The 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Alabama

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Alabama

In this guide I will give you an inside look into the 5 best online real estate schools in Alabama. This will help anyone that wants to become licensed in Alabama. Through any of these 5 best Alabama real estate schools, you will be able to complete your pre-licensing requirements and become ready to take the exam.

Alabama has one of the most unknown upward trending real estate markets in the country today. For anyone living in Alabama or looking to relocate there, you might want to consider tapping into this business. To be a working real estate agent in the state of Alabama, you will need your real estate license. In order to get it, you’ll have to go to real estate school to obtain your pre-licensing course knowledge. This can be done in person, but can also conveniently happen through an online platform with one of the schools shown below.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Alabama


best online real estate schools in AlabamaReal Estate Express5


top online Alabama real estate schoolsThe CE Shop4


online real estate schools in AlabamaAYPO3

1. Real Estate Express


Number One of the Best Online Alabama Real Estate Schools

Real Estate Express is my number one go-to school when looking for the best online real estate schools in Alabama. This is because the program is licensed by both ARELLO and IDECC and they have a wide array of options. On top of that, they also offer online classes to the entirety of the state of Alabama through convenient programming and self-sufficient learning methods. (See my Real Estate Express review for a look inside the school.)

Real Estate Express offers four different program options including the following:

  • The Basics: A good option for people with some real estate experience. Includes the license course, state instructor support, and 3 ebooks.
  • Exam Preparation: Has everything that The Basics offers plus a money-back guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus: A more personalized style of learning that includes ebooks and live sessions with instructors.
  • Ultimate Learning: Includes a pass or don’t pay guarantee. Also includes Q&A sessions, a 90-day boot camp, and a 30-hour post-license education plan.

The prices of the Real Estate Express Alabama pre-licensing course are moderate in comparison to other programs. Sale prices starting at $200 for the basic education option and go up to nearly $400 for the highest ultimate option.


There are many pros that come with the Real Estate Express real estate school Alabama license programming. They are the best of the Alabama real estate schools on my list. They boast a very high rate of successful graduates that go on to pass the Alabama real estate exam. In addition, they have a comprehensive program that can be catered to your personal learning style. With four different program options, they have the most comprehensive real estate pre-licensing in Alabama.

Additional pros include:

  • They commonly offer sale prices
  • They have a money-back guarantee on most program options
  • They offer a pass or don’t pay perk

This is my top pick for online real estate schools in Alabama because they provide results without retaking the courses. On top of that, they simply offer the best Alabama pre-licensing course on the market.


The biggest drawback of Real Estate Express is the tier program. If you want the highest tier of learning options, you need to pay the highest price. This consists of around $400 or $500 for the Ultimate Learning package. Real Estate Express is not available in all states but if you do live in Alabama, you will easily be able to participate in their pre-licensing classes.

2. The CE Shop


Second of the Top Real Estate Schools In Alabama

My second pick for the best online Alabama real estate schools is The CE Shop. The CE Shop is a great online real estate school because it is available in many locations and because you can complete coursework quickly. This means that the courses are specifically catered to with knowledge about the general national market at any given time. This is important because it allows the real estate agent to be aware of trends both in Alabama and across the nation. (Discover what others say in The CE Shop reviews to learn more.)

The CE Shop offers four different program options including the following:

  • Courses Only: All courses required to pass the Alabama real estate agent licensing exam.
  • Standard Package: Add national and Alabama-specific exam prep booklets.
  • Value Package: Adds business building courses to the exam prep and licensing courses.
  • Premium Package: Includes a 30-hour post-licensing course.

The prices of The CE Shop are slightly higher than Real Estate Express. Sale prices start at $225 and rise to around $505 for the highest non-sale option. The pros and the cons of The CE Shop’s online real estate school include the following.


I have chosen The CE Shop as one of the second-best Alabama real estate schools because of percentage statistics. Instead of an average Alabama pass rate of 55%, The CE Shop students have a 77% exam pass rate. Along with this pass rate, it has a 96% approval rating from past satisfied students. This means that those who take the course feel that they are learning important information. The course also guarantees that you can finish in as few as 3 weeks. This is great for busy individuals who want to finish their pre-licensing coursework quickly.

Additional pros include:

  • You can complete your course in just 3 short weeks
  • They are nationally known and respected
  • The courses are often on sale

As my second-highest pick for Alabama real estate schools, The CE Shop offers many options.


The only cons to studying with The CE Shop include the following:

  • Only the most expensive program offers 30-hour post-licensing courses
  • There are very few one-on-one learning opportunities for students

Since it has only a few cons, I have decided to make The CE Shop my second choice for the best online real estate schools in Alabama.

3. AYPO Real Estate


Third Best Online Alabama Real Estate School

I believe that AYPO Real Estate is one of the best online real estate schools in Alabama. (see my complete AYPO Real Estate review) This is why I have placed it at number three on my list. With a five-star Google rating out of over 350 individual reviews, AYPO East Estate offers quality courses. Not only can you learn at your own pace, but you will always have access to the learning materials even after the course is finished. Rather than needing to choose from four different pre-licensing schooling options, AYPO Real Estate offers just two. These great options include:

  • Regular Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course: 60 hours of preparation to take and pass the real estate agent exam.
  • Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course Deluxe: Includes all materials from the regular course plus an additional PDF teaching important skills like real estate calculations.

The prices for the AYPO Real Estate school are decent as they typically offer good prices for this school. The best-selling regular course costs $260 while the deluxe package costs $360.


The AYPO Real Estate school comes with its fair share of pros. It is an approved pre-licensing real estate institution with recognition from the Alabama Real Estate Commission and provider ID. With a 64.3% pass rate, its students rank higher than the state average pass rate of 55%.

Additional pros include:

  • 5 star average Google rating
  • A price match guarantee on similar programs in Alabama
  • Important session information on agency relations and real estate calculations

Due to its high student satisfaction and overwhelmingly positive reviews, AYPO Real Estate is the third-best school on my list.


The biggest drawbacks to AYPO Real Estate is the lack of one-on-one instruction and their course platform. There is no one-on-one instruction from any knowledgeable real estate agents or teachers. Their course platform is very basic compared to that of Real Estate Express but still gets the job done. Though a 64.3% pass rate is higher than the typical state average, it is lower than the first two schools on the list.

4. 360Training


360Training is fourth on the list of best Alabama real estate schools. It is number four on my list because it offers one certified package. This premium package has been specifically designed to help individuals pass the exam on their first try. With information like listing properties, selling, fair practice, and administration skills this course is full of knowledge. The one Premium Package includes all of the following lessons:

  • 60 pre-licensing credit hours
  • A comprehensive exam prep
  • 3 hours of real estate math
  • 3 hours of client-focused communication methods

Due to its unique math and communications lessons, I’ve rated 360Training as one of the top online Alabama real estate schools.


360Training for real estate agent licensing in Alabama has a variety of pros. They have an additional 3 hours of client-focused communication techniques and 3 hours of real estate math. These skills will greatly improve the success of a real estate agent working in the state of Alabama. 360Training is also an AREC approved course in the state of Alabama with a provider ID.

Additional pros include:

  • There are no prerequisites included
  • Developed specifically for Alabama real estate agents
  • Content is always being updated and renewed with the most current state-regulatory information

360Training is one of my top picks for online Alabama real estate schools because of its updated content and additional information hours.


The biggest drawback to using 360Training is that their course platform is just not that good. There is very little interaction and it’s basically like reading a pdf and then taking some quizzes. 360Training also does not include live help or teachers knowledgeable in Alabama real estate. This means all of their students must be completely self-motivated to complete the course in a timely manner.

See more about 360Training in my 360Training review.

5. Kaplan RE


The last real estate school on my list is Kaplan. Kaplan is one of the top five Alabama real estate schools because it has a pretty good Alabama pre-licensing course. Its number one selling point is that its courses encompass all of Alabama’s unique laws and provisions. This gives students using this course an in-depth education in Alabama’s market. Kaplan also offers three different educational package options. These are:

  • Alabama Real Estate Principles: This basic package covers 60 hours of required knowledge. Its cost is $299.
  • Alabama Real Estate Principles with Master Exam Prep Package: This package costs $329 and offers additions like the PSI Real Estate Drill, Practice QBank, and real estate principles.
  • Career Launcher Package: This package is the most comprehensive package full of information about Alabama’s real estate market. At $529, it also includes an 8 hour real estate accelerator course. This course will help prepare you for real-life real estate scenarios in your state.

Kaplan is the fifth of the online Alabama real estate schools to make my list. This is because its state-centric knowledge is very valuable to those working in the market today.


There are many pros when it comes to the Kaplan real estate school. The biggest is its main focus on Alabama real estate practices. In addition to helping get ready for the exam, Kaplan offers real life scenario examples. It gives students 6 months to complete the program and guarantees quality or your money back. The packages are full of multi-tiered information and even the most basic educational package offers a variety of good information.

Additional pros include:

  • Three package options
  • Added PSI real estate drill included
  • All courses are up to date with current Alabama market information

Kaplan has made my list as one of the 5 best online real estate schools in Alabama because of its state-centric rhetoric.


The main cons of Kaplan’s program options are the price. Kaplan is fifth on my list because it is the most expensive real estate school out of the five featured here. Its basic program starts at $299 and its most high quality program is all the way at $529. This makes it less affordable. It also only gives students six months to finish the program rather than a full year. It also does not feature live live instruction or one-on-one classes.

Learn more about this school in my Kaplan real estate review.

Alabama Real Estate School FAQ

What Are The Steps To Become A Real Estate Agent In Alabama?

There are six main steps to becoming a real estate agent in Alabama. There are also certain state prerequisites that must be met before taking these steps. The prerequisites for taking the Alabama real estate exam include:

  • Being over the age of 19
  • High school graduate or GED completion
  • Legal US residency
  • Clean criminal record with no felonies

If you have the proper prerequisites, you can take the following steps to becoming a licensed Alabama real estate agent:

  • Do 60 hours of pre-licensing
  • Pass your real estate exams
  • Get a broker sponsor
  • Submit an official real estate agent application
  • Do your 30-hour post-licensing course

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Alabama?

It can take around 6 months to become a real estate agent in Alabama. The longest part of becoming a real estate agent includes the 60-hour pre-licensing course. The second-longest part is the 30-hour post-licensing course.

How Much Does Real Estate School Cost In Alabama?

Real estate schools in Alabama can cost around $100 to $300 depending on the school. The Alabama real estate exam costs $71 to take each time. In addition, a licensing fee can cost around $170 for the first two years of licensing. A real estate license in Alabama must be renewed every two years and costs $195 per renewal.

How Hard Is The Alabama Real Estate Exam?

The Alabama real estate exam is considered difficult to pass. Only 50% of test-takers pass their first attempt. Multiple attempts can be done with a $71 fee per attempt. Most individuals pass on their second, third, or even fourth attempt.

How Many Times Can You Take The Alabama Real Estate Exam?

The Alabama real estate exam can be taken an infinite number of times to pass. This must happen within one year from the pre-licensing course date. A total score of 70 or more must be achieved in order to receive a passing mark. Most individuals pass with a 75 to 80 point score.

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Alabama?

There are over 400,000 working real estate agents in Alabama. Each of these real estate agents makes an average of $80,000 per year. The starting salary of a real estate agent in Alabama is around $39,000 per year. The highest salary is up at around $130,000 per year. A real estate agent’s salary in Alabama depends greatly on whether they work with a reputable company or alone. It also depends on the current year and the state of the real estate market at the time. Since the real estate market tends to fluctuate, most salary averages are approximate.