8 Best Online Colorado Real Estate Schools (Reviews And Comparisons)

8 Best Online Colorado Real Estate Schools (Reviews And Comparisons)

Colorado is a great state to become a real estate agent in. You’ll enjoy an all-in-one process as anyone pursuing a real estate license in Colorado will simultaneously earn their broker’s license. Additionally, with the sharp rise in interest in living in Colorado, there has never been a better time to jump into the real estate market! You will be able to help both emigrants and immigrants hoping to move to Colorado with the process. All it takes is a few simple steps, the first being to choose a real estate school for your pre-licensing coursework. To help ease that burden, I’ve gathered my top picks for online real estate schools in Colorado.

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Best Real Estate Schools in Colorado


number two online real estate schools in ColoradoReal Estate Express5


best online real estate schools in ColoradoAceableAgent5


top online real estate schools in ColoradoThe CE Shop4

1. Real Estate Express


Second Best Online Colorado Real Estate Schools

Real Estate Express is the second option on my list of best online real estate schools in Colorado. I love Real Estate Express (see my Real Estate Express review) and recommend it as a neutral and versatile option that offers students in Colorado a flexible learning environment. With all of the pros, there are a couple of drawbacks you should keep in mind too.


Colorado Package Tiers

This Colorado online real estate school offers different tiers, a big benefit for those who require less or more assistance. It is also beneficial for those who can pay more for extra benefits versus those who can barely afford the minimum tier. You’ll find that the basic package includes the mandatory 90-hour pre-licensing coursework, a qualified state instructor for questions and support, as well as three real estate eBooks. What you won’t find in cheaper options like this one is extensive exam prep or a pass guarantee. However, as you slide up the tiers, more benefits are introduced, including the very important exam preparation and pass guarantee.

Reviews From Colorado Students

Of nearly 7,000 reviews, Real Estate Express scores a 3.91 out of 5 stars according to student reviews. It’s always helpful to see what peers say about a program before choosing it as the best option for yourself. It’s very reassuring to see that so many students believe in the school and its teaching mechanisms.

Individual Colorado Courses

Beyond the pre-licensing courses, Real Estate Express also offers individual courses to help embellish your pre-licensing education. Courses that Real Estate Express offers for Colorado residents are Colorado Law and Practice, Colorado Legal Issues, Colorado Practical Applications, Colorado Recordkeeping, and Trust Accounts, Colorado Contracts and Regulations, and Colorado Closings. With these courses, you can continue catering your education to your unique needs while learning more about Colorado’s unique best practices.


Individual Learning

A common complaint from online Colorado real estate schools is that they require you to learn independently. This is often the case with online coursework, and unfortunately, it is in the nature of Real Estate Expresses’ Colorado division. With self-paced courses and no live lectures or peer one-on-ones, there is little room for development based upon feedback. If you’re a student who relies on peer and instructor interaction, you may consider an in-person or streaming class option.

2. AceableAgent

number one best online real estate schools in Colorado

Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Colorado

AceableAgent is an online Colorado real estate school that offers numerous benefits, putting it at the top of my list of recommendations. There is much to love about this course, from affordability to the pass-guarantee, and little that causes concern. Designed as the first online real estate educator that works with an adaptive format, Aceable offers versatility and on-the-go learning while helping to grow the next generation of real estate agents.



Not many real estate schools set out to make a classroom that is able to translate seamlessly between mobile, tablets, and computers. If you’ve ever tried to use a site on your phone, especially a multi-layered one like an online school system, chances are you’ve seen how terrible they can be. However, Aceable Real Estate School has worked hard to provide an adaptable and universal learning model.

Positive Reviews

When analyzing ratings, this is one of the highest student-rated online Colorado real estate schools. Of over a thousand reviews, Colorado students are rating this program a 4.7 out of 5 stars, a pretty high score compared with counterparts. (See my in-depth AceableAgent review for an inside look into the school.)


The Aceable Real Estate School offers their course in PDF so that you may study wherever, as fast or slow as you need. The school also provides your midterms and final exams online, so you won’t need to go in for a proctored test anytime soon. This means you will be able to take your courses around the world, and if you live a busy lifestyle or you’re constantly on the go, this is very helpful.

Online Support

In addition to online technical support, AceableAgent also offers knowledgeable instructors and career mentors during the week for your convenience. You can reach out to these experienced individuals for questions about your soon-to-be real estate career and course-related content you’re struggling with. Online technical support can be found seven days of the week, while instructor support is only the five workdays.


Colorado Pass Guarantee

A great safety net for weary test-takers, AceableAgent, offers a pass guarantee so that you can focus on studying without worrying about what-ifs. While other real estate schools in Colorado offer a credit for a retake after failing the first exam, Aceable Real Estate School will only step in after your third time failing. That means three test attempts will come out of your pocket before they will refund your coursework cost.

One Colorado Package option

There is only one Colorado package option for the pre-licensing coursework at AceableAgent. While it is cost-effective at $299, students will not be able to build a package and plan that works best for them. This package includes the pre-licensing coursework, a pass guarantee, and the PDF for on-the-go learning. I prefer online Colorado real estate schools that feature multiple tiers. However, it does cover everything you need to know to pass the Colorado real estate license exam.

3. The CE Shop


Third of the Best Online Colorado Real Estate Schools

The CE Shop sits high on my list of best online real estate schools in Colorado because of its reliability and renowned standards. With so many Colorado pre-licensing options, I like to recommend The CE Shop as one with extensive experience and coverage of both national and state-specific required information. Read complete details in my review of the The CE Shop.


Demo and Free Trial

The CE Shop offers a free trial and video demo for those interested in their programs. Potential students will be able to navigate the website as if they were enrolled. With so many real estate schools in Colorado, narrowing down options by direct interaction is a great benefit.

Abundant Communication

When you Choose The Utah CE Shop, you have direct access to the team for tech issues and problems with your coursework. From live chat to emails and phone calls or texts, you can study easily knowing that any issues you encounter, you have a great support system to guide you through it. A quality communication system at your chosen online real estate school is so important, especially for those studying outside of the typical workweek.

Extensive Knowledge Center

One of my favorite things about The CE Shop is the fact that it acts as a sort of knowledge corner for real estate agents. There, you can find everything you will need, from pre-licensing courses to exam prep to continuing education. Additionally, The CE Shop also offers a career resource center. I love all of these options as they help provide the most value to students by keeping everything in one place.

Colorado Pass Rates

Nothing speaks louder than student success rate, and when it comes to The Colorado CE Shop, this couldn’t be more true. This is one of Colorado’s best online real estate schools because it has consistently proved that its students are receiving a high-quality education. With an average of a 91% pass rate, it’s hard to beat.


Lack of Interaction

Everyone has a different learning style, and when it comes to The CE Shop, many Coloradans sight the lack of interaction as a learning issue. Because some people thrive on constant feedback from peers and instructors to foster learning, The CE Shop may not be the best option for them. The learning model is built to be an autonomous and self-paced course, so it may be better suited for people who can learn comfortably on their own.

4. Kaplan


Number Four of the Best Online Colorado Real Estate Schools

Rounding out the top half of my recommendations for the best online Colorado real estate schools is Kaplan. Kaplan Colorado is focused on providing Colorado residents with all of the tools they need to become successful real estate professionals. Kaplan ranks number four on the list because of its consistency and reliability. However, like any of these schools, there are a few areas I would like to see Kaplan improve to benefit students further. Dive deeper into this real estate school in my Kaplan real estate review.



At Kaplan, you will not only be able to complete all of your Colorado pre-licensing requirements, but you will also be able to do exam prep, renewals, and continuing education courses as needed. I like the idea of keeping everything related to real estate development in one place, meaning you won’t need to run a dozen different sites to get the education you need.

Experience in Colorado

Kaplan Colorado offers over 50 years of localized experience teaching students national and state-specific policies. As a result, you can expect an in-depth and local-based look into Colorado real estate laws and best practices.


This is one of the best online Colorado real estate schools, but it also offers live options as well! Students can choose between OnDemand learning, live classrooms, or an online textbook study course. The OnDemand option includes pre-recorded lectures and online coursework so that you may work at your own pace. The live classroom offers direct interaction with students and teachers who can help you further develop your real estate career. The last option, the textbook home study, is simply the course loaded into a readable format, which can also be navigated at your own pace.


Completion Time Limit

Kaplan caps the amount of time you have to complete your course at six months. This means if there are any issues that come up or life changes, the course has a semi-tight timeframe to get things done. In an effort for flexibility regarding completion limits, I prefer programs that offer at least a year of access to the course. If you’re unable to complete the course in six months, you may be able to request a paid extension, but you will need to contact the school for further details.

Extremely Pricey

The Kaplan Colorado real estate program is extremely pricey compared to its competitors. According to the package types we listed above, the OnDemand learning experience can run between $799 and $999. The online course study or Home Study package ranges from $599 to $799. The most expensive option, the live courses, range from $899 to $1099, nearly triple certain competitors’ top prices. While I believe in Kaplan’s quality education, I recognize there is a price barrier for many people as well, which is why it rests in the middle of my rankings.

5. Mbition


Fifth of the Best Online Real Estate Schools In Colorado

Mbition is a school I am quite familiar with as there are branches across the country. However, I really like the Colorado pre-licensing education. (See my Mbition review for more.) The institution is transparent from start to finish about what is included in the course, from how many hours are dedicated to certain topics to the path for creating a successful Colorado real estate agent. You’ll see below why Mbition makes the list of best online real estate schools in Colorado.


Constant Support

A major benefit for any school you’re considering enrolling in is support. Mbition offers round-the-clock support and chat options for both technical support and career-driven questions. You won’t need to worry about off-hour studying and what will happen if something goes wrong. Your support system is built into your purchase

Updated Colorado Content

Mbition Colorado offers only the most recent real estate policies, laws, and news for student’s benefits. The institution prides itself on producing fresh content that contributes to the growth of new real estate agents without dishing out old materials.

Affordability and Value

The Colorado pre-licensing packages at this school are relatively affordable across the board, though there are only two packages. The prices range between $424 and $449, and both packages include a pass guarantee, specifically pass on the first time. Both packages also include the PSI national real estate exam prep and an exam prep tool kit. You can’t beat that value!

Colorado Real Estate Bookstore

One of my favorite aspects of Mbition is its online bookstore. When checking out for your course, you can also purchase any books to prepare you further for the licensing exam. Some of these books include Basic Real Estate Appraisal, Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments, Effective Real Estate Sales and Marketing, and more!


Only Two Colorado Package Options

While multiple package options are always a great plus in my book, Mbition only offers two. I would like to see more options with add-ons that provide more value to students, so you won’t need to go off for any other services, complicating the process further.

6. VanED


Number Six Best Online Real Estate Schools In Colorado

VanED is an online real estate and appraisal school that has been offering Colorado residents a quality education for years. Offering a self-paced learning experience and unparalleled assistance from instructors when needed, VanED earns a spot on this list of best online Colorado real estate schools.


Access to the Professionals

You will benefit from a direct line of contact with instructors via email and phone for any questions you may have. This is applicable for both course-related content and guidance for your professional career.

Updated Colorado Coursework

VanED prides itself on providing up-to-date coursework that is engaging and extremely easy to work with. You won’t find outdated scenarios or ancient learning mechanisms here. Instead, you can expect recent information, including policies, best practices, and real estate trends, all in a sleek format, made to help you learn.


A big component of online learning is the ability to access your courses whenever and wherever you need to. You’ll be happy to know that in choosing VanED, you will have the ability to study any time of day across all of your devices. That means you can study on your phone on the go or in your bed on your laptop. It doesn’t matter, as the coursework is available to you in whatever format suits you best.

Colorado Free Trial

Free trials are a great way to gain insight into how a course functions. Luckily, VanED offers a 5-day free trial. When you’re investing so much money, time, and resources into growing your professional career, it’s crucial that you are using the best vessel to do so. I really appreciate schools that offer these free trials and highly encourage prospective students to take advantage to find what works best for them.

Personal Academic Advisor

AceableAgent offers a personal academic advisor for students who opt for certain packages. Since this is a bonus that many schools don’t offer, I can appreciate the option. If you are a student who is wary of all the intricate details involved in becoming a Colorado licensed real estate agent, this is a great opportunity to have someone hold your hand and walk you through the steps. Not to mention the invaluable insight and knowledge you will gain from the one-on-one time catered to you and your needs.


Not As Affordable

The VanED Real Estate School is one of the pricier real estate schools in Colorado. Luckily, there are three package options, so you can limit the cost a bit depending on what you need. However, their original prices begin at $599 for the most stripped-down package and go all the way up to $799 for the most advanced package. The school often runs discounts; however, it is still one of the pricier options.

7. Colorado Real Estate School

Seventh of the Best Online Real Estate Schools In Colorado

Colorado Real Estate School is a great locally based option for prospective agents. Here you will find pre-licensing courses, exam prep, and more. This is the state’s largest real estate institution and prides itself in providing quality results efficiently and seamlessly. Locally owned and locally operated, the Colorado Real Estate School offers great insight and professional development for past and current students.


Streamed Courses

Rather than simply providing the coursework online for students to access at their leisure, the Colorado Real Estate School also offers live courses. Though not quite the same as in-person courses, students can greatly benefit from a live and interactive experience. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive feedback from other students and professionals on best practices and learning objectives.

Colorado Package Tier Options

I love this online Colorado real estate school for its clear and varying package options. Students are not single-faceted, and course offerings shouldn’t be either. The Colorado Real Estate School offers three options for prospective agents to choose from, Standard, Enhanced, and Deluxe. Interestingly, one of the major differences between the package types is the time limit you have to complete the course. The Standard option is a six-month limit, the Enhanced option an eight-month limit, and the Deluxe a ten-month limit.

Your Schedule

Given that you can opt for a package that allows as much time as you think you will need to complete the course, that makes this online Colorado real estate school pretty flexible. Additionally, you will have 24/7 access to the coursework, which means you can truly work depending on your needs and schedule.

Instructor Lives

Another benefit that puts this school on my list of best online Colorado real estate schools is that they offer instructor-led, interactive webinars. What better way to ask any pressing questions or receive career advice than a built-in accessible session?


Pass Guarantee/Incentive

Colorado Real Estate School’s pass guarantee is known as their pass incentive, and it is only available for the highest package offer. This leaves most students without a fallback plan should they fail their first test. Instead, they will need to pay for the retake each time without credit from the school.

Cancellation Policy

You will only have three days for a full refund if you decide the course is not for you. Without a free trial option, this means you will need to know relatively quickly whether the guide is for you. After three days, you may be eligible for a partial refund that depletes with the more progress you make. Additionally, the school will charge a $99 cancellation fee, which may nullify a large portion of the refund.

8. A Plus Real Estate School

Number Eight Best Online Real Estate Schools In Colorado

The last online Colorado real estate school I would like to recommend for you is A Plus Real Estate School. Another Colorado-based option, this school boasts highly qualified locally-based professionals to guide your education.


Pass and Placement Guarantee

A Plus Real Estate School guarantees that you will pass your real estate exam. If not they will cover the cost of your exam retake. Additionally, to help students feel comfortable after completing their pre-licensing coursework, A Plus Real Estate School offers a placement program to help you get started with your career.

Counseling and Tutoring

Because A Plus Real Estate School is a small-scale, locally owned, and operated school, they are happy to provide counseling and tutoring for all students involved in the program. This means that you will have one-on-one time with highly qualified professionals to provide career advice and guidance as well as direct assistance with troubling coursework.


Much More Expensive

A Plus Real Estate School’s pre-licensing courses are pretty pricey. Additionally, there is only a single package option for the pre-licensing coursework, which means you will need to pay the entire $1,025 to study at this real estate school in Colorado.


This online real estate school’s website leaves much to be desired. With an older layout that is not as responsive or intuitive as competitors, it may be more difficult for you to navigate the coursework. It also may be more difficult to access the materials across your devices.

Colorado Real Estate School FAQ

What Are the Steps to Get a Real Estate License in Colorado?

The process to receive your real estate license is a straightforward process in Colorado. Here are the steps to get a real estate license in Colorado:

Step 1: Determine if you are qualified – you will need to be a U.S. resident and be at least 18 years old.

Step 2: Complete Pre-Licensing Coursework – the state of Colorado requires 168 hours of coursework before taking the real estate exam. If you are a licensed attorney whose core law school study was in real estate, or if you have an expired license or an active license in another state, you may be able to cut a few requirements out.

Step 3: Pass Licensing Exam – now it’s time to complete what you’ve been working toward, the final exam. The exam consists of 124 questions in total, both state and national information. Administered by PSI, the company has expanded its testing option to be online as well.

Step 4: Background Check – You passed your exam, congrats! Now is time for a bit of paperwork. First, you will need to go through your background check and submit fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Step 5: E & O Insurance – Some states require you to purchase errors and omissions insurance. Colorado is one of those states. Before you can legally practice real estate in Colorado, you will need an active policy to operate with.

Step 6: Submit Broker’s License Application – After the above steps are completed, you will need to complete the Colorado Division of Real Estate’s application process. This can be done online on the eLicense site.

Step 7: Cleared for Service – Once your broker’s license application is approved, you will be an active real estate professional. You may want to find a company to work with for guidance. However, a brokerage is unnecessary for you to begin operating.

Do I Need a College Degree to Become a Real Estate Agent in Colorado?

Nope! You don’t need a college degree to work towards a real estate license in Colorado. The only educational requirement is the 168 hours of pre-licensing required coursework.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Real Estate Agent in Colorado?

The process to become a real estate agent in Colorado can vary in time, depending on your pre-licensing course structure. If you treat your studies as a traditionally 40-hour workweek, you will be able to complete the pre-licensing requirements in just over a month or four weeks. From then, the time will truly vary depending on when you secure a test date, if you pass or fail, and your new licensing application’s status.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Real Estate Agent in The State of Colorado?

The cost will depend on the coursework you select. On a base level, you can expect the price to be at least a $600 fee. This includes the required $485 for the broker licensing application fee, $90 for the broker examination fee, and roughly $40 for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation fingerprint and background check. With an average course cost of $400, Colorado rings in high on the list for the initial real estate agent costs.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Colorado?

The average salary for Colorado real estate agents can range anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000. However, top earners can make well over that, doubling and tripling those estimates.

Does Colorado Have Licensing Reciprocity with Other States?

If you’ve been licensed for at least two years in another state, you may obtain Colorado licensing reciprocity. You will need to contact the Colorado Division of Real Estate for specific information regarding your situation. Expect to have your national portion waived, but you will still need to learn and test for Colorado laws and practices.

How Many Licensed Real Estate Agents Are There in Colorado?

There are roughly 44,000 licensed real estate agents in the state of Colorado at this time. However, only half of them are actively part of the market.

What Identification Do I Need to Become a Real Estate Agent In Colorado?

Identification will be required to prove your identity during the process of obtaining your real estate license and becoming a real estate agent in Colorado. Typically your driver’s license, state ID card, social security card, or birth certificate. Additionally, secondary methods to prove identity can include mail, credit cards, and insurance policies.

Can I Become a Real Estate Agent in Colorado with a Criminal Record?

Depending on the nature of the crime and when it occurred, you may not be able to obtain a real estate license. You will want to contact the Colorado Division of Real Estate to verify that you qualify for a license prior to beginning coursework.

What Is the Colorado Real Estate Licensing Exam Like?

The Colorado real estate licensing exam consists of 80 national questions and just over 70 Colorado-specific questions. In total, you will have 230 minutes to complete both portions, 120 for the national and 110 for the state section.

How Many Times Can I Take the Colorado Real Estate License Exam?

You can take the Colorado real estate exam as many times as you need to in order to pass! However, keep in mind there may be a certain time limit for how long you have access to your course materials.

What Areas Are Covered Under the Colorado Real Estate License Exam?

Topics covered on the Colorado real estate license exam include both the state and federal portions. More specifically, you can expect the national portion to cover property ownership, land use controls and regulations, economics, contracts, and title transfers, plus much more. For the state-specific half of the test, you can expect questions regarding licensing requirements, closing and settlements, brokerage relationships, and the role of the Colorado Real Estate Commission, amongst other things.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

Generally, the real estate exam requires a 75% pass rate. This equates to 60 correct questions out of 80 on the national portion and 53 correct out of 74 for the Colorado portion.

What Is the Pass Rate for the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

The average pass rate for the Colorado Real Estate Exam is 86%. It seems most test-takers struggle with the national portion as there is only a 68% pass rate for that portion.

How Many People Fail the Colorado Real Estate Examination?

The amount of people who fail the Colorado real estate examination is less than those who pass at 15-20% failure rates.

Can I Practice Real Estate Without a License in Colorado?

No, you cannot and should not practice real estate without a license in Colorado. Doing so is illegal and puts all parties at great risk.

Do I Need Errors & Omissions Insurance to Sell Real Estate In Colorado?

Yes, to receive your license, you must have errors & omissions (E&O) insurance. Your application will not be approved until you show proof of this insurance.