Top 4 Real Estate Schools In Arkansas (Get Started Selling Real Estate Today)

Top 4 Real Estate Schools In Arkansas (Get Started Selling Real Estate Today)

On this comprehensive list, you will find the four best online real estate schools in Arkansas including Real Estate Express, The CE Shop, Kaplan, and Mbition. Continue reading below to learn which of the 4 best real estate schools in Arkansas is best for you.

When it comes to being a real estate agent in Arkansas, selling real estate can actually be quite a rewarding career. With options to make a lucrative income, attending a real estate certification program can offer great rewards.

Before you begin selling real estate in Arkansas, however, you must first get your real estate education and attend pre-license courses. In order to choose the best place through which to learn about real estate, it is important to research school options carefully.

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Best Rated Real Estate Schools in Arkansas


best real estate schools in ArkansasReal Estate Express5


top real estate schools in ArkansasThe CE Shop4



1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Arkansas

The first online Arkansas real estate school on this list is Real Estate Express. Real Estate Express is a great real estate school because it has a track record of helping many students pass the real estate exam on their first attempt. Not only is the Arkansas-based curriculum in-depth and full of important information, but it is also presented in an exciting way that captivates the attention of the students and makes learning more fun and productive.

While this easy course is accessible and simple to use, it also has its small share of downsides. From pros like accessible platforms with knowledgeable teachers to cons such as little one-on-one time or lacking math education, my list has it all when it comes to the number one real estate school in Arkansas.

Continue reading below to take an in-depth look at some of the biggest pros and cons of using Real Estate Express to get your real estate license in Arkansas. (See my Real Estate Express review for even more about this school.)

Pros of Real Estate Express

Arkansas Arello Certified

IDECC and Arello certified, Real Estate Express sets high yet reachable standards for their students that encourage growth through learning sanctioned curriculum and certified lesson planning.

Easy to Use

Real Estate Express has an easy and simple to use platform that does not require a long download or log-in process when learning online.


Take real estate courses from the comfort of your own home.

Flashcards and PDFs

Real Estate Express offers downloadable study help like flashcards, mini-tests, and PDF texts so that you won’t need to bother with going to the store to buy large and expensive books or materials.

High Ratings From Most Arkansas Graduating Students

With over 10,000 reviews from Arkansas students, Real Estate Express has gotten a majority of favorable reports.

Arkansas Satisfaction Guarantee

Real Estate Express offers a satisfaction guarantee for every Arkansas student that has paid in full and completed the entirety of the course work.

Arkansas Pass or Don’t Pay

Real Estate Express is one of the online real estate schools that offers a pass or don’t pay guarantee. If you don’t pass the Arkansas real estate license exam they will refund the price of the course.


The Arkansas program offers a decent price as compared to other online Arkansas real estate schools. Their Arkansas packages start with a sale price of around $223 up to $370 for the most expensive option.

Cons of Real Estate Express

Teacher Contact

One of the biggest cons of the Real Estate Express Arkansas online real estate program is that there is not as much teacher contact here as in the other state programs.

2. The CE Shop


Number Two Best Online Real Estate Schools In Arkansas

The second best of the online real estate schools in Arkansas is The CE Shop. The CE Shop has a very high pass rate of over 80% of all students who completed the courses and offers a unique student-led learning curriculum that holds each student accountable for their own learning process. See my The CE Shop review for more info on this real estate school.

The Pros of The CE Shop

High Arkansas Student Pass Rates

The Arkansas pre-licensing real estate curriculum has a higher pass rate than many other similar online programs in the state.

Four Arkansas Package Options

The CE Shop offers four specific Arkansas packages that allow the student to decide which path they will go down and how much of a workload they are willing to take on.

Lots Of Webinars

The CE Shop’s Arkansas program offers many webinars from their experienced team of instructors, making their curriculum feel closer to the process of learning in a classroom.

No Falling Behind

The CE Shop’s Arkansas program provides custom scheduling on your own time so that you never fall behind or feel like you are playing catch up with the course materials.

Material Downloads

The CE Shop gives out a downloadable coursework code or file that you can go back to at any time instead of buying a book.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can get your money back within 30 days if you are not completely happy with your Arkansas online real estate course.

Cons of The CE Shop

The Cost of Arkansas Course

Even though The CE Shop’s online real estate school for Arkansas often has sales that knock the prices down, the cost for this program is rather high. The lowest price with an ongoing sale is $269.25 whereas the highest price without a sale promotion is $376.35. While it is not the highest price on my list, there are other Arkansas programs out there that are less expensive.

Lacking Math Explanations

If you’re someone who struggles with math, this might not be the course for you. While real estate and accounting math are present in the courses, they are not thoroughly explained according to some past student reviews.

Less Interaction

While The CE Shop’s Arkansas program does offer webinars, they still have less one on one teacher interaction than some other national online real estate programs. Contacting the teacher to ask questions or make comments is somewhat difficult and needs to be done far ahead of time if necessary.

3. Kaplan


Third Best Online Arkansas Real Estate Schools

Kaplan is the third best online real estate school in Arkansas. This is true because Kaplan offers easy to understand information through a relatively simple to use platform. Usually taking around 6 to 8 months to finish their coursework, students are given in-depth study materials and practice tests to further their knowledge while participating in the program.

Depending on the state that you are taking your Kaplan pre-licensing certification program with, you will have a different course load pertaining to the requirement hours. For Arkansas, the requirement is 60 hours. Read more in my Kaplan real estate review.

Pros of Kaplan

Full Arkansas Exam Preparation

Kaplan’s students almost always do well on their tests due to Kaplan’s extensive exam preparedness curriculum. With practice tests and mini quizzes, Kaplan real estate students never feel blindsided by the information they are tested on.

High Arkansas Exam Pass Rates

Kaplan offers the second highest rate of Arkansas students passing their licensing exams on the first try. This is good news for prospective students who do not want to go through the hassle of paying for and taking their real estate exam twice.

Live and On Demand Class Options for Your Convenience

For those with full time jobs or those taking care of young ones in the home, Kaplan offers convenient and easily scheduled live and on demand classes. With two online class options, you get ample teacher time and can decide which method is best for your style of learning.

Professional Team of Arkansas Real Estate Instructors

Every single instructor that teaches for Kaplan is a currently working or past working real estate professional. With practical knowledge in the field, Kaplan’s instructors use their personal knowledge, tips, and tricks, to help you become the best real estate agent that you can be upon graduating from the course.

Cons of Kaplan

The High Price

By far the biggest con of taking your pre-licensing real estate courses with Kaplan is the price. It is the highest price on my list starting at $369 for the basic principles course, $449 for the master prep Arkansas package, and goes all the way up to $649 for the full career launcher package. While it is the most expensive, the career package has a wealth of information to help you launch successfully into the field of your new real estate profession once passing your licensing exam.

4. Mbition


Fourth Best Online Real Estate Schools In Arkansas

The fourth best online real estate school in Arkansas is Mbition. While the name might seem like a gimmick, do not let it fool you. Mbition has a highly sought after program that boasts three information-packed hours. Each Mbition real estate program package is a 60 hour course that prepares its students for practical success in the real estate field.

Known as a fast-track to practicing real estate as a full time job, many students who decided to take the Mbition pre-licensing course are serious about transitioning to a career in this field. Learn more about this school in my Mbition real estate review.

Pros of Mbition

Decent Pricing For Arkansas Course

As far as online Arkansas real estate programs go, Mbition is the pretty affordable. With their courses broken up into sections, you can cater your knowledge to your budget.

Three Arkansas Package Options

Mbition offers 3 different course packages at very affordable pricing compared to other online schools in Arkansas. The silver solution comes in at a sale price of $312, the Gold Solution is around $420, and the Premium Career Solution is $446 at sale price.

High Reviews From Past Arkansas Students

Over 1,000 graduating students in the last few years have rated Mbition highly for all categories across the board including curriculum, knowledge, and exam preparedness.

Salesperson and Broker License Options

Mbition has two different tracks you can go down as a real estate professional. One is the 60 hour salesperson course and the other includes 60 hours to become a real estate broker.

Cons of Mbition

Basic Platform and Presentation

Even though Mbition offers in-depth courses, some of their information is a bit simple and straightforward. This means that if you already have any previous experience in real estate, real estate knowledge, or are even taking the course in order to renew your license, there is a high chance you’ll see information on the coursework that you already know.

Less Safety-Related Topics

Mbition covers safety in a very basic way and could potentially benefit from adding safety lessons to their real estate courses.

Lacking Math Curriculum

Students have complained that the Mbition programs lack math curriculum and leave some Arkansas students feeling like they need a tutor before taking the exam.

Arkansas Real Estate School FAQ

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Real Estate License In Arkansas?

To successfully get and retain your real estate license in the state of Arkansas, you must first take your pre-licensing courses. Depending on which courses you choose to learn online or in person, you will most likely end up paying an average of $100 per class. Afterward, you must pay for your completed fingerprinting which has a different cost in every Arkansas county. Then, you will be $22 to take the test as well as a $50 application fee.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arkansas?

In Arkansas, you are required to take pre-licensing real estate courses and have a total of 60 hours of completed classes in order to get your real estate license. The full process for becoming a real estate agent in Arkansas can take 6 months to a year depending on waiting times, the county you filed your application with, and how long it takes you to complete your full real estate education through your online program.

Do You Need A College Degree To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arkansas?

No, you do not need a degree to become a real estate agent in Arkansas, though it may occasionally help with getting clients. All you need to do is attend an online real estate school and get your real estate license in the state of Arkansas. Then you can begin to sell houses or even work with a real estate team.

How Much Do Real Estate Schools In Arkansas Cost to Attend?

The total cost of real estate school in Arkansas depends heavily on what online pre-licensing certification course you choose to attend. The cost for the real estate courses in Arkansas can be anywhere from around $200 to around $650.

What Requirements Do I Need To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arkansas?

There are 4 main steps to becoming a real estate agent in Arkansas. These steps include the following:

Step 1: You will need to be at least 18 years old or older in age. You must have graduated from high school to have a GED equivalent.

Step 2: You must complete 60 hours of required pre-licensing education as specified by the state of Arkansas. This includes 45 hours of broker pre-licensing commission education.

Step 3: You must pass the Arkansas real estate licensing exam and schedule your licensing application appointment.

Step 4: Get fingerprinted and show your proof of citizenship to the state of Arkansas. Then wait for the allotted amount of pending application approval time by your designated county.

Is It Difficult To Become A Real Estate Agent In Arkansas?

No, it’s really quite simple and not overly difficult to obtain your real estate license in Arkansas. If you study properly during your courses and pass the real estate exam, you will not struggle to become a real estate agent. Taking a course from the best online Arkansas real estate schools will also help make it easier for you.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Arkansas Per Year?

Real estate agents in Arkansas can usually earn around an average typical annual salary of $32,725. Beginning real estate agent wages start at around $19,382 and go up to over $55,200.