Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee (Top 6)

Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee (Top 6)

Tennessee boasts a vibrant way of life with rich culture and historical roots. As such, the real estate market is more popular than ever, with hopeful residents attempting to stake roots in the state. With this increased demand comes an increased need for agents, and luckily, it’s become easier than ever to obtain a real estate license and begin practicing. However, with so many options for real estate institutions, it’s important that you examine all aspects, both the pros and cons, before making a decision. Below are a few options for the best online Tennessee real estate schools and their pros and cons to help you make that decision.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Tennessee


real estate schools in TennesseeReal Estate Express5


the best online real estate schools in TennesseeThe CE Shop4



1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee

Real Estate Express is one of the schools that usually tops my ranking state to state as it is universally reliable. When it comes to Tennessee students receiving a quality education, Real Estate Express boasts an accredited curriculum that prepares students for their licensing exam and the ultimate goal of becoming an excellent real estate agent. There are a few reasons this tops my list of best online real estate schools in Tennessee, and below you’ll gain valuable insight into that decision. Below you’ll find all of the reasons this school tops my list of best Tennessee online real estate schools.


High Tennessee Alumni and Student Ratings

The Tennessee Real Estate Express ranks 4.43 out of 5 stars by students who have studied at the school. This number is based on over 5,000 reviews and offers very promising numbers for prospective students worried about what alumni think. (see other Real Estate Express reviews)

Great Tennessee Package Tiers

I appreciate schools that offer multiple packages so that students can choose the best option for their individual needs. Luckily, Real Estate Express delivers for its Tennessee students. Whether you’re a self-reliant individual who strictly needs the material to look over according to Tennessee state guidelines, or if you’re someone who requires extra assistance, you will find it all here.

Flexible Tennessee Pricing

Hand in hand with package tiers is varying pricing. Pricing is just as important as coursework in regard to adaptability to meet different people’s needs. Some people may be able to afford more than others, and as such, ranging prices are a great benefit of Tennessee Real Estate Express. In general, prices range between $188.30 and $338.80 at the time of writing this—all affordable options ranging in amenities.


No Tennessee Pass guarantee

Unfortunately, none of the Real Estate Express package tiers come with a pass guarantee in Tennessee. While not a deal-breaker, it’s a great added benefit when these schools include a pass guarantee, even if just for higher-level tiers, so that students have a sort of safety net when taking the state licensing exam.

Not the Most Interactive Tennessee Course

Because this course is strictly online and designed to be navigated at your own pace, some may find the lack of direct interaction difficult. This will depend on the student, but many learn best when interacting with peers and instructors to help absorb knowledge. Unfortunately, Real Estate Express does not adapt to this. If you would like more interaction, Real Estate Express does have a live streaming option. However, the cost will be nearly double the original package prices.

2. The CE Shop


Second Best Online Tennessee Real Estate Schools

The CE Shop is another online real estate school that I find consistently provides quality education to all enrollees. From my own experiences interacting with the school and a culmination of student reviews and praise, I find time and time again that The CE Shop is an excellent choice for providing quality education to hopeful agents.


Higher Than Average Tennessee Licensing Exam Pass Rates

Tennessee students enrolled at The CE Shop surpass those who study at other schools on both the national and the state-specific portions of the state licensing exam. The CE Shop’s pass rates for the national portion are 60%, while the state’s average is 57%. The CE Shop’s pass rates for the state-specific portion are 87%, while the state’s average is 81%. Numbers don’t lie! (see more about their pass rates in my The CE Shop review)

Both Tennessee Required Courses in One Place

If you’re familiar with Tennessee’s real estate licensing guidelines, you may already know that two different classes are required. If you’re not, they are a 60-hour course on basic principles of real estate and 30 hours of a course titled Tennessee Course for New Affiliates. Together this satisfies the 90-hour credit by the state, and thankfully, The CE Shop offers both.

Working at Your Own Pace

Online programs like The CE Shop are great for those who require flexibility with their schedule and cannot commit to full-time, in-person learning. While this may be a detriment for some, others may find the ability to learn at their own pace a major plus. If you’re able to dedicate a whole work week to the curriculum, you can even finish your pre-licensing coursework in less than three weeks.

Tennessee Ebooks and Supplies Included in the Price

Included in all package tiers is access to business ebooks written by real estate professionals that will aid in your learning. Additionally, packages include career resources that help students to narrow down career niches and brokerages. Other helpful supplies include flashcards and a downloadable textbook that has been broken down by topic and relevance.

Money-Back Tennessee Course Guarantee

If you’re dissatisfied with your course at The CE Shop for any reason, the school will refund you within the first month of access. At the time of requesting the refund, you also may not have completed more than 50% of the course.


No Tennessee State Exam Pass Guarantee

Unfortunately, The CE Shop is another school that does not offer a pass guarantee for first-time test attempts. Generally, schools will cover the cost of a retake for their students who purchased higher tiered packages or for those who purchase the add-on, but The CE Shop does not offer the guarantee for any level.

3. Kaplan


Fifth of the Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee

This school earns the second to last spot on my list of best online Tennessee real estate schools and that is because I am quite familiar with Kaplan’s teaching style. It’s one of the better online schools and serves students across the country. Many things factor into this decision as there are both positives and negatives. However, overall, I believe that Kaplan is still a viable option helping to round out the list of top online schools in Tennessee.


Great Tennessee Ratings on TrustPilot

Kaplan receives 4.2 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, an online review platform. Nothing quite supports a businesses’ model like great reviews do. The school is praised for refreshing the content, making it easy to digest and interact with, and having high first-time pass rates. (see more Kaplan reviews)

Completely Online Tennessee Real Estate School Business Model

This online real estate school is completely online, which means you will not need to waste time in classrooms or commute. Rather, everything you will need is available at your fingertips at the rate at which you learn best. You can’t beat the convenience and efficiency that online models can provide.

A Tennessee Exam Prep Add On

Kaplan supplies students with an exam prep option should they require a bit of extra assistance. A bonus is that it comes in multiple forms, which means you can purchase both or the one that works best for you. The first is the Tennessee Real Estate Exam prep OnDemand Course for $199.00, including a condensed rundown of both the national and Tennessee-specific portions of the exam. The second is the Complete Tennessee Real Estate Drill and Practice Qbank for $99.00. This program includes practice test exams, customizable exams by topics and specifics, as well as explanations for answers.


Only Six Months to Complete Tennessee Coursework

If you’re able to complete your coursework within the set timeframe, there are no issues that will arise if you take upwards of six months to complete. However, if an emergency arises, or should you require more flexibility than six months, you may have to pay for an extension or forfeit any progress made until that six-month marker.

Expensive Tennessee Coursework Option

While many of Kaplan’s competitors offer their services for a few hundred dollars on average, Kaplan’s prices far outweigh this number. Instead, the most basic package that includes the 90-hour requirement and has an exam prep is $429.00. The more advanced option titled Carnegie Career Launcher Package is $629.00.

Only Two Tennessee Package Offerings

The industry average for package variations is typically three-four tiers. However, Kaplan only offers two, one which is cheaper and has fewer features and is more expensive but offers more benefits. There is more than one option, which is great. However, the inclusions and subsequent adaptability are extremely limited.

4. Real Estate U

Third Best Online Tennessee Real Estate Schools

The third school on this list of best online real estate schools in Tennessee is Real Estate U, a brand that serves multiple states but has developed coursework centered around Tennessee laws and policies. As a real estate institute that has been educating for decades, this school reliably educates students online, helping them pass the state exam and even providing post-licensing education for an all-in-one stop real estate school.


Full Tennessee Required Course Offering

Real Estate U is a one-stop shop with a total of 90 hours of coursework available at the institution in an efficient format. In addition, the school will guide you through both courses before preparing you for the final exam.

Affordable Tennessee Pricing

At the time of writing this, Real Estate U’s prices are extremely affordable at $149.00. However, as you will find out below, Real Estate U only includes one package level, and this price includes very limited offerings for students. (see more about their pricing in my Real Estate U review)

Praise From Tennessee Alumni

Many alumni of Real Estate U’s Tennessee program praise the school’s succinct teachings and course design. Additionally, Real Estate U is known for including the most relevant information and case studies to help students emerge with real-world knowledge.

Real Estate U’s Tennessee Refund Policy

This online real estate school offers students a refund if the coursework has not been more than 50% completed and if it is within 30 days of purchasing the package. It’s important to keep in mind that all refund processes will be charged a $20 fee for admin.

Great Bonus Knowledgebase

Real Estate U features a blog on their website that keeps agents up-to-date on the latest happenings and any pressing information they need to know. This is a great bonus for prospective agents to be notified of pressing news and continue applying real-life issues to their education.


Only One Tennessee Package Tier

It’s always a negative when a school only offers one package option for students to choose between. This limits the school’s adaptability and forces students to choose a package that may not work best for them because it only comes in one form. Instead, I much prefer schools that offer multiple options ranging in benefits and assistance.

Limited Tennessee Information Offerings

To further break down the single package offering for Tennessee students, I would also like to point out how limited it is. Instead of creating one level because it includes every benefit, it only includes the bare minimum, online audio courses, infographics, a course glossary, and a certificate upon completion.

5. Hondros

Number Four of the Best Online Tennessee Real Estate Schools

Hondros, also known as Hondros College, is a real estate school that offers both online and in-person coursework. The curriculum is well-rounded and consists of both pre-licensing and continuing education coursework that satisfies state requirements. As the fourth in line on my list of best Tennessee online real estate schools, this institution has some things to love and others that cause concern, placing it just in the middle of my ranking.


Great Support and Chat Options

When it comes to an online real estate school, or any online service for that matter, a great support system is vital. At Hondros, chat options are extensive, with access to the business by phone, an online contact form, and on-demand chats. So whether it be a question regarding technical difficulties or which course is best for you, Hondros has you covered.

A Tennessee Online Real Estate School with Substantial History

Hondros has been in business for over 50 years and has educated over one million students in that time. The amount of experience this school has is hard to beat and makes for a well-rounded education without the growing pains of a younger business.

High Tennessee Alumni Rankings

Reviews can prove a lot, and they rank high amongst previous students when it comes to Hondros. Many mention a high passing grade on their first attempt, while others praise the professors and adaptability of the school during a rapidly changing world.

“The Best Exam Prep in the Industry”

This is what Hondros claims, and it appears to be true with its student’s high success rates and the extensiveness of the program. With a commitment to helping students pass on their first attempt, a program called CompuCram is used, which utilizes practice tests and other materials to help reach that goal.

Study Nashville Curriculum at Your Own Pace

Hondros offers their materials in a completely online format so that students can study when and where they want. In addition, their online learning can be completed across devices and will save your spot when you pause to ensure that your progress isn’t lost if you can only dedicate a little time to studying throughout the day.


Expensive Nashville Courses

Compared to its competitors, Hondros has a much higher cost for its packages. Beginning with the least expensive one with the least amount of benefits, the total at the time of writing this is $389. From there, the packages scale upwards to a package that includes exam prep and one that includes exam prep and a textbook, $449.00 and $499.00, respectively.

6. Tennessee Real Estate Academy

Number Six Best Online Real Estate Schools In Tennessee

Tennessee Real Estate Academy is the only real estate school in Tennessee on my list that is strictly unique to Tennessee. I’ve chosen it to round out my list for a few reasons, including the fact that it has a unique perspective that multi-state businesses can’t quite provide with these instructors presenting unique perspectives and information. While it is great to support local businesses, you never want to forgo a quality education. Luckily when it comes to Tennessee Real Estate Academy, I don’t believe that’s the case.


Live Options for a Tennessee Education

This is one of the few real estate schools in Tennessee that offers both an online and in-person education. If you’re someone who requires face-to-face learning from an instructor and peer support, the Tennessee Real Estate Academy may be just what you’re looking for. You may also find that it’s easier to learn when you can ask questions in real-time.

Both Portions of Tennessee’s 90 Hour Coursework are Included

Both the 60-hour and 30-hour requirements are included in this Tennessee real estate school. Therefore, you won’t need to mix and match to complete the total hours required and will instead be able to study easily knowing that everything you need is in one place at this real estate institution.

Access to the Tennessee Real Estate Academy’s Exclusive Website

Upon enrolling in the school, you gain access to a member’s exclusive portal where you can communicate with other alumni and build a network. You will also have access to materials that can help you develop your knowledge of real estate, preparing you to pass your exam and be amongst the top performing agents.

Guaranteed Local Tennessee Firm Placement

Real estate schools that offer placement upon graduation earn major points when it comes to my rankings. Providing students with the peace and sound of knowing they have a guaranteed spot at a firm upon completing the coursework and passing the state licensing exam is immeasurable. Should you be feeling lost at the end of your studies and unsure of which direction to head into, Tennessee Real Estate Academy can help guide you in the right direction. This is one of the biggest reasons it makes my list of best online real estate schools in Tennessee!

Free Tennessee Real Estate Materials

Another great pro for Tennessee Real Estate Academy is free access to real estate materials, including a real estate foundations ebook, career coaching from business coach John Maxwell, an exam-cram book, and thousands of sample test questions. It’s hard to beat the value of all of these bonuses as part of your package.


Only One Tennessee Package Option

Despite the Tennessee Real Estate Academy stating that the course package has extreme value with its bundling, multiple options are the best way to go about course offerings. This is because students come from different backgrounds and may require extra or little assistance or need to select a package based on what they can afford, which a single course offering may be above that threshold.

Tennessee Real Estate School FAQ

Tennessee Real Estate Commission

Tennessee Real Estate Commission Information
Contact the Tennessee Real Estate Commission


How Do I Become A Real Estate Agent In Tennessee?

Becoming a real estate agent in Tennessee is a relatively straightforward process that combines both the agent and broker’s processes. This means that anyone completing the licensing work in Tennessee will be completing education and testing for their brokerage license as well.

Step One: The first step to becoming a real estate agent in Tennessee is to ensure you meet the basic requirements. This includes being at least eighteen years old, possessing a diploma from high school, or an otherwise qualifying GED certification. The last qualification for becoming a licensed agent in Tennessee is that you may not have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanors in the previous two years.

Step Two: The next step is completing the required ninety hours of pre-licensing coursework from an accredited institution. Included in this requirement are basic principles sections and a new affiliates portion.

Step Three: Upon completing the pre-licensing coursework, you will need to pass your chosen school’s final exam. This exam is formatted to mimic the state exam and will have a required passing rate of 70% or more. Once you’ve completed the final exam and passed with the minimum score, the school you’ve studied at will send eligibility documents to PSI, the official test administrators for Tennessee licensing exams.

Step Four: After scheduling your state licensing exam, the only thing left to do is pass the exam! From the point of your first test, there is a time limit of six months to pass the exam. You can expect two portions, national and state-specific, totaling 120 questions. Similar to the real estate school’s 70% pass rate, the same is required for the official state exam.

Step Five: Once you’ve passed the exam with a minimum score of 70%, you will need to have a photo taken at the testing center.

Step Six: It’s background check time! It is necessary that your background is verified, and this is done via comprehensive research performed by the state upon your fingerprint submission.

Step Seven: One of the last steps is to sign up for E&O or errors and omissions insurance. This is necessary to protect all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Step Eight: The final step for obtaining your real estate license is to finish the application to the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance. This can be done after all requirements are met and upon the final approval – congratulations, you’re ready to practice in Tennessee!

How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License In Tennessee?

The amount of time it takes to obtain a real estate license in Tennessee can vary depending on all of the moving parts involved in the application process. Perhaps the most lengthy part of obtaining your license is completing the pre-licensing coursework. After that, the timeline will depend on how long it takes to pass your state exam, your background check to clear, and the state to approve your application. The process may take as little as a couple of months and may scale upwards to a year.

In Tennessee, How Much Does It Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent?

The primary cost of becoming a real estate agent in Tennessee is the pre-licensing coursework. Specifics will depend on the school you’ve chosen to study at, but the average price for coursework ranges from $200-500 depending on the extent of the program. Additional costs include the fees for fingerprinting, the test, and the final application. These extra steps can scale the price up hundreds of dollars depending on current rates outlined by the state.

In Tennessee, How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

The average Tennessee real estate agent salary is roughly $60,000. However, the amount of money earned will depend on the effort and skill level displayed by the real estate agent. Inexperienced or part-time agents may only earn $30,000, while top-earners can earn upwards of $100,000 annually.

Is There Real Estate Licensing Reciprocity In Tennessee?

No, Tennessee does not have a reciprocity agreement with any fellow states. The only benefit for licensed agents from other states is that part or all of the educational requirements may be waived. To be sure your specific situation allows for this, be sure to contact the Tennessee Real Estate Commission with any questions.

In Tennessee, How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There?

The exact number of licensed real estate agents in Tennessee is unknown as the figure changes frequently, but there are an estimated 5,700 licensing agents active at this time.

Is A College Degree Necessary To Get A Real Estate License In Tennessee?

No, there is no higher-level educational requirement for hopeful real estate agents. The only educational requirement is that the agent has obtained a high school diploma or a GED.

If I Have A Felony Record, Can I Become A Real Estate Agent In Tennessee?

Tennessee has specific requirements when it comes to a prospective real estate agent’s criminal past. In general, a two-year expiration is placed on crimes committed that threaten the ability of the person to represent their client’s best interests. It is best to contact the state to ensure you’re eligible. Common crimes that cause concern are felonies and misdemeanors regarding theft or burglary.

How Many Questions Are On The Tennessee Real Estate Licensing Exam?

The Tennessee Real Estate Licensing Exam consists of 120 questions in total. This number breaks down to 40 state-specific questions and 80 national-related questions.

What Score Do I Need To Pass The Tennessee Real Estate Exam?

You will need to pass the Tennessee Real Estate Exam with a minimum of 70% in order to move forward with the process of becoming an agent.

Can I Take The Tennessee Real Estate License Exam More Than Once?

Yes, you may take the Tennessee Real Estate License Exam as many times as necessary to pass. However, you will need to pay for each of those attempts, and you only have six months from the first attempt to pass the exam.

Do Tennessee Real Estate Agents Have Continuing Education Requirements?

Yes, like many states, Tennessee has continuing education requirements for its students. The requirement is for sixteen hours of coursework to retain your license.

Is There A Difference Between A Real Estate Broker And A Real Estate Agent In Tennessee?

All real estate agents are licensed as brokers in the state of Tennessee. This means you will not need to locate a sponsoring brokerage upon obtaining your license, and you’re able to operate as your own broker.

How Many People Fail The Tennessee Real Estate Examination?

On average, only 57% of students pass the national portion of the exam, and 81% pass the state-specific portion. This averages out to just below 70% of students pass on their first attempt.