have some good package choices which give you quite a bit for your money.

24/7 Online Access

Since this is an online real estate school, you can access the course at any time and on your own schedule. This is great if you’re busy and need a course that allows you flexibility.

The Not So Good

Here I will look at the things that I believe are the weaknesses of the Mbition real estate school.

Pass Rates Not That High

While they do not publicly publish their passing rates, we do know that in the state of Texas, Mbition has a passing rate of just over 67%. This is not an indication of their passing rate in allĀ  states, but it does show that their passing rates are not quite as high as other courses. It’s not bad, but not as high as AceableAgent which has some of the highest passing rates in the industry.

Not That Interactive

Our experience with the course did not reveal much interactive content such as videos. They do have some interaction with their quizzes but there is not much video based content. This is only a factor if you’re a visual learner. For most people, this may not even be a negative at all.

Only Two Chances To Pass Final Exam

This may not be a negative but I added it here because I wish they offered more attempts to pass the course final exam.

Not Apparent How To Access Support

While Mbition does have a link on their website to access support and do offer a phone number, from the course itself there doesn’t seem to be a way to get direct access to instructors. If there is, we could not find it. It’s nice to have an easy way to email an instructor should you run into an issue or have a question about course material.

Guarantee Not Clear

Mbition does offer what they call a “Pass the first time guarantee”. This guarantee says that if you do not pass your state license exam on the first try they will pay the fee for the second exam. This is a nice guarantee but it says “conditions apply” but when we looked to find what the conditions were, we could not find anything said about these conditions. So even though this guarantee is promoted, we’re not quite sure how it’s given should it be needed.

Mbition Reviews And Ratings

So far, I have been sharing with you my view of Mbition from our experience with the course. Here, I want to share with you Mbition reviews from past students to see what other feel about this real estate school.

What Former Students Like

Let’s look at what past students liked about this real estate school. This is a summary of the most positive aspects of this school compiled from Mbition reviews from across the web:

  • Flexible classes
  • Good instructors
  • Positive environment

What Past Students Didn’t Like

Now, let’s look at what past students did not like about this real estate school. This is a summary of the negative aspects of this school compiled from Mbition reviews from across the web:

  • Final exam offered no help after failing
  • Support not helpful
  • Hard to get help
  • Quiz answers incorrect
  • Poorly organized
  • System glitches

My Verdict

Since we have actually used the Mbition course, it’s not hard for me to give real feedback. I want to summarize what I think about this real estate school here.

I think that the Mbition pricing is fair and competitive compared to other real estate schools.

Mbition offers a decent learning platform to take your course. While not perfect and definitely not as good as the platforms used by Real Estate Express or AceableAgent, their platform is good. The material is laid out in an easy to understand format with quizzes throughout.

I like the fact that I can access the course material at any time and in any location. This made the learning very convenient.

However, getting in touch with help when you need it is not as straightforward and clear as I have seen with other real estate schools. We could not see any way to access help from the course itself. There is an email address and a phone number on their main website but, I do not see a way to access direct instructor support. Now we could be missing this, but it’s not apparent to us where this is. This is also one of the biggest complaints from former students. Many felt like it was difficult to get in touch with support and even when they did, it took some time to get answers.

I also do not like that you only get two attempts to pass the course final exam. This may not be a negative for many people, but it’s nice to have more exam attempts.

When it comes to getting your real estate pre-licensing education, Mbition is not bad. I feel they do offer a good course for decent pricing.

However, they are not my first choice, but overall, they are pretty good. I wish I could give more resounding feedback and say “I LOVE THEM”, but I can’t. They would not be my first choice to get my real estate education.

Mbition FAQ

Is Mbition Real Estate Legit?

Yes, the Mbition real estate school is legitimate. They used to be called OnCourse Learning so have been around for a long time. They’re more known for their home inspection courses through AHIT, but also have legitimate real estate education as well.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Mbition Course?

There is no set amount of time it will take you to complete the Mbition real estate course. It will depend on your state and their requirements. Some states like Michigan only require 40 hours of pre-licensing education will other states such as Texas require 180. So the amount of time it will take you to complete the course will vary by state. However, the average time to complete the Mbition course will fall between 4 to 6 months.

Is Mbition Accredited In Texas?

Yes, Mbition is accredited and approved to offer real estate licensing courses in Texas. They are also approved in 22 other states as well.

Is Mbition Accredited In California?

Yes, Mbition is accredited and approved to offer real estate licensing courses in California.