The 4 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Utah In 2021

The 4 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Utah In 2021

Becoming a real estate agent in Utah has never been easier. While the state of Utah requires more pre-licensing course work hours than most other states, it is easy to find an accredited institution to help get you there. In addition to pre-licensing requirements, Utah also requires post-licensing courses as well. In order for you to focus on what matters, I’ve narrowed down the best online real estate schools in Utah for you. No matter where you are located, these four schools offer quality education in a remote setting.

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Best Rated Real Estate Schools in Utah

the ce shop top online real estate schools in UtahThe CE Shop
best online real estate schools in UtahInstitute of Real Estate Education
best online Utah real estate schoolsStringham Schools

1. The CE Shop


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Utah

My number one choice for the best Utah online real estate schools is The CE Shop. This school offers extremely flexible options for any Utah resident trying to get their real estate license. While The CE Shop is available in most states, the Utah courses are uniquely catered to local real estate laws and policies. In addition to being a state-approved pre-licensing course, the school is devoted to helping hopeful agents pass their licensing exam on the first try. As you will see below, The CE Shop is my top pick because of its thoroughness and adherence to state guidelines. For more info on this Utah based real estate school, see my in-depth review of The CE Shop.


Utah Course Demos

The Utah CE Shop offers prospective users a course demo to test out before committing to the course entirely. If you’re browsing to get a better idea of which learning method is best for you, this is a great benefit. In addition, by watching the short video on their webpage, you will have a more in-depth analysis of the course.

Free Trial

If the course demo wasn’t enough, The CE Shop also offers a completely free trial. Without even inputting your credit card, you can gain access to the free trial for five days. During those five days, you may begin the Utah pre-licensing 120-hour real estate principles and practices course. If you decide to purchase the entire course to complete your pre-licensing, then your progress during the free trial will count toward the total.

Affordable Utah Real Estate School

Across the board, The CE Shop offers affordable packages. The Basic package, which includes the required 120-hours of coursework, is currently priced at $299. When looking at the premium package, which includes many amenities, including the required 18-hour post-licensing coursework as well, is currently listed at $402.50. The CE Shop is also constantly running discounts and deals, so there are options to improve affordability as well.

Quick Completion

Since Utah requires 120-hours of pre-licensing coursework, you’ll be happy to know that you can complete the program in just three weeks. Since you have access to the entire course upfront, you can work through it at your own rate. Feel free to take as long as you need, or treat the coursework as a full-time job and work through it in less than a month!

Different Utah Course Packages

This online Utah real estate school offers multiple package levels varying in requirements and affordability. Great for all groups of people, there is a package suitable for everyone. From the basic courses only package to the in-depth premium package, you will find deals on each.

Offers Utah Post-licensing Courses Too

Utah requires real estate agents to complete 18-hours of post-licensing coursework within their first two years as an agent. The CE Shop offers that course as well, so you’ll have everything you need in one place.


Utah Pass Guarantee Contingencies

While The CE Shop does offer a pass guarantee, it is only for specific level packages. For example, the Basic, a course-only package, will not include a pass guarantee. However, the standard, value, and premium package will. So, if you’re opting for this school, be sure to choose a package that includes a pass guarantee for extra security.

Daily Limits

According to Utah law, students cannot complete more than 8 hours of coursework every day. The CE Shop will monitor your usage and will no longer count your work towards requirements for the day if you go over 8 hours.

2. Institute of Real Estate Education

Second Best Online Utah Real Estate Schools

When ranking the real estate schools in Utah, the second school I chose was the Institute of Real Estate Education. One of the best online real estate schools in Utah, this school prides itself as the state’s largest locally operated real estate school. They also claim to be Utah’s most successful real estate pre-licensing course. Casting the hype aside, I’ve broken down the reasons this may or may not be just the real estate school for you.


Varying Utah Packages

The Institute of Real Estate Education offers three different package levels. They vary from Core to Pro to Excel, all with different benefits. However, the packages are similar for the most part, aside from a few extras that are not completely necessary. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the most expensive package is that it includes Utah’s required post-licensing coursework.

Pass Guarantee Across the Board

Regardless of the package you select, you have a test pass guarantee! This is an invaluable benefit for first-time testers and allows you to start on the right foot. The only conditions are that you must complete the course in three months, and it is only one credit toward a re-take.

Course Completion Guarantee

Similar to the pass guarantee, this school offers a course completion guarantee. If you cannot finish your coursework in one year, the Utah Institute of Real Estate Education has many options to help you finish. You will never be charged full price again for the coursework, and you may keep all of your progress regardless of when you stopped.

Price Match Guarantee

If you’re interested in the Utah Institute of Real Estate Education but find lower prices for schools elsewhere, they will price match. So long as the other school offers the exact same benefits.

Payment Plans

One of the few real estate schools to offer a payment plan, the Utah Institute of Real Estate Education is truly flexible. You will need to contact them to discuss your qualification for a payment plan. They will also go over requirements and discuss what will work best for you.


No Live Lectures

In an effort to be mindful of your time, the Institute of Real Estate Education only offers pre-recorded lectures that you may access on your own time. With that, the instructors are only available by phone on the weekdays and email on the weekends.

One Year Access to Course

Though most agents will complete their coursework in much less time than that, things happen. Unfortunately, the Institute of Real Estate Education only offers one year of access to your course.

3. Stringham Schools

Third Best Online Utah Real Estate Schools

The next school I recommend for prospective agents is the Utah Stringham School. This school is uniquely offered to Utah residents and has live and online courses. And though our guides are focused on pre-licensing coursework, you will be happy to know Stringham Schools offer many other real estate-related courses. This school system is a one-stop-shop from broker and continuing education to home inspector and appraiser.


Updated Utah Coursework

The Stringham Schools system prides itself on employing some of the most qualified professionals in the business. As such, their coursework is constantly changing and adapting to new policies and laws enacted. Therefore, you can count on this school to prepare you based on relevant and updated coursework. You can also expect revolving instructors to bring fresh perspectives to the classes.

Online and Live Utah Based Classes

Speaking of classes, Stringham Schools is one of the few real estate schools in Utah to offer live in-person courses too. You have the choice, and you can decide which learning model works best for your individual needs. If you know you thrive well in an in-class setting, the live classes may be a great opportunity for you. However, if you prefer the online classes per the usual real estate learning model, you’ll be happy to know Stringham Schools is one of the best online Utah real estate schools.

Teach Full Course Every Month

Because the Stringham Schools offer live courses as an option for students, they have built an efficient model. Every single month, the entire coursework is taught to a new batch of students, all 120 hours. With the quick turnaround, students are able to come in, get the work done, and test for their license in as little as a few weeks! The same applies to online learning, as you are able to pace yourself with a max of 8 hours a day. However, the live learning sessions are unique to the Stringham School system.

Offers Network of Brokers and Graduates

Upon graduation, the Stringham Schools allow unique access to their alumni network. Their mission is to provide a great experience from start to finish. They’ll aid you during the coursework while also preparing you for the test and then positioning you with a qualified brokerage when you have your license.

Peer-to-Peer Online Study Group

A great pro for anyone who thrives well when working with others, the Stringham Schools offer peer support groups. Utilizing these during your coursework will help grow your chances of success. It’s always nice when a specific school makes this option available to students.


Increased Prices

Compared to coursework from other real estate schools in Utah, Stringham school packages are pricier than average. The basic package is $545 and only offers the coursework in reading format. However, the packages increase in value from there, with the priciest package including a test preparation program and a legal reference handbook.

4. Utah Real Estate School, TSG

Number Four of the Best Online Utah Real Estate Schools

Of these best online Utah real estate schools, my last recommendation would be the Utah Real Estate School, TSG. Focused on providing an engaging and convenient format, this school offers courses in all aspects of real estate, sales, investments, and property management. We’ll focus on pre-licensing benefits for this ranking and why Utah Real Estate School, TSG, is one of my top picks for the best online real estate schools in Utah.


One-Year Access

If you do not pass your exam on the first try, you have unlimited free access to the coursework for one year. Having access to the course after a long period is a useful safety net for students. Other organizations offer a few months of access, but one year is a major benefit.

Free Utah Test Prep

The Utah Real Estate School, TSG, offers free test prep to help students prepare for the licensing exam. They’re so confident in their teaching material that they provide this free added benefit to anyone who feels as though they may need a little extra support. This comes in various forms, including a free live session on the first Saturday of every month.

Open Enrollment Classes

You can enroll in the pre-licensing coursework at any time as enrollment is open. To easily adapt to any schedule, you may also access the course morning, day, or night, even holidays and weekends, to put in hours toward your license.

Different Formats

Luckily, the Utah Real Estate School, TSG, caters to different learning styles, including reading, PowerPoint, audio, video, and interactive exercises. The varying formats also help to keep you from growing bored with the coursework.


Only Six Months to Complete

The Utah Real Estate School, TSG, has one of the shortest windows to complete the coursework. At six months, you will lose access to the course quicker than alternatives.


Should something happen that prevents you from finishing your coursework, then you will not receive a course refund. For reference, other real estate schools offer money-back guarantees or credit toward a new course if something were to come up.

Utah Real Estate School FAQ

Utah Division of Real Estate

Utah Division of Real Estate Information
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What Are The Steps To Get A Real Estate License In Utah?

1. Meet the basic requirements
2. Complete a pre-licensing course
3. Pass the Utah pre-licensing exam
4. Pay the license fee

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Real Estate License In Utah?

The price of obtaining your real estate license in Utah will vary depending on your pre-licensing materials. However, you can expect it to be at least $216 as the exam fee is $59 and the license fee $157. Adding on your pre-licensing course, it could be another $400-600 and a $600-800 in total.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Utah?

The state of Utah requires 120 hours of pre-licensing coursework. If you are working seven days a week for 8 hours, you can complete your real estate pre-licensing in as little as 15 days without going over the 8 hours a day cap. If you were to treat your time like a typical work week with 40 hours, it would take three weeks to complete your pre-licensing.

How Much Does A Realtor Make In Utah?

The average Utah Realtor can expect to make between $39,000 and $60,000 a year. Great agents can make $80,000 or more.

Can I Become a Real Estate Agent in Utah with a Criminal Record?

The answer is maybe. It depends on the details and timing of the conviction. Generally, you cannot acquire a Utah real estate license and become a real estate agent if you have been convicted of a crime that interferes with your ability to act with integrity for all parties involved. The amount of time varies, but caps at 5 years for the max amount of time you will need to wait before applying for your license.

What Is Cover on the Utah Real Estate License Exam?

The Utah state sales agent exam is two parts. The first part is a general national portion, while the second part is state law. More specifically, there are 80 national questions and 50 state law questions.

Is A Real Estate License from Another State Valid In Utah?

Utah only has license reciprocity with a few other areas, including Georgia, Mississippi, and Alberta, Canada. When from these areas, you will not need to complete any additional coursework or testing. All that is required is documentation indicating that your license is in good standing in one of the other states.

Do I Need a College Degree To Be A Real Estate Agent In Utah?

No, the only educational requirement is your pre-licensing coursework and high school degree.

How Many Times Can I Take the Utah Real Estate License Exam?

You can take the Utah Real Estate License Exam as many times as it takes to pass, so long that it is within one year of the day you completed your pre-licensing course work.

What Is the Utah Division of Real Estate?

The Utah Division of Real Estate is a state program that monitors real estate professionals and transactions to ensure they’re inline with Utah’s best practices. The division is not limited to real estate professionals but also those serving in the mortgage and appraisal sector.