The Top 5 Online Indiana Real Estate Schools 2021

The Top 5 Online Indiana Real Estate Schools 2021

Indiana is a lovely state with plenty of recreation and unique geological and historical ties to the area. With that being said, many people are eager to settle down in the state, and real estate agents are a high-demand career field at this time. If you’ve been considering a career in real estate, this may be your sign. This guide will provide details on how to obtain your real estate license and everything you need to know regarding the top online real estate schools in Indiana.

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Best Rated Real Estate Schools in Indiana


number one best online real estate schools in Indiana real estate expressReal Estate Express5


Number two real estate schools in Indiana The CE ShopThe CE Shop4


Real UniversityReal University3

1. Real Estate Express

top online real estate schools in Indiana

Number One Best Online Indiana Real Estate Schools

My first choice for online real estate schools in Indiana is Real Estate Express. Though the institution offers online learning across the country, the Indiana branch is uniquely structured to educate students on local laws and policies. Given the school’s flexibility, high student ratings, and numerous pros, Real Estate Express tops my list for online Indiana real estate schools. If you want to look deep inside this real estate school, see my Real Estate Express review.


Verified Student Reviews

When it comes to rankings, Real Estate Express is one of the best online real estate schools in Indiana. Verified students have rated their pre-licensing experience as being a 4 out of the 5-star experience. With nearly 700 reviews, that is a massive amount of happy customers!

Flexibility for Indiana Course

With an online model that lets you study when and where you want, Real Estate Express’ flexibility is hard to beat. You’ll be able to start and stop your 90-hour Indiana required coursework when you need and take breaks as the school is structured to work on your schedule. In today’s world, it’s very important that coursework is easily accessible across all formats and time constraints, luckily Indiana’s Real Estate Express just does that!

Indiana Package Levels

One thing I look for when I’m ranking these schools is versatility. No real estate student is the same, and with varying requirements, I appreciate a flexible business model. Luckily, Real Estate Express delivers for Indiana residents. There are multiple package tiers ranging in price (see below) but benefits too.

You’ll find that the basic package includes the mandatory 90-hour pre-licensing coursework, a qualified state instructor for questions and support, as well as three real estate eBooks. What you won’t find in cheaper options like this one is extensive exam prep or a pass guarantee. However, as you slide up the tiers, more benefits are introduced, including the very important exam preparation and pass guarantee.

Cost for Indiana Packages

Because there are multiple levels, the course can vary in affordability depending on your unique situation. Also, depending on how much assistance you think you might need, you may be able to skimp on the extras and just complete the required materials. This will save money, time, and energy, though, in the long run, it is a much riskier commitment.

The lowest-priced tier is $353, while the highest is $510. As the tiers rise, the benefits increase. Personally, I recommend opting for at least the next tier up from the basic package. This will provide a little extra exam prep, and they will credit you for a retake should you need it. Piece of mind is very important when undertaking such a big project.


Indiana Pass Guarantee

You may have gathered this above, but a major flaw with the Real Estate Express setup is the fact that there is no pass guarantee for the lowest level. Though it might not be a big deal if you can afford to spend $40 more, some potential students can’t. Forgoing the higher tier and neglecting a pass guarantee may mean an extra cost later for retakes.

Interaction and Peer Support

While ranking high on my list of online Indiana real estate schools, it’s important to mention that there is little to no interaction. Peer support and study groups are not made readily available for fellow Indianan students to congregate. Additionally, with little back and forth with the instructors, you lose out on valuable knowledge from agents who are experts in Indiana real estate matters.

2. The CE Shop


Second Best Online Real Estate Schools In Indiana

The CE Shop is another school that typically ranks high on my list of online real estate schools, and that is especially true for this list of best online schools in Indiana. It is my second choice today as the school offers Indiana residents a reliable and in-depth education of Indiana law and best practices when it comes to being a real estate professional. Take an insider’s look at this school in my review of The CE Shop.


Overall Affordability for Indiana

Indiana’s The CE Shop boasts affordable prices across all package types, from the Basic to Premium packages. The Basic course, which includes only the coursework, and few materials is currently priced at $244 for Indiana residents. When it comes to the Premium package, which includes pass-guarantee, the required post-licensing coursework, and more is currently listed at $369. With affordable prices and great offerings, The CE ranks high on my list of best online real estate schools in Indiana.

Indiana Course Demo

The CE Shop offers a demo video for prospective students to watch videos that navigate the coursework. If you’re anything like me, an interface and website layout can make or break my online experience. Luckily, with the Indianan CE Shop’s live demo, we can take a look before committing. Want to take it a step further? Check the next pro!

Free Indiana Course Trial

Another benefit for prospective Indiana students is the free trial that The CE Shop offers for a week. You will be able to test out the site first-hand to make sure everything fits your learning style. From the coursework to the appearance, this benefit is invaluable. If you decide you don’t like it in the end, no worries – you won’t be charged. If you do like it, your progress will be saved and applied toward the full course if you purchase it.

Live Chat and Contact

The CE Shop has an awesome chat and support system. With contact via email, live chat, and phone, there is always a way to get in contact with any questions or concerns. If you’re doing the bulk of your work during off-hours and weekends, it’s comforting to know that there is plenty of support.

High Indiana Pass Rate

The CE Shop has an extremely high national pass rate of 91%. You can study easier knowing that you’re in good hands with an online Indiana real estate school that offers such promising results.

Post Licensing Offerings

Included in the highest tier option for The Indiana CE Shop is the 30-hour post-licensing renewal course. In Indiana, you will need to complete these post-licensing courses every year or two, depending. While not as expensive as the pre-licensing courses, it is an added benefit that the Premium Package includes the cost. It’s also good to know that the school does provide the service.


Extra Cost for Pass Guarantee

If you want a pass guarantee for your coursework, you will need to purchase a higher-cost plan that includes the Exam Prep Edge add-on. Without this extra exam prep, you will not qualify for a pass guarantee.

3. Real University

Third of the Best Online Indiana Real Estate Schools

Local real estate schools are always a great option when considering the depth of knowledge they offer. In studying with a school that was created and grown in the area, you’re sure to receive behind-the-scenes professional information. Additionally, there is no question whether the instructor knows their stuff because these small-scale institutions are led by local professionals. While this guide focuses on the best online real estate schools in Indiana, it’s important to mention Real University offers live sessions as well.


Online and Live Courses

Students will have the option to choose between an in-person learning environment and an online model. Students will be able to choose between working at a pace that works best for them and one that offers in-the-moment teachings and interaction.

Payment Plans

This online Indiana real estate school offers students the option of a payment plan. This is an invaluable option for students looking to begin the real estate learning process but would benefit from bite-sized payments.

Local Indiana Roots and Connections

Because Real University is an Indiana-based school, it offers unique insight into the state’s best practices. I always love when a school’s instructors are passionate about the area they teach in and serve, and luckily, that’s true when it comes to Real University.

Free Pre-Licensing Course Work Trial

Prospective students are able to take the pre-licensing coursework for a trial run with Real University’s Sample Online Course option. While you won’t be able to interact at all, you can listen and learn while the instructor navigates a typical class session. Students can get a taste for the teaching style and even take a provided online quiz to see how well they learned while continuing to understand the course layout.

Free Courses

Real University offers free courses to students of all backgrounds on varying topics. Aside from the free trial for the pre-licensing coursework, the online Indiana school is also offering a course on Estimate Net to Seller, which covers the calculations needed for net proceeds and presenting offers. The second course they currently have available is Social Media: Cracking the Code, an in-depth look at how social media works and how it can be beneficial for your business.


Difficult Interface

Unfortunately, Real University’s website is slightly difficult to navigate for me. This may make studying and staring at the content for long amounts of time very difficult. At the same time, I know that this can be a personal taste, so Real University’s site may work well for you.

Single Price Options

There is no tier structure that ranges in value for the Real University. Instead, their offerings for pre-licensing are lumped into one package.

Six Month Course Expiration

From the time you begin the course to the time you are no longer able to access it is six months. If something were to happen that resulted in you not finishing your coursework in six months, you might be able to work something out with the Real University leaders. However, the general rule is no access after six months.

4. Indiana Real Estate Institute

Number Four Top Online Real Estate Schools In Indiana

Another local option with great value, the Indiana Real Estate Institute, offers a unique look into Indiana real estate. The school operates with a focus on preparing students to pass the exam and create a solid foundation for future real estate. As educators and real estate agents, the Indiana Real Estate Institute offers a first-hand experience of the market via real-world scenarios.


Job Placement Services

You’re not just a student here that leaves at the end of the course. Instead, the Indiana Real Estate Institute treats each student as a peer. They even go as far as to help you find a job and sponsoring brokerage after completing your coursework.

Real-World Experience

Because the Indiana Real Estate Institute team members are realtors first, they have plenty of scenarios from past and current situations to bring to the table. While reading a textbook and listening to lectures on real estate best practices is necessary for learning, the first-hand accounts add a bit of fun and force students to place themselves in an agent’s everyday life.

Long-Standing History

With a small core team and deep Indiana roots, this school has become a top contender for my real estate schools in Indiana top picks. Brian Lee, the school’s current leader, brings 25 years of experience in real estate to the school on his own. The institution initially began in 1992 and has since developed into a school that still continues to provide students with quality education.

Online and In-Person Offerings

Perfect for every student, the Indiana Real Estate Institute offers both live in-person classes. The first choice, online, means meeting every week in the classroom at a specific time to interact with instructors and peers. When it comes to online courses, you will be able to navigate the course at your own speed on your terms.



Because the Indiana Real Estate Institute does not offer different price tiers for agents to choose from, there is only a single purchasing option. For pre-licensing at this school, the cost is $625. There are no add-ons and no bonuses as they believe everything you need is included in the price and one level.

5. IBREA of Indianapolis

Number Five Top Real Estate Schools In Indiana

IBREA of Indianapolis is formally known as the Indiana Business and Real Estate Academy. This institution offers a well-rounded education all in the encompassing knowledge of a locally owned and operated business. The school prides itself on continually working to provide interesting, relevant, and innovative teachings for the new wave of Indiana real estate agents. Here you will find classes ranging from pre-licensing to continuing education.


Payment Plans

If you’re having trouble funding the initial course cost to jumpstart your real estate career, IBREA offers a payment plan. I love when schools offer the benefit because not every hopeful agent may be able to shell out hundreds of dollars at a time. Instead, they are able to make decisions that work best for them, and I really appreciate this option!

Online or Virtual/Live Streaming

Great for all students, IBREA offers flexibility in the way of online and virtual live classes. Students will be able to benefit from a hybrid education featuring learn-at-your-own-pace content and on-demand, live teachings. Essentially, the online learning model is the base program, and the live sessions are add-ons or an upgraded package.

Individual Tutoring

A unique find in the online real estate school realm, IBREA offers one-on-one tutoring with the instructor if needed. Wow! We don’t see that often. I would recommend taking advantage of this feature if you opt for IBREA as your Indiana online real estate school choice, as it will help elevate your education.

Sample and Free Trials

IBREA offers a free guest pass for prospective students to stop by a virtual class and learn whether the style is right for them. During the trial, you will be able to interact with other students and the instructor.

You can ask questions, ask for advice, and both groups of people are more than happy to help you with questions you have, as most of them have once been in your very position. Don’t worry – there’s no pressure or obligation either. You can leave immediately or stay on as long as you would like/it takes to make your decision.


Module Time Restrictions

If you’re planning to opt-in for the virtual live courses, you will not be able to begin immediately like other courses. Since you’re tuning into live streaming of the content day-to-day, you will need to wait until a new applicable module or session has begun for you. This can be up to a three-week wait as IBREA rotates coursework every three weeks.

Indiana Real Estate School FAQ

How Do I Get My Real Estate Agent License in Indiana?

Step 1: Ensure You’re Qualified – Requirements for becoming a real estate agent in Indiana are relatively straightforward. You will need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

Step 2: Complete Course Requirements – Indiana requires 90 hours of pre-licensing coursework through an accredited institution.

Step 3: Pass the Indiana Real Estate Licensing Exam – Relatively straightforward, you will need to take the state’s licensing test to become a certified agent.

Step 4: Find a Broker – Though this step doesn’t need to wait until after you’ve passed in regard to research, you will want to have passed before reaching out to a potential broker. After selecting your preferred brokerage, they will sponsor you so you may practice real estate.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Indiana?

Licensed Indiana real estate agents can make anywhere between $35,000 and $70,000 on average. Top-performing agents and ones in major metropolitan areas can make upwards of $100,000 annually in Indiana.

How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There in Indiana?

The estimated number of agents licensed in Indian is 18,000 according to the Indiana Association of Realtors.

How Difficult Is It to Become a Real Estate Agent in Indiana?

Becoming a real estate agent in Indiana is not a difficult process. You will need to dedicate time to learning the materials and studying for the final exam. The process after that in which you find a sponsoring broker you love and start to develop clientele may be a bit more intensive.

Is A College Degree Necessary to Become a Real Estate Agent in Indiana?

Not at all. The only educational requirement to become a real estate agent in Indiana is a high school degree. Also, your pre-licensing coursework, of course.

What Identification Do I Need to Become a Real Estate Agent in Indiana?

To become a licensed Indiana real estate agent, you will need to prove your identity. This can be done with a social security card, a state driver’s license or identification card, or a birth certificate. Secondary forms of proof that may be acceptable include mail proving name and residence, credit cards, insurance statements, and more.

Can I Become a Real Estate Agent in Indiana with A Felony?

Yes, you may be able to obtain a real estate license with a past felony charge. However, they are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You will want to reach out to the state before pursuing your pre-licensing course to ensure you’re qualified to receive a license.

How Many Times Can I Take the Indiana Real Estate License Exam?

You may take the Indiana real estate exam as many times as you would like. However, you will need to be cautious of your grace period running out after completing your pre-licensing courses. Additionally, if you do not have a pass guarantee clause, you will need to pay each retake yourself.

What Areas Are Covered Under the Indiana Real Estate License Exam?

There are three parts to the Indiana real estate license exam for a total of 300 questions. They will cover national policies and state-specific laws and guidelines.

How Many People Fail the Indiana Real Estate Examination?

The average number of people who fail their first attempt at the Indiana real estate licensing examination is estimated to be between 10-20%. Individual schools keep track of their student’s success rates, and some go as high as 90%!

How Do I Get Sponsored by a Real Estate Broker in Indiana?

To get sponsored by a real estate broker in Indiana, you will want to interview potential qualified and active brokerages before settling on one. This person or team will be providing mentorship and guiding you through the early days of your career, so it’s an important decision to make. Aside from that, you can find accredited options online and reach out to them individually with questions and concerns.

Can I Practice Real Estate Without a License in Indiana?

No, practicing real estate without a license in Indiana is illegal as you must be licensed to represent other parties during a transaction.

What Happens If I Fail the Indiana Real Estate Licensing Exam?

While everyone hopes to pass the licensing exam on their first try, it doesn’t always happen. Luckily, you may take the exam again and continue trying until you’ve earned a 75% or above. The school that you select for your pre-licensing courses may offer a pass guarantee, meaning they’ll cover the retake cost, usually only one. Regardless, the school should also allow you access to course materials to continue studying. Typically they will cap this access at a year.

Always check the Indiana Real Estate Commission for current requirements.