The 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii (Comparison)

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii (Comparison)

Hawaii is a beautiful state with gorgeous architecture and homes to match. With the increased demand for homes in the area, there is a direct increase in the number of real estate agents needed. With that being said, it has never been a better time to invest in your future by working towards being a licensed realtor. Across all the islands and varying in important categories like affordability and versatility, I’ve rounded up the best real estate schools in Hawaii.

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Best Real Estate Schools Hawaii


real estate express - best real estate schools in HawaiiReal Estate Express5


top online Hawaii real estate schoolsThe CE Shop4


best online real estate schools in HawaiiMbition3

1. Real Estate Express


Number One Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii

My first choice is one you may be familiar with, Real Estate Express (see my Real Estate Express review for more). A national brand with high standards and uniform success, the Real Estate Express Hawaii branch offers a curriculum unique to the state. With its versatility and reliability, real estate express tops my list of the best online real estate schools in Hawaii.


Accredited ARELLO and IDECC Licensed

In addition to offering comprehensive and versatile learning options, Real Estate Express Hawaii has been certified by both the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials and the International Distance Education Certification Center program. That means your certificate from this online Hawaii real estate school carries more weight than the average certification.

High Hawaii Student Reviews

Of the total reviews for the Hawaii Real Estate License Education courses at Real Estate Express, the majority were positive, averaging just over four stars out of five. Your peers vote this as one of the best online Hawaii real estate schools, and it gets my vote too!

Multiple Hawaii Package Options

Delivering on flexibility, the Real Estate Express offers Hawaiian residents multiple package options. Ranging from the Basics to the Ultimate Learning experience, you can expect a range of amenities and prices. This leads to my next pro, the pricing.

Very Affordabile

The Basic package is $250, but it only includes the 60-hour licensing course and the two books required. The very next level is $300 and offers those same benefits as The Basic, but it includes exam prep that comes with a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee. The most expensive option is the Ultimate Learning package, and it is currently priced at $454 and includes every add-on Real Estate Express has to offer. Most notably, a printed textbook, instructor Q & A, and a 1-year professional Development Membership.

Live Support

The Real Estate Express offers plenty of online support. Students will have access to live chat support to help support their learning. If you have a technical issue or problems with accessing your coursework, the live chat function is available to students. If you have general questions, you can also access the Hawaiian Real Estate Express staff via email, phone calls, and even text.

Individual Hawaii Courses

Real Estate Express offers a couple of individual courses to help further develop your real estate profession. In addition to the 60-hour pre-licensing course, there are also boot camps and continued learning options.


Pass Guarantee for Certain Levels

I’m a big fan of real estate schools that offer pass guarantees, and while Real Estate Express does, it’s not 100%. Ideally, every level or package purchased would result in a pass guarantee, however, the lowest package levels for this online Hawaii real estate school does not. If users don’t spend the extra $50 to upgrade to the next package, they essentially forfeit their chance at a pass guarantee.

2. The CE Shop Hawaii


Second of the Best Online Hawaii Real Estate Schools

The CE Shop is one of the best online real estate schools in Hawaii (see more on this school in my The CE Shop review) and my second choice for prospective agents. With flexible learning options and a comprehensive course load that covers Hawaii and federal policies and laws, it remains a great option. I like to recommend The CE Shop as a safe option when choosing a real estate school in Hawaii.


Hawaii Package Levels

It’s always beneficial when the real estate school offers different tiers for their education. This way, students are able to pick and choose what they need assistance with while saving money on the things they don’t want. Luckily The CE Shop has a few options ranging in price from basic to premium.

Money-Back Guarantee

In choosing The CE Shop, you have the safety net of a money-back guarantee. Through this perk, you are able to ask for your money back if within the first thirty days you decided the coursework is not for you. So long as you have not passed the 50% mark of completion, you are eligible to receive a full refund!

A Free Trial

The CE Shop offers a free trial for potential students to test drive if the course is for them. With so many options in Hawaii, this is a major benefit of the program. You will be able to access the course for one week and experiment with the functions to be sure it works well for you. After the five days, you can decide whether you like the course or not and simply let the free trial run out or purchase the entire package. If you decide to purchase the package, you will be able to count any progress from the week toward that Hawaiian pre-licensing requirement.


Lack of Interaction

If you’re a student who requires a little extra help or your preferred learning style features interaction, The CE Shop may not be the school for you. This is because much of the content is pre-recorded and typed out for your reference, not taught in live classes where you may raise your hand with a question.

Hawaii Pass Guarantee

While a pass guarantee is always a major bonus for the real estate school you decide to work with, The CE Shop has one with red print. Given that Hawaii has a notoriously tough licensing test, you’ll want to get the guarantee if possible. However, while The CE Shop does offer it, you will need to purchase a special add-on course for exam prep. Make sure your cart has the option in it when checking out, or you’re out of luck.

3. Mbition Hawaii


Third Best Online Hawaii Real Estate Schools

Mbition is an accredited school that offers real estate, appraisal, and home inspection courses and training in Hawaii. Their site materials focus on real-world examples and scenarios as well as realistic guidance based on current Hawaii real estate trends. With over 50 years of service and unique history for Hawaiian residents and hopeful agents, Mbition can be a great choice. Learn more in my detailed Mbition review.


Self Paced Hawaii Courses

Mbition’s courses are self-paced and able to be completed as needed, according to your schedule. You’ll have 24/7 access across all of your devices and equally extensive support if anything goes wrong. Between the unlimited access and online offerings, the courses are extremely flexible.

Free Online Materials

Mbition also offers a free career guide on their site for hopeful new agents. In addition to that book, this school also offers a free newsletter to be sent to your inbox with the latest information on courses, discounts, professional insight, and more. While Mbition also has a presence in other states, the information will be catered to Hawaii residents.

Proven Success

One of the best real estate schools in Hawaii, this institution has a robust track record, consistently helping to shape new agents. Over 750,000 students have launched their careers with the help of Mbition, which has over 100 years of combined real estate experience amongst its instructors.

Hawaii Value and Package Options

Of Mbition’s three-tier options, each offers unique value for students. The lowest tier, the Silver Package, offers the basic pre-licensing requirements, flashcards, instructor support, and technical support. The second tier, the Gold Package, includes all benefits of Silver, plus a pass guarantee and exam prep. the Platinum Package is your last option and offers the most benefits. Including all amenities from the second tier, the Platinum Package also includes two webinars, Hawaii-specific exam prep, and general exam prep. It also includes two textbooks. So, with multiple options and varying price points, Mbition is a great option for every student.

Textbook Options

To aid in your studies, Mbition has an entire online bookstore dedicated to providing you the extra resources. Straight from their website, while purchasing your courses, you can add these books to your cart. You’ll have the benefit of picking which options work best for you and align best with your goals.

The books include Hawaii Real Estate Pre-license Laws and Rules, Textbook, Basic Real Estate Appraisal, Commercial Real Estate Analysis & investments, Doing the Right Thing: A Real Estate Practitioners Guide to Ethical Decision Making, Effective Real Estate Sales and Marketing, and so much more!


Limited Timeline

From the time you begin your course, you will only have six months to complete the modules. This means that if you have a family emergency or life gets in the way. You may need to contact Mbition to request an extension for a fee.

Online Model

Sometimes pre-taped lectures and materials without live alternatives are not helpful to students that rely on interaction. Since this is an online Hawaii real estate school, students may find it troubling to not interact with the instructor on a day-to-day basis or have peer support from fellow students.

4. Abe lee Seminars

Number Four of the Best Online Hawaii Real Estate Schools

The fourth school I’d like to recommend for you is Abe Lee Seminars. This is a uniquely Hawaiian school built in Hawaii, serving Hawaiians. The institution has been operating for over 25 years and continues to offer high-quality courses in both the pre-licensing space and for continuing education. Located in Honolulu, there is a certain edge that a native Hawaiian staff and native institution has.


Extensive Experience in Hawaii

One of the benefits of working with a smaller scale school is that the instructors typically have an in-depth understanding of the real estate profession. When it comes to Abe Lee, he has over 35 years in the real estate world and has developed nearly 100 projects in just the last 25 years. With an emphasis on staying local, you’re sure to gain much of that insight as well.

In-Person Classes

If an online learning model does not work best for you, you’re in luck – Abe Lee Seminars offers in-person lessons. That means in addition to being one of my top picks for best online real estate schools in Hawaii, it also lands on the list of in-person recommendations as well. Not many real estate schools have in-person classes, so this sets Abe Lee apart from the pack.

Online Webinars and Courses

Abe Lee Seminars broadcasts their recordings, so you may also tune in online, or you can choose to simply take the courses solo. All of them are available on the website so that you can still have intimate knowledge of the Hawaii real estate market while working on your own time.

Class Audio

Students enrolled in this school will have access to old audio recordings from previous pre-licensing courses. The fee is $25; however, you will have full access to the recordings to help supplement your learning. If you’re opting for the purely online version of the course, these recordings are provided for you with no additional costs. This is a great option for those who need to revisit a topic later on and need the means to do so.


Lack of Course Tiers

Abe Lee Seminars only offers a universal flat fee for the licensing materials. Expect to shell out $475 for the registration and materials fees. If you’re opting for the live webinar add-on, you can expect to pay an additional $25, rounding the total to $500.

5. Remi School of Real Estate

Fifth of the Best Online Real Estate Schools In Hawaii

Remi School of Real Estate is a long-founded option unique to Hawaii’s history as it was founded in Kailua, Hawaii. Now, there are branches in other states, but the core education remains focused in Hawaii. The founder and main instructor is David Catanzaro, an agent with over forty years of experience in the real estate profession. This school rounds out the list of best online Hawaii real estate schools because the small-scale teaching method is unparalleled.


Rich History in Hawaii

The Remi School of Real Estate offers students a localized experience with deep history not only in Hawaii but as a company too. Often praised for its practical teaching style and well-rounded experience, this school can offer a unique approach to learning based on its in-depth history.


Because Remi School of Real Estate offers 24/7 access to coursework and the ability to learn across devices, Hawaiian students will love the flexibility. You’ll be able to learn on your own schedule, as needed. Additionally, the coursework features many different formats, meaning a learning method that works best for you. If you ever need to step away during studying, you will love that the course saves your process.

Mobile Friendly

Something we don’t see often is online Hawaii real estate schools offering a mobile-friendly experience. This means that you can access the course and study across devices, including your laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Group Discounts

The Remi School of Real Estate offers group discounts for teams who would like to become certified agents at the same time. You will need to contact the school to get specific rates. However, the price will be slightly better than purchasing individually.


Course Access

You will only have access to the course for six months after the date of purchase. If something were to happen and you were unable to complete the course in that time window, you can no longer access your progress and materials. Additionally, if you fail your first exam and require a retake, it will need to be within six months if you want to continue studying the materials.

No Refunds

Unfortunately, this online Hawaii real estate school does not offer refunds. Once you purchase an online course, you will not be eligible for a refund, regardless of the reason. However, if there are actual issues with the course itself, you can contact the school for further help.

Online Support

Whether you’re having issues with technical aspects or have a question for your instructor on a piece of material, you can send an email on the webpage. However, all issues are funneled into one email, meaning it could take some time to get your question addressed.

Hawaii Real Estate School FAQ

What Are the Steps to Get a Real Estate License in Hawaii?

The process to receive your real estate license is a relatively easy one in Hawaii. Here are the steps to get a real estate license in Hawaii:

Step 1: Determine if you are qualified – you will need to be a U.S. resident, 18 years or older by the date of examination, and you cannot have any looming convictions that deem you as someone who does not have a honesty, truthfulness, record of competency, fair dealing, or financial integrity.

Step 2: Complete Pre-Licensing Coursework – the state of Hawaii requires 60 hours of coursework. If you’ve graduated from a law school with an emphasis in real estate law and best practices, there are different requirements making the process a bit easier.

Step 3: Make an eHawaii Account – this is the website that your certificate of course completion will be available. This is necessary to sign up for a spot in the final exam as they will not accept printed certificates.

Step 4: Pass Licensing Exam – now it’s time to complete what you’ve been working toward, the final exam. Hawaii provides the option of taking the test in person or online.

Step 5: Licensing Application – after passing your final exam, you will want to submit your licensing application for the state to review and approve.

Step 6: Find a Broker – one your application has been approved, you’re ready to acquire a sponsoring broker. This is an important decision and does not need to be saved until you’ve passed the exam. We recommend searching for preferable brokers early on to have options ready to go when you’re an approved agent.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Hawaii Real Estate License?

The process and length of time will depend on your unique situation; however, you can expect the process to take a few months on average. The bulk amount of time is subject to how quickly you complete the pre-licensing coursework. Then the secondary steps of submitting a licensing application and finding a broker will contribute as well.

Is a College Degree Necessary to Become a Real Estate Agent in Hawaii?

No, you won’t need a college degree to become a real estate agent in Hawaii. You only need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Real Estate Agent in Hawaii?

The total cost to become a real estate agent in Hawaii will depend on the cost of the school you’ve selected for pre-licensing requirements. However, you can expect it to cost at least $68 for the exam fee and a varying license application fee. Combined with the average cost for coursework, roughly $400, you can expect to pay at least $500 to become a real estate agent.

Does Hawaii Have Licensing Reciprocity with Other States?

No, Hawaii does not have a reciprocity agreement with other states. The state does, however, offer a solution for agents licensed in other states who have passed the national portion of the test. Those agents are able to apply for credit toward becoming fully licensed Hawaii agents.

How Much Do Hawaii Real Estate Agents Earn?

The real estate salary range varies immensely in the state of Hawaii. Beginning agents may expect a base pay in the $40,000 range while the average may make $92,000, and top earners can bring in well over $100,000.

What Is the Number of Real Estate Agents in Hawaii?

While the exact number of real estate agents is not known, the amount is estimated in the thousands, spread across all of the islands.

What Types of ID Do I Need to Become a Real Estate Agent In Hawaii?

To become a real estate agent in Hawaii, you will need to prove your identity. You can usually do this with a social security card, state identification card, or birth certificate. In some cases, you may be able to supply proof of address, credit cards, and other similar documents to supplement in proving your identity.

Can A Felon Get a Hawaii Real Estate License?

The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs considers convictions and disqualifications on a case-by-case basis. It is best that you reach out to the real estate branch prior to beginning the pre-licensing process to ensure you’re eligible for a license in Hawaii.

What Does the Hawaii Real Estate License Exam Cover?

The Hawaii real estate license exam covers 130 questions in total, 80 of which cover national policies and law, and the remaining 50 cover state-specific legalities.

What Is the Real Estate Licensing Exam in Hawaii Like?

The real estate licensing exam in Hawaii is relatively straightforward and similar to many other state’s testing methods. However, most states do not offer a remote option, while Hawaii does. Other than that, you will have ample time in a quiet, proctored setting to complete your exam.

How Many Times Can I Take the Hawaii Real Estate License Exam?

You can take the Hawaii real estate license exam as many times as you would like or as many times as it takes to pass.

What Is the Score Needed to Pass the Hawaii Real Estate Exam?

You will need a score of at least 75% to pass the Hawaii real estate license exam.

Are There Continuing Education Requirements for Real Estate Agents in Hawaii?

Yes, agents must complete an additional 20 hours of continuing education courses every two years they’re licensed.

What Do I Need to Bring to The Hawaii Real Estate Licensing Exam?

The only things you will need to bring on the day of your exam are proof of identification, usually two, but it never hurts to bring an extra form. You may also bring a simple calculator if you wish, not scientific.

What Happens If I Fail the Hawaii Real Estate Licensing Exam?

Firstly, breathe. Any real estate exam is hard to pass, and barely a majority do. You can retake the Hawaii real estate licensing exam as many times as you need in order to pass. However, you will need to pay for each retake, and you only have two years from course completion to officially submit a licensing application.