4 Best Online Minnesota Real Estate Schools

4 Best Online Minnesota Real Estate Schools

When looking to obtain your real estate license in Minnesota, there are a few requirements to get you there. One of the first you will need to complete is 90 hours of pre-licensing course work from an accredited institution. To narrow down your search, we’ve rounded up the best online real estate schools in Minnesota. Whether you’re in major cities like Minneapolis or rural areas on the outskirts of town, these remote schools will help you work toward your goal of being a real estate agent.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Minnesota


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1. Real Estate Express


First Choice For The Best Online Real Estate Schools In Minnesota

The first course on my list of real estate schools in Minnesota is the Real Estate Express. Real Estate Express is available in many states, including Minnesota. They offer a thorough education with flexible options for any prospective agent. Designed to prepare students for passing their real estate license exam, the school provides detailed courses and preparation courses. This is my top choice for Minnesota real estate schools because of its versatility and expansive list of courses. (see my in-depth Real Estate Express review for more)


Multiple Course Levels

The Real Estate Express school offers various courses ranging in depth. You can select the one that most signs with your needs and learning style. Course levels range from the basics to the ultimate learning experience. The latter includes a textbook, one-on-one instructor support, and more.

Live Streamed Courses

One of the best online real estate schools in Minnesota, the Real Estate Express allows enrollees to learn from their homes comfortably with an entire pre-license livestream course. These courses are taught by well-qualified instructors who are familiar with Minnesota state real estate law and policies. During these courses, you will also be able to work closely with other students for peer learning.

Minnesota Real Estate Live Chat

Great for technical difficulties or essential questions, the Real Estate Express offers full-time live chat options for anyone enrolled in the program.

Affordable Minnesota Prices

One of the biggest draws for any real estate program is its affordability. With so many options, it’s easy to see why more expensive options are cast aside. You can expect the basic Real Estate Express program to be just over $400. Also, Real Estate Express is always running deals and discounts as well. You should be able to find a code to take a small chunk of the price off.

Flexible Real Estate School

If you cannot make the live streams and require a bit more flexibility, Real Estate Express offers courses that you can navigate at your own pace. You can also purchase one course at a time if you need flexibility when paying for the course.

Money-Back Guarantee

The exam preparation course comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t pass your test on your first try, you will get your money back. However, this guarantee does not apply to the cheapest option, “The Basics,” only higher-level packages.


Relies Heavily on Textbook and Materials

If you have trouble covering materials independently, you may struggle with the Real Estate Express’ Minnesota program. While the course offers live instruction and videos, most of the material covered will be done via reading your textbook and taking quizzes. I would recommend another program or a higher level package if you require more one-on-one and instruction.

Not All Options Include Pass or Money Back Guarantee

When opting for one of the best online Minnesota real estate schools, you probably expect a good money-back guarantee, but if you opt for the basic package and fail your first test, you will not receive your money back for the course. In this case, for peace of mind, I would recommend signing up for the next plan level to ensure you get your money back.

2. The CE Shop


Number Two Top Online Real Estate Schools In Minnesota

My second choice for the best online real estate schools in Minnesota is The CE Shop. The CE Shop is widespread with multiple locations across the country, especially in Minnesota, where they offer a comprehensive pre-licensing course. Chosen as the second-best option, I have a few reasons that this might be the right school for you. Learn more in my review of The CE Shop.


Minnesota Pre-Licensing Free Trial

The CE Shop is one of the only online Minnesota real estate schools that offers a free trial to test if the online course will work for you. Prospective students can try one course with no obligation to sign up for the entire course. You won’t even have to put in your credit card information to test drive the first course. It’s completely free. The free trial lasts for five days and includes unlimited access to all course materials during that time frame. Any progress made during the trial run will be stored and put toward your course completion if you choose to purchase the entire course through The CE Shop.

Referral Program

If you have a strong network of hopeful agents in your community, The CE Shop offers a great referral program. If you refer a friend, you earn a gift card when they sign up. Friends will receive 35% off of their order with this exchange, and you will earn $10 off of a $200 course, up to $25 for $200 spent. It’s a win-win!

Focused on Interaction

Compared to competitors, this online Minnesota real estate school, The CE Shop, is focused on helping prospective agents learn through interaction, not simply reading information online.

The CE Shops Offers Individual Courses

If you have part of your courses already completed or need to space them out due to financial or time restraints, the Minnesota CE Shop sells individual courses, lumped together as three 30-hour courses instead.

Wisconsin to Minnesota Reciprocal

A unique benefit for the neighboring state of Wisconsin, The CE Shop offers a simplified course that allows those with a previous license in Wisconsin to transfer their license to Minnesota. This course is only 13-hours and is relatively straightforward as it is focused on the MN-specific real estate codes and policies.


Money-Back Guarantee Limitations

While money-back guarantees are a great added benefit when investing so much money into a course, The CE Shop will only reimburse you if you opt for their add-on, Exam Prep Edge. If you don’t purchase this, there is no money-back guarantee.

3. Kaplan RE Minnesota

best Minnesota real estate schools online

The third best online Minnesota real estate school I recommend is Kaplan. Kaplan is a popular choice amongst Minnesotans and has been in operation for over 30 years. Their focus is on helping you pass your exam and preparing you to be the best agent you can be. If you’re still unsure, this school should be a top contender for your licensing course. It has a proven track history and great results, making it one of your best choices. See inside this real estate school in my review of Kaplan real estate.


Straightforward Minnesota Design

Kaplan Minnesota’s online course excludes all of the frills and instead keeps things simple with their straightforward design and clean site layout. Kaplan Minnesota is a great choice for older generations or those who don’t mind a stripped-down version.

Hybrid, On-Demand, and Live Options

This Minnesota school offers both live and on-demand courses and a hybrid of the two. There is most likely a course style that works best for you with the varying options and flexibility.

Interactive Minnesota Real Estate Study Groups

Kaplan offers an interactive study group with your course enrollment for free! This benefit was designed to help prepare you for the ultimate goal of passing the licensing exam. Kaplan has provided a one-of-a-kind environment where you can adequately discuss the course content and gain peer support.

Individual Licensing Courses

In addition to the pre-plotted entire licensing course, Kaplan also offers single courses that can help prospective agents touch up on any courses they don’t have a firm grasp on. Individual courses can also help to space out the courses according to your schedule. This is especially useful if you cannot complete the courses in the max allotted six-month time frame.


Limited Course Packages

Kaplan does not offer different leveled packages like competitors. Instead of providing multiple options depending on what the prospective student believes they need to pass their Minnesota licensing test, there is only one level package.

Limited Money Back Guarantee

As one of Minnesota’s top real estate schools, Kaplan offers little to no money-back guarantee. If you do not pass your exam on the first try, your options are limited for the next steps. You may be able to retake the course you previously took, but it has to have been a live course that you took, not the on-demand or hybrid. Additionally, the time period for course retakes is only up to six months. After that, you need to repurchase the course.

Course Extension Fees

Kaplan’s Minnesota Licensing Program charges a hefty fee to extend your course access beyond the six months included with the program. The minimum cost for the shortest amount of time and least amount of access is $19. From there, prices soar up to $250 for full access to your course information again.

4. Continuing Ed Express

The last option on my list of best online real estate schools in Minnesota to consider is Continuing Ed Express. This education course is one of the smaller and basic options. Still worthy of mentioning because of its thoroughness, Continuing Ed Express remains a valid option for those looking for simple real estate schools in Minnesota.


Build Your Own Plans

Continuing Ed Express offers a build your own package that helps you save when more features are added. For example, when you have a total of 15 credits in your cart, you can save $20 off of the overall order price. This is done so that you can choose your courses based on your interests and available hours.

Out of the Box Course Options

Unique to Continuing Ed Express, there are courses that other schools don’t offer. These courses include “The Smart Home, The Future of Minnesota Housing and Development, Technology for Business and Communications, REALTOR Code of Ethics, Diversity in Housing,” and more.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Continuing Ed Express offers a flexible refund and exchange policy. The refund policy states that they will refund your registration for a course for any reason, up to 60 days from the date of purchase. The exchange policy states that you may exchange your course for an equivalent or lesser value course at any time, as long as the course was not already completed. If the course was completed, neither a refund nor exchange is possible.


You Cannot See What Answers You Get Wrong on Exams

One negative for this Minnesota real estate licensing school is that you will not see which questions you get wrong when taking exams. It can be very hard for you to learn more and grow as a student without knowing what you’re getting wrong.

Minnesota Real Estate School FAQ

What Is The Minnesota State Agency That Governs Real Estate Licenses?

The Minnesota Commerce Department is the regulating agency for all things pertaining to getting a real estate license in Minnesota.

How Do I Get A Minnesota Real Estate License?

The steps for obtaining your Minnesota real estate license are as follows:

  • Ensure you’re eligible for a real estate license in Minnesota, which is that you must be at least 18 years old, have a diploma or GED, and be eligible to work in the United States.
  • Find a sponsoring brokerage
  • Complete your pre-licensing course work (Minnesota requires 90 hours)
  • Pass the Real Estate Licensing exam (also known as the salesperson licensing examination)
  • File your Minnesota real estate license application
  • From there, your brokerage will guide you through the following steps, including paying dues, becoming a REALTOR member, fingerprinting, and more.

How Long Does It Take to Get A Minnesota Real Estate License?

The length of time it takes to receive your Minnesota real estate license will vary on how long it takes you to complete your courses and secure a testing date. The time frame can typically range anywhere from a few months to six.

How Much Does It Cost to Get A Minnesota Real Estate License?

The cost for receiving your Minnesota real estate license will vary depending on the school you’ve chosen. However, you can expect a minimum of $165 for the licensing examination and licensing fee, plus the course materials and courses.

How Do I Renew My Minnesota Real Estate License?

If you need to renew your Minnesota real estate license, you must complete 30 hours of continuing education courses. The Minnesota renewal year deadline is June 30th, so it will need to be done by that date every year to avoid your license expiring.

Does Minnesota Have Licensing Reciprocity with Other States?

Yes, Minnesota does have licensing reciprocity with Wisconsin. Real estate schools, such as the aforementioned The CE Shop, offer these brief and inexpensive courses to help you become dual-licensed.