Best Online Real Estate Schools In Pennsylvania (Top 5)

Best Online Real Estate Schools In Pennsylvania (Top 5)

To help prospective real estate students who are looking for the right online real estate school, I have created a detailed list of the 5 best online real estate schools in Pennsylvania. From AceableAgent to Kaplan and Real Estate Express, this list takes a look at the pros and cons of these top best online real estate schools. To learn more, continue reading below.

When it comes to wanting to learn how to be a real estate agent or broker in Pennsylvania, earning a living this way can turn out to be an enjoyable and lucrative career.

With the ability to create your schedule, choose your clients, and work in the neighborhoods that you like the best, becoming a real estate agent in Pennsylvania is a great pathway to go down.

To start working and selling houses in Pennsylvania however, you need to meet the state’s specific standards. To do so, you must first attend educational courses to receive your real estate education and pass your real estate exams. To find the best school for you, ensure that you do the proper research before committing to a program. I think you will find my list of the top Pennsylvania real estate schools below a big help in getting started in your career.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania


online real estate schools in PennsylvaniaReal Estate Express5


aceable - top online real estate schools in PennsylvaniaAceableAgent5


The CE Shop - best online Pennsylvania real estate schoolsThe CE Shop4

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Pennsylvania Real Estate Schools

Offering comprehensive learning and flexible educational solutions through their online platform, Real Estate Express is an Arello accredited school. Thousands of students who have attended the Real Estate Express Pennsylvania programs have gone on to have long-lasting real estate careers and even become teachers in the program. To take a closer look at this Pennsylvania real estate school, see my review of Real Estate Express.

Pros of Real Estate Express

Arello Certified In Pennsylvania

Real Estate Express is certified by both the IDECC and Arello for their real estate programs. This means that they have been approved by two sets of rigorous standards for academic excellence.


Learn on your own time following your own schedule.


Take real estate courses from the comfort of your own home.

Study Aids

Flashcards, PDFs, and progress exams are all offered on the website for Pennsylvania real estate students to practice while preparing for their tests.

High Pennsylvania Student Ratings

With over 16,600 reviews Real Estate Express has gotten a majority of favorable reviews from past Pennsylvania students.


The Pennsylvania program courses are affordable at the cost as low as $260. This is quite affordable for such great real estate education.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Real Estate Express has a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee for every student that takes the course. If you do not pass the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam, they will refund your money for the course.

Cons of Real Estate Express

Teacher Interaction

The main con of the Real Estate Express Pennsylvania real estate coursework is that less teachers are available to answer questions or help the students than in some other states.

Pennsylvania Course Interaction

The Pennsylvania pre-licensing course offered for students who want to study with Real Estate Express is not quite as interactive as AceableAgent. It’s still a great Pennsylvania pre-licensing course, but if you want more course interaction, AceableAgent is the one for you.

2. AceableAgent


Number Two Best Online Real Estate Schools In Pennsylvania

The number one real estate school in Pennsylvania on my list is AceableAgent. AceableAgent Real Estate School is one of the first real estate schools that offers an online program through both an app and their website.

With a mission to help create agents as well as support them, this best online real estate school has created high-quality programming with versatile instruction techniques.

The team of instructors at AceableAgent is composed of engineers, teachers, designers, real estate professionals, and customer experience representatives that strive to keep their education platform current and contemporary. See my AceableAgent review for an in-depth look at this real estate school.

Pros of AceableAgent

Modern Educational System

The curriculum is kept as contemporary as possible so that the students graduating from the real estate education program are passing their tests and capable of working in the current real estate market.

A Diverse Group Of Instructors

The instructor group is diverse including writers, designers, and professionals from many fields with knowledge in real estate. This allows the students to get different perspectives to further their knowledge.

11 Different State Curriculums

Serving California, New York, and more in addition to Pennsylvania.


Learn on your own time following your own schedule.


Take real estate courses from the comfort of your own home.

Test Guarantee

As one of the best real estate schools in Pennsylvania, Aceablegents offers a guarantee that their students will pass their license exam.

Cons of AceableAgent


The major con of the AceableAgent program is the price. While some Pennsylvania real estate schools cost under $200, the AceableAgent Pennsylvania program ranges from $395 and can be $319 when they offer a discount. The price is not too bad, but just a bit higher than Real Estate U.

3. The CE Shop


Third Best Online Real Estate Schools In Pennsylvania

The third best of the online real estate schools in Pennsylvania is The CE Shop. The CE Shop offers a Pennsylvania program with a national real estate exam pass rate of 88%. This is over 20% higher than the national average when accounting for other online real estate schools in Pennsylvania. You can take a deeper look at this school in my comprehensive review of The CE Shop.

Pros of The CE Shop

High Pass Rates

With an 88% pass rate of Pennsylvania real estate students, The CE Shop is one of the better online real estate schools in Pennsylvania.

Four Pennsylvania Package Options

The CE Shop offers four different pricing and offers packages including courses only, standard packages, value package, and their premium package.

Webinars With Q&A Sessions

The Pennsylvania instructors offer interactive webinars where they will gladly answer questions and give the real estate students quality time.

Convenient Study Scheduling

You can set up your own custom scheduling so that you will never fall behind on your real estate courses.

Material Downloads

The CE Shop offers a downloadable coursework book that you can refer to at any time instead of purchasing a physical textbook.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can get your money back within 30 days if you are not pleased with your Pennsylvania real estate course.

Cons of The CE Shop

The Cost

For the Pennsylvania real estate educational program the cost is a little bit high. Although The CE Shop does have occasional sales and promotional price reductions, the starting cost to join the pre-licensing real estate program during a sale is $259. The highest price without a sale promotion is $559.

Lacking Math Explanations

If you’re someone who struggles with math, this might not be the course for you. While real estate and accounting math are present in the courses, they are not thoroughly explained according to some past student reviews.

4. Real Estate U

Fourth Top Online Pennsylvania Real Estate Schools

Real Estate U is the fourth of the best online Pennsylvania real estate schools because of its affordability and its great group of professional working staff. Offering many different programs for many different states, the audio based curriculum caters to the needs of Pennsylvania’s students perfectly. Want to learn more about Real Estate U? Take a look inside their course in my review of Real Estate U.

Pros of Real Estate U

Arello Certified Approval

Real Estate U is accredited and certified by Arello with fundamentals approval and practice approval. This means that Arello recognizes Real Estate U as one of the best online Pennsylvania real estate schools that helps their students learn and succeed when it comes to passing the Pennsylvania real estate exam.

High Student Ratings

The students of Real Estate U have rated the Pennsylvania curriculum relatively high with a score of 4.8 out of 5. While some students had criticism and feedback, most of it was accompanied by positive aspects of the online real estate learning program.

One Pennsylvania Package Option

If you prefer to have one all inclusive package option, then Real Estate U might be for you. Their curriculum includes fundamentals and more difficult complex subjects that both contain a lot of important real estate information such as audio courses and math classes.

Especially Designed Infographics

Unlike many other schools who provide only text to or some videos to their students, Real Estate U offers more. As one of the top five real estate schools in Pennsylvania, Real Estate U provides many videos, instructor audio, text, and even infographics designed especially to aid in memory for the final real estate licensing exam.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Real Estate U offers a satisfaction guarantee to its students and offers a money-back policy for those who feel like they cannot finish the program due to problems with the curriculum.

Cons of Real Estate U

Quality Teacher Time

The only big con of using Real Estate U for your pre-licensing real estate courses is that they do not offer one on one time for students. The teachers, although professional and knowledgeable, are not available for conversations or Q&A sessions. Instead, the student must write to Real Estate U via email with their questions, comments, clarifications, and concerns. This makes the program a little bit less accessible to absolute real estate beginners and has been a minor setback for Real Estate U’s ratings in the past.

5. Kaplan RE


Fifth Best Online Real Estate Schools In Pennsylvania

Kaplan is the fifth ranking of all the real estate schools in Pennsylvania. This is because they offer both a live class and a comprehensive online study program for becoming a licensed real estate agent in the state of Pennsylvania.

With 6 months to complete their course, students are given text to study as well as practice exams to test their knowledge throughout the course. Depending on which of the four courses you choose, you will get a different amount of credit hours and information pertaining to Pennsylvania real estate. See more of this real estate school in my Kaplan real estate review.

Pros of Kaplan

Excellent Pennsylvania Exam Prep

Kaplan offers excellent exam prep to its students. With text, video, and practice exam options, Kaplan’s Pennsylvania real estate students will be fully prepared for their licensing exam after finishing the Kaplan courses.

Salesperson And Broker Courses

With two in-depth courses, you have the freedom to choose which real estate road you want to go down whether you are more interested in becoming a licensed real estate broker or a real estate salesperson.

High Exam Pass Rates

Kaplan has a high rate of students that pass the Pennsylvania real estate license exam compared with other states in their similar online programs.

Renewal Courses Available

For continuing education or renewing of a real estate license, Kapla offers single renewal courses for a refresher on the information.

Both Live And On Demand Class Options

Whether you are a freelance worker operating from home or have a full-time job that you need to commute to every day, Kaplan’s live and On Demand online class options will help you stay on top of learning while catering to your schedule.

Knowledgeable Instructor With Real Estate Backgrounds

All of the instructors at Kaplan have real estate backgrounds or are currently working in the real estate profession. This means that all the material learned by students will be accurate, effective, and up to date.

Cons of Kaplan

The Cost

The biggest con in relation to Kaplan’s Pennsylvania real estate pre-licensing salesperson and real estate broker program is the cost. As the most expensive real estate school on our list, the least pricey class available comes in at $299 for an On Demand program. The Real Estate Accelerator Course is $399 for a Live Online class and the most expensive option is an On Demand business brokerage training class for $499 with no available discounts.

Pennsylvania Real Estate School FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Real Estate License In Pennsylvania?

To get your real estate license in Pennsylvania, you will need to take your pre-licensing course work, which can range anywhere from $99 to around $240 depending on the online real estate school in Pennsylvania you choose. Then you will need to pay a fee of $107 to the Pennsylvania State Department, another $72 licensing fee, an application fee of $25, and a $20 additional recovery fee.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to become a real estate agent due to the studying required to pass the licensing exam. Once you pass the exam, a very short waiting period then goes into effect before you can begin to sell houses.

Do You Need A College Degree To Become A Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania?

No, you do not need a degree to become a real estate agent in Pennsylvania, but you do need to have a GED or have graduated from high school.

What Requirements Do I Need To Become A Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania?

There are 4 main steps to becoming a real estate agent in Pennsylvania. If you follow these steps, there should be no delay in receiving your real estate license upon finishing the exam. These steps include the following:

Step 1: You will need to be at least 18 years old or older in age. You must have graduated from high school or have a GED equivalent.

Step 2: You must complete 75 hours of required pre-licensing education as specified by the state of Pennsylvania. This includes around 40 hours of broker pre-licensing commission education.

Step 3: You must pass the Pennsylvania real estate licensing exam and apply with the state department.

Step 4: Get fingerprinted and pay the retainer fee of $10. Then wait for the period determined by the state department.

Is It Difficult To Become A Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania?

No, it is not difficult to become a real estate agent in Pennsylvania when you attend one of the great real estate schools in Pennsylvania. It is, however, somewhat costly and can occasionally take up to 6 months before you can start to consider selling houses or property.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Pennsylvania Per Year?

Real estate agents in Pennsylvania can usually earn around an average typical annual salary of $37,000 when they start out. Successful real estate agents in Pennsylvania make around $100,000 per year due to the small size of the state and the many historic neighborhoods that are located there.